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Connect with Angela Pratten,

Private investigator and artist using her left & right brain

from Cape Town, South Africa

Connect with Angela Pratten,

Private investigator and artist using her left & right brain

from Cape Town, South Africa



Private investigator and artist using her left & right brain

I am a(n):

Business Owner Artist Private Investigator Producer Production Manager Director Props Manager Theatre Stage Manager Transcriber multipotentialite Musician Singer Entrepreneur Dancer Fast thinker

I know a lot about:

Stained glass art Theatre crew Spirituality & Personal evolution Business management Language learning Music appreciation Creativity and ideas Music reading Music performance Asset investigation Accident investigation General investigation and tracing Fraud investigation Civil litigation support investigation Stained glass design Stained glass art teaching Music production Music video production Music production consulting Film production management Stage production management

I am the go-to for:

Ideas, help and advice in investigation, art, music, creativity and business management

I can help you:

  • Teach investigation techniques. The various forms of investigation and their burden of proof. Managing investigators, cases and business. Finding the right investigator for the job. How to become a private investigator.
  • Stained glass art, design and technique. Basics to advanced stained glass methods. Embracing your creativity.
  • All aspects of theatre production. How to bring a play to life. Casting actors, hiring crew and theatre staff. Choosing the right play/production. Rights and business management in theatre.
  • All aspects of live performance production. Creating a show. Casting cast, hiring crew and support. Production design, lighting, sound, FOH. Directing a live show. Managing a live performance.
  • Assist on song ideas, music production, music video production and analysis.

Why me:

I am a logical but creative thinker. I am a good listener so I often hear more than what is said and I'm able to understand people better than they sometimes communicate it. I love helping people find solutions. And if sharing my experiences helps someone, all the better.

I am available for:

📞 Telephone


English Afrikaans French

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Meet Me


  • Over the phone
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My story:

I have an insatiable desire to learn more, experience more and do more of what I enjoy or find fascinating. This desire has opened me to wonderful experiences so far which I hope will continue. I have achieved much despite my humble beginnings and many challenges. These have only made me better, stronger, braver and happier.
I have the wonderful ability to figure most things out, especially those things that interest me. I don't limit myself to the many 'no's' I've received, but instead they become my motivation to keep doing it and do it well. I appreciate striving for excellence.
I love meeting interesting people and listening to their stories. It's another wonderful way to learn about people, myself and the joys of life.

My mission:

With love, you can never go wrong.
Be kind.

My core values:

excellence kindness laughter love hope fortitude tenacity

My greatest accomplishments:

- I own and run a thriving and reputable private investigation business. This path started from very little; like an old ironing board that I converted to a desk! :-)
- I have a following as a stained glass artist and my work has been sold in a few different countries.
- A reputation and many accolades won for excellence in theatre and stage productions.
- I owned my own live performance stage production company.
- I owned and ran a lovely gift and coffee shop.
- Successfully completed exams for 3 languages.
- Achieved top accolades in graphics, design and development.
- I have a wall full of awards and prizes for various achievements.
- Best of all, I'm becoming a better me with each passing day. Watch out world! :-)

My hobbies/activities:

music listening singing dancing flamenco dancing doodling puzzles drawing language learning fishing

My goals:

- I have many things I wish to achieve which evolves with time and experience. The freedom I afford myself in doing as much as I want to, when I want to and for how long I wish to, is my main goal. The sky is the limit!
- Expanding my businesses.
- Seeing as much of the world as possible. This includes meeting its people, hearing their stories and learning more than I knew before from these encounters.

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

One that stands out among many is the movie Forrest Gump. It taught me about being authentically me, riding the wave of life and letting it expose you to amazing adventures and in the end, have lived a fulfilled and happy life.

Fun facts:

I love to laugh, so I have a colourful sense of humour.
I have more layers than you might think.
I can do most DIY jobs around the house and can do basic maintenance on a car.

I want to learn more about:

the brain flamenco dancing languages - Mandarin languages - Dutch languages - Spanish languages - German music theory & history language evolution & history linguistics people & their stories artificial intelligence vehicle repairs machine building


Professional experiences:

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Perry Knoppert, "The Octopus Dude", the specialist in neuro-diversity & multi-potentiality.
September 6, 2021 | Meet Me

Angela is wonderful! I have never met an artist who is also a private investigator. This illustrates the amazing capability to be very structural and in detail but also to be very creative. She has it all!

She really u...

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