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Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessment Specialist

from Toronto, Canada

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Pick My Brain Call


  • Over the phone
  • 30 minutes
  • 9 call(s) remaining this month

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1 x Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessment

$350 (CAD)

  • Over the phone
  • 45 minutes
  • 30 booking(s) remaining this month

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5 x Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessments

$1,625 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • Currently available

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10 x Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessments

$3,000 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • Currently available

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Executive Leadership Coaching

$1,600 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 15 booking(s) remaining this month

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Executive Leadership Coaching + Performance & Behavioural Assessment

$1,950 (CAD)

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Executive Leadership Team Retreat Package

$10,000 (CAD)

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I am a(n):

Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessment Specialist

I am also a(n):

TAIS Certified | Leadership Coach | Team Building Coach | Experienced Facilitator | Experienced Public Speaker | 60 Year Old Millenial

What I do:

I help business owners and entrepreneurs determine whether they, their team, or their next hire has the psychological "right stuff" to compete at elite levels. I use executive behaviour assessments as a starting point and often end up building custom hiring and coaching strategies for business owners from there.


My Offer:

To help you improve your companies selection, hiring and succession-plan efforts through:

Performance and Behavioural Assessments
Executive Coaching
Custom Executive Retreats

My ideal target audience:

✔ Business Owners
✔ Startup Founders
✔ CEOs
✔ Executive Leadership Teams
✔ Entrepreneurs
✔ Investors

I want to help you:

  • how I can help you accurately assess your potential new hires and or investors with 1 executive performance & behavioural assessment.
  • how I can help you significantly lower your risk and hire better people with 1 executive performance & behavioural assessment.
  • how I can help you screen executive candidates and future investors with 1 executive performance & behavioural assessment.
  • how I can help you assess your teams performance individually and collectively with executive performance & behavioural assessments.
  • how I can help you better understand the types of people you need to enhance your overall teams performance with executive performance & behavioural assessments.
  • how I can help you systematically improve your companies selection, hiring and succession-plan efforts.
  • how I can help with custom 1:1 executive coaching.
  • how I can help you plan a leadership retreat for your team.


Why you might want to connect with me:

✔ I have assessed hundreds of individuals from CEO's to Managers & Entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries over the course of my career
✔ I am armed with so many case studies and insights when it comes to performance & behaviour
✔ I have a strong track record of helping business owners build high performing teams & finding the best person for the role
✔ I have facilitated a number of executive leadership retreats for companies
✔ Most performance and behavioural specialists charge $500

Professional work experiences:

Educational experiences:

  • MBA at Richard Ivey School of Business
  • BSc. Psychology at McMaster University


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

The attentional scales on TAIS will measure two things: 1) Your ability to develop the different types of concentration required to perform effectively, and; 2) Your ability to shift back and forth between the different channels of concentration at appropriate times.

Because TAIS measures the basic elements of concentration, scores from the inventory can be used to identify the specific skills individuals need to work on to improve their performance.

For this section of the TAIS you will be assessed on:

Awarness, External Distractibility, Analytical / Conceptual, Internal Distractibility, Action / Focused, Reduced Flexibility.

Jobs differ in the variety of activities they require and the amount of information which persons in them are expected to handle. People differ along this dimension, too. Some are stressed by having too few things to do, others by having too many. People who score high on this scale are indicating that they are "information junkies," liking to juggle many tasks at once. Those who score low on this scale generally prefer to do one thing at a time and are like people in the crafts, doing something nearly perfectly before moving on. This scale measures your preference for diverse activities and the actual number of different events happening in your life.

Measures the probability of strict adherence to a set pattern of thought or behavior. High scorers are more likely to act spontaneously, take risks, and think and act in "out of the ordinary" ways. High scorers who are not easily distracted tend to "live by their own rules." For this reason, while others may see them as impulsive, they typically view themselves as colorful or risk takers. They feel stressed when their thought and behaviors are confined within predefined boundaries. Low scorers abide by rules and policies, are conventional and thus generally responsible. They feel stressed when others are not behaving according to rules or expectations.

The twin towers of dominance are the desire to have control over what happens and the self-confidence to believe one's approach is the right way. These two characteristics are like fire. Fire, properly controlled, fueled progress in early civilizations. Out of control, fire destroys. The drive to succeed and take a leadership role accompanies many -- but not all -- leaders. Similar levels of drive are also found among many people with behavioral problems, even some with criminal records. So much of the direction in which this drive takes one depends on who is the master of the power and how it is applied.


