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Pick My Brain is the world’s first knowledge marketplace. It’s where smart, interesting and passionate people (we call them Brains) go to unlock new ways to buy, sell and gift knowledge.


Can I pick your brain?

Can I take you for coffee?

Can you mentor me?

Can you speak at my event?

Can you help me with this project?

Could you be my advisor?

Can you coach me?

Sounds familiar?

Here's the thing

Your time, knowledge and experience has immense value.

You've invested a ton of time, money and effort into yourself.

It's not fair for people to expect you to give it away for free.

Set your boundaries and share your time on your own terms.

Introducing Pick My Brain

Build a Pick My Brain profile

Let the world know they can now formally book and pay you for your time, knowledge, experience, ideas, wisdom, energy, passions and unique offers.

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How do I get started?

1. Build a profile

Tell us about your knowledge, passions and values; let the world know you are now open for business.

2. Upload your offers

Package, price and sell your knowledge as a service; use our templates to get started or build your own.

3. We'll handle the rest

Bookings, payments, reviews, reminders, and search; we make it easier for people to find, connect, book and pay you.

Meet some of our Brains*

*Brains: Smart, interesting and passionate people who share their time, knowledge and experience in new and exciting ways on their own terms.

Pricing - total no brainer

Free to get started. Pay to unlock additional opportunities to list, sell, share and connect.

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Unlimited Offers

Note: Once your profile has been approved, you will also gain access to our invite only networking events. This will give you even more opportunity to buy, sell and share your unique offers, and explore our knowledge sharing community.

What can people buy, sell and share on Pick My Brain?

Calls, coffees, mentorship, private sessions, hourly packages, retainers, masterclasses and more. We have a variety of knowledge based contract templates for you to choose from. The sky really is the limit.

No system setup required

Say goodbye to all the digital admin that comes with trying to formally charge for your knowledge.

Say hello to automated reviews, ratings and thank yous that make you look and feel awesome.

Join an online community who compensate each other for sharing their time, knowledge and experience.

What our Brains are saying

New economy. New rules.

There has never been a better time to build a Pick My Brain profile.

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