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Connect with Andreia McLean,

Event Marketing Strategist

from Toronto, Canada

Connect with Andreia McLean,

Event Marketing Strategist

from Toronto, Canada



Event Marketing Strategist

I am a(n):

Event Strategy & Marketing Consultant Event Strategist Guest Experience Specialist Digital & Live Event Consultant Event Planner Custom Experience Creator Creative Director Certified Life Coach NLP Practitioner Content Creator Amateur Photographer

I am the go-to for:

Events and marketing strategy. I don't believe in boring parties; every event can be strategically elevated. I am the go-to for magazines, entertainment & luxury brands for impactful events and thrilling guest experiences.

I can help you:

  • host a powerful event.
  • build a meaningful and immersive experience.
  • convert guests into a loyal community of customers.
  • create a customized chronological checklist that will be easy for you to follow and use to succeed over and over and over again.
  • use tactical approaches and psycholinguistics to attract your target audience to your event and business.
  • tackle the daunting process of event sponsorship outreach with resources consolidated from best business practices and using principles of persuasion.

Why me:

My parents swear I planned my own 4th birthday party!

I was born to plan and execute events that bring people together with a purpose. Crafting custom and purposeful experiences for individuals and brands has been my life's work even before I had the experience and technical skills developed to understand how I was doing it. I am a forever student, constantly analyzing human psychology and consumer behaviour over the last ten years to elevate the events you want to create.

What I do is more than event planning - together we craft your event process to suit your goals and maximize your marketing ROI. We integrate collaboration and creativity into logistics and date to create a long-term event strategy your brand can use to cultivate a community.

I am available for:

📞 Telephone | 💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person | ⚡ One time payment | 📆 Monthly

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Book a Call


  • Over the phone
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Online Course


  • One time payment
  • Currently available

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Need Someone To Brainstorm Out Loud With?


  • In person
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DIY Package


  • Online
  • 2 hours
  • Currently available

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Bronze Package

$714 / month

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Silver Package

$1,499 / month

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Gold Package

$4,999 / month

  • Monthly
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My story:

I have been focusing on coaching individuals and brand teams across Canada and internationally to elevate their events over the past three years. In this time I have guided organizations in smoothing their planning processes and converting guests and audiences into communities of devoted and happy customers. I can't imagine anything more fulfilling than helping others equip themselves with the knowledge and best practices to enjoy their events. Uplevelling marketing strategies using live events that convert is my craft!

Fun facts:

> I am a huge list person which is probably the origin of my obsession with guestlists

> I had a legitimate phobia of balloons my entire life until I worked with a hypnotist and now can be around them and even pop the occasional champagne bottle!

> I coached girls' basketball for a year and absolutely need to do this again in my life

> I have worked with four different privately owned magazines in events, but also interviewing and writing!

> The only time I was genuinely starstruck was the time I met Daniel Radcliffe - I almost said 'Hiya Harry!' but resisted the urge somehow.


Professional experiences:

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Educational experiences:

  • Honours B.A. Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

This event showcase was the brainchild of the phenomenally talented designer Padina Bondar.

This showcase was to present part of Padina's XX Enshroud Collection: uncovering the dark reality of gender-based human rights violations that are still globally practiced and accepted in society. Interactive, technology-infused couture showcased the room for growth in awareness surrounding these human rights violations as guests engaged throughout the event through conversation piece technology. It was impactful, beautiful, and only the beginning for the talented and inspirational Padina Bondar.

photo: Lane and Ave Studio

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Faze Magazine is a leading positive and empowering online community for young women. Together with Instagram, we put together an 'influential' event surrounding the importance of sharing kindness both off and online! Inspirational influencers, a Facebook expert, and Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Zander all had strong messages of sharing kindness and the partners for this event were locally owned businesses with reputations of community-building.

photo: Lane and Ave Studio

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Fashion Shoot Extravaganza was a never-before-seen concept brought to life by the visionary creator, Marie Copps. This behind the scenes high-fashion showcase sought to inspire, entertain, and engage guests with an immersive performance experience. As Chief Event Advisor, I had the distinction of working alongside Marie Copps and an intimate team guiding decisions based on logistics for this large scale event and infusing her creative genius throughout. The result was nothing less than spectacular.

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This event was personal because it was the day I soft-launched my business! I had an intimate gathering with friends, family, and clients who came out to celebrate with me and I'm so grateful for their support!

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My Overall Rating:

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Written Reviews I've received:

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
June 10, 2020 | Book a Call

Professional, personal, motivating, up and coming and fun. These are all qualities you will immediately feel from Andreia after one call.

She left me wondering why anyone would ever want to plan an event on their own w...

Read more