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Engineer | Maverick | Kiter Surfer

Vancouver, Canada


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Bitcoin Expert

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Engineer | Maverick | Kiter Surfer | Bike Enthusiast | Autodidact

I've been studying and investing in bitcoin for three years. I know the ins and outs of what bitcoin is, how to buy it, how to hold it securely, how to automatically bequeath it to loved ones. I'm happy to answer any questions people have about bitcoin or simply provide them with an overview.

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What secures bitcoin?

How does bitcoin mining work?

Why does bitcoin matter?

What prevents someone from creating a clone of bitcoin?

How can I accept bitcoin in my business?

How does bitcoin compare with gold?

Who actually uses bitcoin?

What gives bitcoin intrinsic value?

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Bitcoin 101 - General Overview / Q and A

A general introduction to bitcoin. I can tell you about why bitcoin was created, how it was created, why it's important, why it has value, how it works, and how you can safely buy and hold some.

Bitcoin has been the world's best performing currency in 5 of the last 7 years. Everyone can benefit from bitcoin. While it is young and volatile, overtime it has been an effective store of value. Tens of thousands of online stores already accept bitcoin, including respected companies such as Microsoft, Overstock, Dell, and Expedia. Take some time to learn about this revolutionary technology. It has the potential to continue to grow quickly well into the future.

I can start with a quick overview of basics, but with so many ideas in bitcoin is better grasped through questions and answers. Whether you're interested in mining, investing, security, political implications, adoption rates, utility, or bitcoin's history and future, I can break it down for you. No question is stupid.

I've been studying bitcoin full time for the past two years and have gone all-in on bitcoin. My security practices are well-informed and my network in the community is large. My success as an investor has allowed me the freedom to not work and I hope I can help you achieve the same.

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Relevant & Noteworthy Work Experience


Southridge School

Additional Details:

Teacher of math, calculus, physics, and PE.

Technical Support Analyst

Design Maintenance Systems Inc.

Additional Details:

Designing and building databases for collecting and analyzing data about the condition of equipment, and managing work orders, for companies in a variety of industries.

Relevant & Noteworthy Education Experience

Database Management


Bachelor of Education


Bachelor in Engineering Physics

Queen's University

100,000 YouTube Views

Over the past couple years I've created over thirty YouTube videos and I've gained 300+ subscribers. Sharing knowledge in this medium has been especially satisfying in the context of the hard work I put into classroom teaching in the past. In the classroom one can only speak to a handful of people, who don't necessarily want to learn. YouTube has allowed me to reach 100,000 voluntary views with less effort.


The world of bitcoin has changed a lot in its eight year history. My understanding of bitcoin has also changed, since I began learning about it. I enjoy interviewing people in the space and sharing audio on my podcast. I've interviewed computer scientists, magazine editors, and bitcoin skeptics.

Reddit and Twitter

The bitcoin community talks and debates on reddit and twitter. I'm an active participant on each of those websites. You can follow me on twitter @bitcoin3000. A link to my reddit profile is below

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