Indicates how much individuals like to control others and actually take charge or assumes a leadership position.


Measures the extent to which people think they are competent at doing things and how good a person they think they are.


Reflects how critical people are of themselves. Very high scores tend to accompany depression. This scale often reflects temporary problems in the personal or professional lives of participants, and it subtracts from the self-esteem which they are feeling at the time of assessment.

This scale provides an indication of the individual's speed of decision making. High scorers make slower decisions, tending to sacrifice speed for the sake of accuracy. People who are cautious often worry about matters. Low scorers make quick decisions and are more likely to err because they end up sacrificing some accuracy for the sake of speed. They tend to become impatient with delays.

Measures the extent to which people seek out and enjoy the company of others. High scorers are quite outgoing, like to be the center of attention. Individuals in sales and service occupations tend to score higher on this scale than people who are involved in more technical activities. Low scorers tend to be shy.


Measures your need for personal space and privacy. High scorers indicate an enjoyment of time alone. Low scorers generally become stressed when they have to be alone for any length of time. Because each of these scales is defined in a positive manner, some people legitimately score high or moderately high on both of them. Such people are saying that they like being with other people, AND they like being by themselves.

Measures your willingness to speak up in front of others. High scorers like to express their thoughts and ideas. The higher you score the more likely you are to talk too much. Low scorers find themselves feeling stressed by situations that require them to speak up in front of others. They tend to underestimate the value of their input.

Measures your willingness to confront others, to set limits, and to express your anger. The higher you score the more challenging and confronting you are. The lower you score the more difficulty you have setting limits and saying no. Thus, others are likely to take advantage of you.

Measures your willingness to express positive feelings and support to others. The higher you score the more often you reach out in a positive, supportive way and the more you need to receive such in return. Being positive helps in positions with considerable contact with people and when participating in team efforts.

Entire books could be written about the way control needs and self-confidence play out in personal and professional relations. Many variables affect their use including anger vs. support, impulse control, and attentional preferences and distractibility (see other sections of your report for your tendencies on these variables). Foremost allies for control and confidence are the characteristics of physical orientation or competitiveness and expression of ideas. They are both included here because a) some people have not had the chance to compete physically, and b) dominance in business is more often intellectual than physical.
PHYSICALLY COMPETITIVE people try to dominate in physical ways and are prone to keep score as they have in athletic contests even in other arenas whether appropriate or not. They like challenges.

INTELLECTUALLY COMPETITIVE (or expression of ideas) scale indicates how likely people are to express what is on their minds. By talking a great deal, many leaders dominate the thoughts and actions of others.


My Overall Rating:

(4 Reviews)

Written Reviews I've received:

Claire Cui, Creative Spreadsheeting Queen
February 20, 2019 | Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessment Package

Corey gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. I feel fortunate to have done the TAIS assessment where his interpretation of me was "spot on". His report and recommendation was very helpful and insightful - I pull it out all the time to review what I need to work on. I would hire him to work with my team and assess my fit with future and potential business partners. Corey will be an essential part of my toolbox! Totally worth the buck!

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
January 31, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Just had another session with Corey. This time to go over a performance and behavioural assessment of a potential investor in my company.

I got Corey to assess this potential investor to help me:

1. Take my understanding of this potential investors strengths, weaknesses, capacity, etc. to the next level.

2. Better understand what it would be like working together.

3. Think of different ways I could go about building a strong partnership with this individual from the get go.

Corey exceeded my expectations once again. I walked away from our call with deeper insights on this individual, actionable next steps and the confidence to continue to proceed down this path.

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
January 23, 2019 | Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessment Package

Now that Corey knows me to my core (thank you TAIS assessment) he is able to offer me consistent advice and feedback on an as-needed basis.

As a first time startup founder, I find this incredibly useful, convenient and grounding. It's kind of like an on-demand CEO therapy session with someone who knows how you tick, whose listening skills are A+ and who has years of experience seeing decisions you are currently making roll out.

Thank's for another valuable and important session Corey.

Marshal Finch, CEO of Canada's 30th Fastest Growing Company
January 3, 2019 | Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessment

Corey knows his stuff! He showed me insights into my personality and how i can work better with my team. He also showed me what i need to work on and how i rank against other executives. Well worth the money.