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Imagine announcing to the world that you are now open and available to being booked more creatively and formally for things like free, paid or gifted:

Calls, coffees, dinners, walk and talks, creative consults, brainstorming sessions, strategy sessions, custom session one-on-one sessions, custom group programs, online masterminds, creative mentoring, lunch and learns, online masterminds, private events, mentoring sessions, speaking, coaching and more.

What do you think would happen?

Become a Brain, build a profile, launch some creative offers and find out.

This plan includes:

> Priority access to build, test and launch a PMB profile (DIY)
> Easy opportunity to package, price, offer your experience to others in totally new ways
> An all in one tool that helps you test, launch and connect to the world in new ways
> A built-in: automated calling system, booking & scheduling system, SMS & email reminder system, invoicing & payment system, client reviews & testimonial system, discount codes and more.

Build, test and launch a new suite of creative offers and host them on our platform for an ENTIRE year for just $249.

If you think you can provide, or you think you will experience, more than $249 of value by building, testing and launching a suite of creative offers, this is a total no-brainer.

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Become a Brain (DIY Offer)

  • One time payment

Maxine's rate:

$249 / service


$12.45 (5%)


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