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Connect with Dr Egypt Iredia,

Let's design your healing and calm living journey together

from Illinois, United States

Connect with Dr Egypt Iredia,

Let's design your healing and calm living journey together

from Illinois, United States



Let's design your healing and calm living journey together

I am a(n):

Multipotentialite minimalist poet and writer metaphysician Medical doctor and Naturopathic Physician vegan lover of philosophy metaphysical wellness coach self-care and self-love advocate calm living coach

I know a lot about:

veganism raw vegan foods and high vibrational eating spirituality natural healing and herbalism slow living and minimalism calm living deep healing spiritual wellbeing intentional living creative healing

I am the go-to for:

Nonsense-free healing support, accessible self-care insights, and inspiration on how to slow down, and life a calm and nourished life

I can help you:

  • -Adopt simple daily rituals and self-care practices. that will supercharge your confidence, energy levels, and sense of control, and connection in your life (e.g journalling, tea rituals, crystals, movement, mindfulness practices, simple esoteric wellness rituals, e.t.c)
  • -Receive a simple tarot/basic birth chart reading. To help you gain clarity on a specific situation. Or gain insights into areas of self-care to focus on. Or to know which self-love/self-care practices suit you best
  • -Have access to a range of naturopathic healing modalities-diet counseling, detox, lifestyle modification, family wellbeing, herbal medicine, energy practices, rewilding for healing, Bach remedies, and much more.-Gain clarity and focus on living according to your highest values. By calming the distractions, and mental noise in your life.-Achieve deep states of wellbeing and healing that is not overwhelming, and adapt to your particular lifestyle.-With tools and insights on navigating life as an empath or highly sensitive person. Who wants to disconnect from the fast pace of modern life.-Connect with your own truth and authenticity. Helping you live a more grounded, and spirit-infused life
  • .-Know that healing and transformation are possible for you, no matter what you are going through.-Feel supported through chronic illness, mental and physical overwhelm, or burnout.-Know you have someone on your team, who holds space for you to become your highest selves.

Why me:

-I practice what I preach. I've been plant-based for almost 25 years.
-After 3 degrees(including 2 doctorates in Medicine and Surgery (UK), and Naturopathic Medicine (USA) I've been humbled by the wisdom of nature and the body to heal when supported with the right tools.
-I know that healing goes beyond the body. For full healing, all aspects of our spirit and mind have to be healed.
-I believe in the healing power of slowing down and living a calm life. That is low-stress and anti-hustle.
-I can help you become more in touch with your personal cycles, natural rhythms, enhancing your connection to yourself and the divine.
-I believe when we operate from a spiritually centered life, we become our best selves
-I can support your journey in healing through simple cleansing, nourishing herbs, self-reflective and transformative practices, and over 20 other holistic, reflective, and spiritual healing modalities in my toolkit.
-Time is our most precious gift. My work is a calling and passion. I won't waste your time or money.
-I empower my clients to become their own wise fountain of healing, rather than become dependent on me or any other person
-I believe life can be saner, more beautiful, and happier. When we connect to our authenticity, spirit. All are supported with a high-vibrational lifestyle and plant-based nourishment.

I am available for:

💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person



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Meet Me


  • Online
  • 30 minutes
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My mission:

My mission is to empower you to live a calm, spiritually connected, and healthy life


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

Hi, here's a little video clip for you to get a feel of my energy. Hope we can work together soon. Cant wait to meet you :-)

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Yes, that is part of my offline healing space. I don't do "office space" I believe in meeting clients in an ambiance that fosters, connection, healthy vulnerability. One that is relaxing to both body and soul. It's my little sanctuary where I work with you both online and offline. I also help clients with ideas for crafting their own healing/relaxation spaces. Just reach out for more info.

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Food does not have to be boring. Fancy taking a raw vegan chocolate-making online workshop with me. Have a look at my offerings. Let's make healthy fun, soulful and delicious again.

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As a poet and writer

I'm showcasing this aspect of myself to break the myths of a single purpose for everyone. I'm a Medic turned Poet amongst other things. Proud to use both sides of my brain to live a fulfilled life

• I write poetry, prose poetry, epigrams, and aphorisms:
• Words and poetry help me connect with the deepness within.
• Words are magical and can return us to wholeness and truth.

• Writing allows me to clear my mind, process thoughts, and make sense of the beautiful chaos that is life. I offer these words from my heart to yours.

• As a multipotentiality I exist at the intersection of science, art, spirituality, and healing.

•I hope sharing these other sides of myself gives you an insight into how I view the world and what my vibe is

• When I'm not writing poetry, I write non-fictional articles on creativity, simple living, magic, healing, and spirituality on my website (

• Some of my favorite poets and writers-Anais Nin, Rumi, Al Ghazal, Hafiz, Khalil Gibran, Henry James Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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November 22, 2021 | Meet Me

Dr. Egypt Iredia has over 20 other holistic, reflective, and spiritual healing modalities in her toolkit. She is also extremely passionate about helping people live calm, spiritually connected, and healthy lives.

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