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Connect with Aline Rodrigues,

The Multipotential Agilist

from Paris, France

Connect with Aline Rodrigues,

The Multipotential Agilist

from Paris, France



The Multipotential Agilist

I am a(n):

Multipotentialite Polyglot World traveler Innovation coach Metalhead Agilist Contraster Permanent-beta human Visual-Thinker Sense-Maker Fun Wulticultural Woman Life hacker Servant Leader Agile Facilitator Session Designer Value life-hacker

I know a lot about:

Solo travel Cultural diversity User Interaction Agility Gamification Visual Management Team workshops Relocating / Imigrating Data UX Synesthesia Neuropsychology Depression Alzheimer Leadership Non-Violent Communication / CNV Solution Focus UX Design

I am the go-to for:

Understanding how Agility/Agile values can helps you become the best-version of yourself

I can help you:

  • How to create and facilitate workshops that are agile and "seriously fun"
  • Understand the stakes of human and data / algorithm interaction 
  • How to embrace change in career and in life (help getting you organised and put you on the move / kick your butt ;) )
  • How to develop your critical thinking (specially in multicultural settings and neurolinguistics situations)
  • Understand the power of Agility and focusing on value in your work and life

Why me:

Interconnecting non-linear thoughts, ideas, cultures and dots to enhance creativity and innovation

I am available for:

đź“ž Telephone

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Meet Me


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • Currently available


My story:

I am a multicultural and multipotentialite who has been driven by bringing value to the world and to others.
Born and raised in a mix of 2 countries, International schools and therefore never felt like a one-country citizen but a citizen of the world. Lived in 5 countries in 3 continents, I have mainly worked in International work settings where my 4 languages and my different way of looking at things could bring value.
I tend to be curious in many areas and always eager to learn new things in the process, so I have change careers and industries many times (started as Art Director then Account Manager in Communication/Media/Advertising agencies, turned International Sales in IT, turned Interpreting/Translations and teaching languages, turned jewellery and diamonds seller, turned start-up founder, turned agile coach and workshop creator) which can be sometime confusing for some recruiters but always rewarding and a diversity of skills always appreciated by my clients once on the job... which is what matters :)

My mission:

Everything brings value and sense to your life. You just need to look at it from a different perspective and make the most of it! I am the outsider-thinker who will challenge your certainties and enhance your critical-thinking and creativity.

My core values:

Flow Human rights / Feminism Ethics Drive Respect Joy Accountability Empathy

My greatest accomplishments:

> Facing my fears when I am in a place in my life I feel I don't belong to change it
> Starting from scratch different careers by either engaging in new study fields or even self-taught even later in life
> Embracing my own path, defying the odds

My hobbies/activities:

Travel Culture Music addict Gigs / Concerts Swimming Volleyball Martial Arts Meeting new people Learning

My goals:

> Do at least one TedX talk (interconnect cognitive bias, cultural diversity and agility... all in one talk)
> Launch my startup (which would mean that I found a co-founder! ) and become the number one platform for expats

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

Fun facts:

People have usually issues placing me on a cultural background or country because I sound nothing like my fellow compatriots (none of them from both countries). I've mastered my own English accent which keeps confusing people :D
I have grapheme-color synesthesia but it's not always useful and remains very intriguing to non-synesthetes... However it makes good conversation at dinners :D

I want to learn more about:

Neuroscience Public Speaking Start-up


Professional experiences:

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Educational experiences:

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My Overall Rating:

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Written Reviews I've received:

Perry Knoppert, "The Octopus Dude", the specialist in neuro-diversity & multi-potentiality.
June 9, 2021 | Meet Me

Aline is just wonderful, wow what an energy and when an amazing flow of knowledge and ideas!
Being connected to Aline sparkles my life, and her insight really helps me to make the right decisions. She is the one who gave...

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Inbal Drue, Human Reflector and Brainstorm Partner
June 4, 2021 | Meet Me

Our 20mins 'meet me' call turned into an hour call with so much more to discuss further! Aline is a great conversation partner. We shared our personal experience and views about life, human interactions and career. Aline i...

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Daniel Fuenmayor, Holistic Wellbeing Catalyst
June 1, 2021 | Meet Me

Had a very constructive conversation with Aline as she holds a great wealth of knowledge in so many personal and professional fields and shares her wisdom with passion and care. I am grateful for getting to know her mind a...

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