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Connect with ashok panikkar,

What does a democracy need?

from Washington DC, United States

Connect with ashok panikkar,

What does a democracy need?

from Washington DC, United States



What does a democracy need?

I am a(n):

Director at MetaCulture Conflict Management Consultant Mediator Facilitator Researcher Speaker With Over 25 Years of Experience Experienced Teacher in Critical & Creative Thinking Founder of Meta–Culture Founder of Public Intelligence Project Recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award of the International Committee of the Association Actively Involved in the Peacebuilding Community CBI Global Network Member Member of The Board of the New England Association of Conflict Resolution Founding Member of the Community Company Dialogue Facilitators Forum of ACCESS

I know a lot about:

How to Think? How to communicate and Manage Conflicts? How to question our beliefs? Democracy Pluralism Diversity

I am the go-to for:

Broadening people's understanding of the civic crisis and equipping them with the conceptual tools to address it.

I can help you:

  • connect one-on-one.
  • develop a more well informed and thoughtful citizenry.
  • broaden your understanding of the civic crisis.
  • improve your collective ability to think critically and creatively and increase your capacity to co-exist as complex, pluralistic societies.
  • strengthen the culture and values of democracy.
  • think more critically.

Why me:

A lifetime of working with groups and communities to strengthen their collaboration, communication and conflict management processes has taught us that the health of a community is dependent upon the character, competence and dispositions of the people involved. This has serious implications for democracy itself. Recent events have demonstrated that, in addition to free elections, rule of law and institutions, a liberal democracy needs wise citizens, not just subjects, spectators, bystanders or consumers.

I have a background in teaching people how to think, communicate and manage conflicts. DEMOSAPIENS, MetaCulture’s educational division is committed to developing thoughtful citizens who are willing to relook at their personal beliefs and able to contextualize their personal experiences within the broader reality.

I am available for:



My story:

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My blog at:
My democracy work at:
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My Platforms:

My portfolio:

DemoSapiens Kickoff Call.

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Inconvenient Questions and Unreasonable Posters is our thought provoking poster exhibition. The exhibition challenges viewers to appreciate the complexity of living in a liberal democracy and ponder the difficult questions that it raises. Our original posters are designed to encourage critical thinking and develop a well informed and thoughtful citizenry.

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