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Connect with Brenda Stevens,

Allow me to help you help heal yourself;

from Johannesburg , South Africa

Connect with Brenda Stevens,

Allow me to help you help heal yourself;

from Johannesburg , South Africa



Allow me to help you help heal yourself;

I am a(n):

#healer #energy worker #goddess #aura/chakra clearing #mindfulness & meditation facilitator #inquisitive/curious about you Child meditation facilitator puberty/adolescence facilitator Creative

I know a lot about:

#distance healings #de-stressing #chakra/aura rebalancing to help unblock resistance #healings and meditation the advantages #discovering the wisdom our bodies #the why and how of meditation #mindfulness and mental health #spirituality #reiki #life activation #crystal and energy healings

I am the go-to for:

I love to help people to heal themselves. Why? because I needed help and know these healings helped me. You don't have to be sick to be unwell, let me help you prevent illness from manifesting in your physical, I can do do distance healings as well as 1-2-1. Im passionate about helping people to care for themselves by relieving anxiety and stress.and offering tools to help that process along. I im also passionate about talking to women about bringing balance into a broken world by empowering themselves

I can help you:

  • I can help you to find ways to destress and offer simple techniques .meditation does not have to be be 'ohmming' in the lotus position  - other ways to calm your mind
  • I want to chat to women about their stories and how to embrace the goddess within. to share conversations with women so we can help each other.
  • I can advise you on what type of healing you could do to help yourself. I can do distance healings as well as 1-2-1
  • Discover the wisdom of your body and how to unblock the beliefs, resistance that is hiding you back
  • I want to bring more light into peoples lives through Life activation and other type of healings

Why me:

find ways to show people that there is more to life than just existing. We can explore what is holding you back by knowing what your body is telling you. We are creator gods , living in this human form to experience and live life alive. Don't you want to LIVE, truly , adventurously and alive!

I am available for:

📞 Telephone | 💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person

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Meet Me


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • Currently available

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STOP the burnout - tips for reducing stress levels

USD $60.00

  • Online
  • 40 minutes
  • Currently available

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Private 1:1

USD $99.00

  • Online
  • 1 hour
  • Currently available


My story:

Born and living in South Africa. I love to travel and discovering new places and their history. I also love the bush in my country ( and no the lions do to walk the streets!) Worked for a while for an airline, also in recruitment . Moved to Johannesburg where I have raised my children. While they were at school I worked as an educator/facilitator at various schools where I worked with pubescent adolescents (sex education) guiding them. I have always had an interest in healing and meditation and often used this with teenagers as a coping skill to assist them in times of anxiety. My focus now is mainly with women and helping them to embrace the goddess within. as well as guiding people through meditation and mental wellness and self care and healing.

My mission:

to bring peace of mind and lightness of being to people

My core values:

#integrity awareness respect gratitude continuous self development

My greatest accomplishments:

raising two beautiful children, doing the Camino de Santiago, 4x10month journeys of hermetic Kabbalah, learning to scuba at 50, continuing to study and progress in my spiritual journey,

My hobbies/activities:

jewelry painting walking reading socialising creative crafts

My goals:

To serve the greater good through healing and Life Activations, to help people(particularly women) to discover their power To never stop progressing

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

Brene Brown TED talks and books(Daring Greatly;Gifts of imperfection),Find your Why by Simon Senek,

Fun facts:

I paint for my own pleasure. I love going on cooking courses. Tried pole dancing recently ...oh my gosh that was too hard. I have danced in the rain. done 10 month hermetic Kabbalah journey 4 times to truly get to "know Thyself" . reading 4 books on kindle , two hardcopies and a few more on audible , always doing some course. I guess Im curious.

I want to learn more about:

how to create online classes. #resilience


Professional experiences:

  • holistic/energy healer at Modern Mystery School
  • educator/facilitator at Family lIfe Centre
  • Creditor/debtors at Stevens & co
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Educational experiences:

  • Batchelor of Arts at university of Cape Town


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

About coping skills and managing stress

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Written Reviews I've received:

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
April 1, 2021 | Discovery Call

Brenda has a really interesting array of knowledge about different healing modalities. She is passionate about her field and about finding ways to help people heal. She is kind, comforting, warm, and healing by nature.


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