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Connect with Chris Stairs,

Volition Advisor helping companies find their "Road to Revenue."

Connect with Chris Stairs,

Volition Advisor helping companies find their "Road to Revenue."



Volition Advisor helping companies find their "Road to Revenue."

I am a(n):

"Money Model" & "Pro Forma" Specialist | Business Development Strategist | Sales Pipeline Engineer | Board & Governance Advisor

What I do:

I seek situations where I can “build and make things better.” Industry exposure has varied. Business transformation remains the consistent hallmark. Pushing through operational and financial ceilings; building the foundations to become best-in-field. Project management through operational start-ups, market relocations, and a reverse take-over.


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My Offer:

To help you think about and work on your revenue strategy, financial plan, and "money model" through "Pick My Brain" coffee-chats, and follow-up advisory services.

My ideal target audience:

1) Early-stage ventures (traditional, tech device, SaaS) that need assistance designing their financial plan, revenue strategy, and sales program.

2) Established ventures that are looking to scale their growth trajectory, laterally transition markets, or otherwise pivot into new opportunities.

Reach out if you want to:

  • Properly understand your business model, and how it dictates your operational model, cost structure, model model, and sales strategy.
  • Design your financial plan and detailed 3-5 yr pro forma. (Tools that have historically helped clients raise between $100,000 - $2,000,000 in debt and/or equity-based financing.)
  • Prepare the "money model" element of your investor pitch. (I call it your "cocktail napkin economics.") Be ready to recite (1) your average deal valuation, (2) path to cash positive, (3) accelerator story.
  • "Learn Your Numbers!"


Why me:

I've had the great fortune of working with dynamic teams responsible for some unique milestone accomplishments:

o Development and Promotion of Award-Winning Tourist Programs.
o International Relocation of an NBA Franchise.
o Delivery of a "Record-Breaking" 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
o Revitalization and Reverse-Taker of a Canadian SaaS Venture.

I have spent the last 8 years supporting business startups with their early-stage “money model” development, financial “pro forma,” sales program, and fundraising efforts. My expertise as an advisor comes from my own direct involvement in two Vancouver-based technology ventures. I thrive on the variety and challenge that each new venture client represents. At the same time, I've developed a precise methodology on how best to assess a startup's strengths, risks, opportunities, and most probable revenue path, regardless of product or industry.

A little bit about myself:

Prior to my work as an entrepreneur, I served for 15+ years in both revenue-generating and operational roles across the tourism, hospitality, and sports marketing industries. I have represented such mainstream event brands as the NBA, MLS, FIFA, Olympics, and Tony Hawk.

I hold part-time faculty positions at both BCIT and Tamwood College, and advocate the importance of continued learning through all stages and facets of life. I like to provide practical, no-nonsense training to young professionals and entrepreneurs who need easily compressed, essential lessons in a regularly changing business landscape.

My strength is in helping clients to build a winning “revenue model” based on a solid understanding of a their core economics and sales pipeline metrics. Marketing and sales programs that are developed without attention to financial fundamentals are generally destined to fail. And while this may seem self-evident, it’s rarely practiced in the “real world.”

I do some of my best thinking on or under the water. Sail, snorkel and scuba dive.

Professional experiences:

Educational experiences:

  • MBA at University of British Columbia
  • BA (Honours) at McGill University


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My Overall Rating:

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Written Reviews I've received:

Cassandra Hui
July 23, 2020 | 1-on-1 Advising Session

I'm so grateful to Chris in helping us sort through our Money Model and Pro Forma development. He took a very complex, daunting task and broke it down for me into much simpler, more actionable steps. I now understand how t...

Read more

Glen Brauer
March 7, 2020 | 1-on-1 Advising Session

Chris was very helpful at identifying which areas I need to work on and the next steps to take in order for me to pitch to investors.

Saeed Golzar
February 5, 2020 | Pick My Brain Call

step by step comprehensive explanations and professional and generous about the time,

Marianne DeCotiis
December 11, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Chris was great to talk to and had very good perspectives and questions I had not thought of. Good to connect with him!