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Connect with Aaron D'Souza,

Dating and Relationship Coach for Women

from Vancouver, Canada

Connect with Aaron D'Souza,

Dating and Relationship Coach for Women

from Vancouver, Canada



Dating and Relationship Coach for Women

I am a(n):

#Dating and relationship coach for women #Public speaker #Mastermind group facilitator #shame exorcist #big picture thinker #entrepreneur #artist #creative #explorer #responsible rebel

I know a lot about:

#datingstrategy #challenging society's norms #finding great books to read #finding great communities #faster goal achievement #leadership #reframing problems

I am the go-to for:

Unconventional advice for achieving goals that might go against society's norms.

I can help you:

  • Define and find your ideal relationship
  • Make micro relationship improvements day-by-day
  • Identify and focus on what needs to change in order for you to succeed
  • Cut through all the noise and distraction and focus on attracting an intimate partner
  • Design a unique and tailored solution to dating

Why me:

After struggling to attract an intimate partner during my late teens and entire 20s, I realized that my mindset and approach had to change if I didn't want to repeat the same for the next decade of my life. Being raised Catholic in Pakistan with strict rules around what's acceptable and not when dating, speaking with a severe stutter since I was 9, moving to Vancouver when I was 18 and experiencing a whole new world of dating, and then developing an interest in exploring open relationships in my mid-20s left me feeling like I wouldn't be ever able to attract an intimate partner with all these challenges I had to face and overcome.

At 30, I realized that I needed help from a dating coach, and that's when I hired a provocative dating coach for men, Alan Roger Currie. After a year of coaching with him and letting go of a lot of nonsense I had learned about what's acceptable and not in the dating process, I did attract high-quality relationship partners, including having the best relationship of my life with a truly aligned woman between 2018-2019.

Women in my social circle picked up on the fact that I was doing something considerably different than what is conventionally accepted, and would ask me a lot of questions on a regular basis. It was when a female friend decided to voluntarily pay me money for advice that I had given her that I made the choice of becoming a dating coach for women.

I am available for:

📞 Telephone

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My story:

I've directly faced my biggest fears and continue to do that as a way of life. As a person who stutters and did so since he was 9, I decided to join Toastmasters when I was 26, and became a competent public speaker, even giving an important talk on honesty in intimate relationships on October 20, 2018, at the Vancouver Convention Centre in front of 350 people.

As an individual who found dating incredibly challenging during his late teens and entire 20s, I learned how to become more confident in this area of my life and attracted an incredible partner when I was 31. After working full-time for a year after completing my Bachelor's in Applied Science in Engineering Physics, I realized that that path wasn't for me, and since then it's been a roller-coaster journey to figure out how to make an income without getting a job. This was scary, and still is sometimes, but I'm getting closer to figuring this out too.

My mission:

My mission for 2021 is to coach 50+ women to help them become relationship-ready to attract their ideal and desirable life partner.

My greatest accomplishments:

- (Mostly) overcoming a severe speech impediment that I had since I was 9
- Completing a Bachelor's in Engineering Physics from UBC
- Committing to the path of entrepreneurship for 10+ years even though it's not given me all the results I've wanted. I know I'm getting closer.
- Becoming a competent public speaker and delivering a speech to 350 at the Vancouver Convention Centre on the topic of honesty in intimate relationships
- Experiencing my first intimate relationship, which also happened to be my first dream-come-true relationship, with the woman of my dreams at 31 years old. .

My goals:

- Publish a content-rich and income-generating website and build it to $15,000+/month in 2021
- Coach 50+ women in 2021 to help them get relationship-ready to attract their ideal partner
- Have 50+ new conversations through Pick My Brain!

Fun facts:

- I had my first intimate relationship at 31 years old.
- I've worked with a dating coach named Alan Roger Currie since 2017.
- I've been following Steve Pavlina since 2010 and have been a member of his paid program called "Conscious Growth Club" since 2017.
- My main goal right now is to enrol in the Strategic Coach (Signature Program) by the end of 2021.
- I'm the oldest of 5 children, and my youngest brother is 17 years younger than me.

I want to learn more about:

#thinkingbigger #thinkingbolder #fastergoalachievement #worldchallenges


Professional experiences:

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Educational experiences:

  • Bachelor's of Applied Science in Engineering Physics at University of British Columbia


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Monogamous singles often suffer because of dishonesty, deceit, and duplicity. Monogamous couples often suffer jealousy, possessiveness, and cheating. Nearly all monogamous people suffer boredom. Aaron D'Souza has actively explored the world of polyamory and asks us to challenge the widespread belief that monogamy is wise, proper, and natural.

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Aaron was single during his twenties mainly due to having a stutter, a religious upbringing, and a mind that was too attracted to the concept of open relationships! It took years to work through outdated modes of thinking with the help of a couple of superb coaches, then at the age of 31 he experienced the first, and best, relationship of his life.

Aaron shares his experience that when exploring open relationships, there's pretty much no public information on how to communicate these desires and when. “When you aren't getting results it's most likely because your goal is unique to you, and have to trust your own intelligence to achieve it.

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What kind of relationship do you want? How can you effectively communicate that to a future partner? Two VERY important questions we all need to answer in order to build a healthy relationship. And two skills Aaron wants t...

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