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Connect with Brittany Kozak,

Founder of Kindergarten for Life

from Vancouver, Canada

Connect with Brittany Kozak,

Founder of Kindergarten for Life

from Vancouver, Canada



Founder of Kindergarten for Life

I am a(n):

Education Consultant | Academic Advisor | Mother | Dog Lover | World Traveller | Beach Volleyball Player | Food Obsessed | Teacher

What I do:

Kindergarten is everything. fun. music. math. art. literacy. language. social. nutritious. active.

I help children (newborn-10) and their parents learn all sorts of things through PLAY.

I offer two, soon to be three, programs.

1. Kindergarten On Call
> it’s the ultra flexible and super high quality childcare parents with flexible schedules, changing needs, and high expectations dream of having. Drop off your kid for a day, THE DAY, that you really need it. No commitments or contracts. Pick whichever day Monday - Friday you need a break to go do *insert anything* while your kid has a blast at Kindergarten For Life. Imagine all the good stuff you want in childcare without having to commit to 2 to 5 days EVERY WEEK, or even the same day EVERY WEEK. Limited to two spots per day. It’s good for them and it’s good for you.

2. Kindergarten For Life Workshops
> Do you miss kindergarten? Come back, this time with your kid. These workshops are designed to maximize the time you have with your kid by setting up and facilitating your parent-kiddo playtime with engaging and educational activities that are play-based, child centred, and fun for you both. It’s 90 minutes of memorable bonding to strengthen your relationship with your child all while playing and learning together. Learn some tricks of the trade to keep the ball of knowledge building constantly rolling.

If you want to listen to someone else talk about what I am always thinking about, try listening to this guy, Mitchel Resnick. He is the MIT Professor who also thinks we should all be in Kindergarten For Life.


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Discovery Call


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • 1 call(s) remaining this month

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Let's Grab a Coffee


  • In person
  • 1555 Yew St, Vancouver, BC V6K 3E5
  • 45 minutes
  • 2 booking(s) remaining this month

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Kindergarten for Life: Drop-In


  • One time payment
  • 10 booking(s) remaining this month

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Kindergarten for Life: 10 Pack


  • One time payment
  • Currently available

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Kindergarten On-Call: 1 day


  • In person
  • 2201 York Ave. Unit 1, Vancouver, BC
  • Currently available

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Kindergarten On-Call: 10 day pass (1 day FREE)


  • In person
  • 2201 York Ave. Unit 1, Vancouver, BC
  • Currently available


My Offer:

Drop-in kindergarten classes in Kitsilano for both you AND your kids.

Package Offers:
$35 regular Drop-in
$299 for 10 Drop-ins

Referral Program:
Bring a friend to drop in and you get in FREE next time.
Refer me a new friend who purchases a 10 pack, I’ll send you $99.

Drop-In Classes:
Hours will evolve to meet the needs of our players, so feel free to voice them!

Tuesday > 9:30am - 11:00am
Wednesday > 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Thursday > 9:30am - 11:00am & 4:00pm -5:30pm


Delicious food and snacks ALWAYS included. Brains need food!

My ideal target audience:

Any parent who wants to tickle their brain and their child's brain through:

>play that creates
>play that communicates
>play that collaborates
>play that challenges

Any parent who wants:

> a catch-all program to do WITH your kid.
> to experience new activities and old activities in a new way.
> to practice catching those teachable moments that keep the ball rolling.
> to find new ways to engage WITH their kids through play.
> to create a fun foundation to speak some French WITH your kid.

Reach out if you want to:

  • find the time to do the activities that you dream about doing with your kids when you become a parent.
  • see how math, literacy, and art are easy to do at home in fun and playful ways.
  • find the language that helps your child form healthy friendships and kindness.
  • save time and money, because this is a catch-all program.
  • create lasting memories with your child.

Feel free to also book a session if you want to ask me about:

Industry trends, insights, observations & opinions

My day-to-day

My education, training & qualifications

What success means to me

How I got to where I am today

What I enjoy most/least about my career

What it is like to live and work in my city

Recommended books, articles, blogs, conferences, tools, apps, etc.

Daily practices, habits, and strategies

Issues I care most about right now and why

My values, beliefs, philosophies and/or political views

My love story


Why me:

I love children. I love play. I love community. I love to help people. I love to learn. I love to teach. I love health and wellness. I love welcoming people. I love stories, your story.

A little bit about myself:

If you want the bullet points of my credentials, scroll down. If you want to get to know the person behind those black and white credentials, read on.

Education is what I live and breathe in every aspect of my professional and personal life. I am the teacher who is always on. It is not my job, it is my identity. As soon as I learn something I want to teach it, but most of all I want to be taught. I am a life-long learner, a teacher-researcher, with the goal to make knowledge and experience acquisition easy and accessible to as many beating hearts as I can (children, adults, animals). Learning is for everyone, especially me. I am the teacher who wants to learn with my pupil, because let me tell you, the best learning is always a two-way street. I love to empower people, especially children, with the realization that they can–they can make mistakes, they can persevere, they can learn it. It is all about setting the right goals for each learner and each experience. It is about layers, many layers of context that make the learning matter. It is about confidence and equity. I love my profession, and don't ever feel like I need to escape it. I cry on the last day of school. I will always miss my students and their families. I always want more. I never left the elementary school classroom for a reason. It is where I belong. All this, and yet I have so many other diverse passions in life. I love to explore the unknown. Perhaps this is why I have moved, travelled, and sought novelty my whole life. This thirsty curiosity is why I speak fluent French. It is why I have turned down dream jobs to explore the unknown. It is why I graduated high school at 16. It is why I know so many people from so many walks of life. It is what makes me an amazing teacher.

Professional experiences:

  • French and Kindergarten Teacher at Pear Tree Elementary
  • Academic Advisor at Voilà Learning
  • French Teacher at Boardwalk Montessori
  • Educational Consultant at Self-Employed
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapist at Above and Beyond Consulting
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Educational experiences:

  • Masters in Child Study and Education at University of Toronto
  • Elementary Teacher Certification at University of Toronto
  • AIM Language Learning for French at Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study - University of Toronto
  • French Diploma at L'Université de Montpellier - Paul Valéry
  • Double BA in Psychology and French at Dalhousie University
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Where else you can find and follow me online:

My portfolio:

Kids thrive in the space that is colourful, soft to the touch, dynamic enough to explore, yet organized enough not to overly distract. Having a kid doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your living room and have it become a plastic rainbow. It is important to strike a balance so that the room still reflects you and remains space that you want to spend time, but now WITH your kid.

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Games and activities that are extensions to what your child sees YOU doing will be so interesting to them, not to mention you are more likely to join in and play. I obviously bake a lot of cookies.

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Fun fact: you should prioritize teaching letter sounds over teaching letter names.

There’s so much research on children’s language and literacy development, let me share this research with you!

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I obviously love being a kindergarten teacher, but have I mentioned how much I love being a mom? How exciting that I get to be a mom and a teacher, but with kids and their parents, in the Kindergarten For Life classroom! Dreams do come true.

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If I’m going to show a picture of how much I love being a mom, I should probably also show a picture that shows how much I love being a teacher.

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Animals are so good for us and our children. They teach us so many things, and in this case Taboo, my dog, is teaching us French!

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The beach is not just for volleyball and reading my book, it is where are the sand monster comes out to play. Play like no one is watching.

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Hello 90's! Perfect "screen time" for a toddler and beyond. Come on, you know you want to!

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