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Connect with Benjamin Lloyd,

Applied Improvisation = Real. Human. Connection.

from Elkins Park, United States

Connect with Benjamin Lloyd,

Applied Improvisation = Real. Human. Connection.

from Elkins Park, United States



Applied Improvisation = Real. Human. Connection.

I am a(n):

improvisor facilitator workshop leader teacher actor executive director innovator collaborator multipotentialite entrepreneur

I know a lot about:

improvsation theatre acting nonprofit value comedy disability triathlons red sox human realtionships

I am the go-to for:

I am the go to for using play and creativity to solve systemic people-problems, injecting joy, and stimulating real human connection.

I can help you:

  • I can teach you to improvise, and show you how it can transform other aspects of your life and business. 
  • I can help you untangle a knotty inter-personal situation (usually at work, but really anywhere . . . .)
  • I can help you work with neurodiversity effectively and compassionately. 
  • I can teach you improv games to use in your own work! 

Why me:

Improvisation. In all its many forms.

I bring a lifetime of training and experience as a Yale Drama School graduate, a professional actor, director, acting teacher and improvisor to my work with companies, teams, and leaders. Creativity is the basis for everything I do. I work with feelings first, using play to create a safe, fun and meaningful experience (in that order!) Improvisation is inherently optimistic, and the simple yet profound ethos of "yes, and" helps me create real human connection in everything I do.

I also know about nonprofit entrepreneurship, having created and led Bright Invention Inc. for 12 years. Bright Invention uses improvisation to empower people and organizations to unlock their potential. It is a new paradigm for the American non profit, flipping the donated/earned income ratio to rely more on our programs to sustain us. I think a lot about how performance creativity is valued and monetized within capitalist systems, and am inspired by some of the insights in Lewis Hyde's book The Gift.

Bright Invention has an important program that serves people with disabilities. I believe we are all disabled. My dream is that our corporate training work will someday subsidize our work with marginalized populations so that we won't have to wait to be approved for a grant.

I am a recovering alcoholic and so have a lot to say about addiction, it's causes, and what's useful for treatment.

I am a Quaker Christian and unabashedly spiritual in everything I do, believing deeply that my calling is to answer the god in you with the god in me.

I am available for:

💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person



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