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Connect with Crystal Adair-Benning,

Craft Copy That Will Change The World... Word Magic.

Connect with Crystal Adair-Benning,

Craft Copy That Will Change The World... Word Magic.



Craft Copy That Will Change The World... Word Magic.

I am a(n):

#Copywriter #Ghostwriter #DigitalNomad #EventPlanner #Entrepreneur #writer #traveler #writingcoach #coach #NLPcoach

I know a lot about:

#copywriting #writing #ghostwriting #creativecoaching #bookwriting #eventplanning #socialmedia #websitecopy #emailfunnels #contentwriting

I am the go-to for:

Copywriting. Ghostwriting. Event Planning.

I can help you:

  • Smash your writing blocks and learn to start crafting authentic, engaging copy for your business or self!
  • Flesh out your book idea and create a plan for how you'll write your masterpiece!
  • Teach you how to write your own copy in simple steps customized to your unique product or service.
  • Figure out how to create, grow and build a successful event business (planner, venue, caterer, florist, photographer, etc).

Why me:

A heart so big that it could crush this town. Writers chops so smooth, you’ll be devouring words down.

I grew up more fascinated with pen and paper or typewriter tape than I ever did a Nintendo. My brain thinks in prose, poetry and paragraphs. I daydream stories about people I meet or characters that pop into my head. People constantly compliment me on always having “the right thing to say” and covet my Christmas cards for the impeccably written sentiments.

My writing is sassy, reverent, personality-driven.

You should feel like it’s just you and me (or you and your client) sharing a beverage and connecting.

No preface. No social distancing. Authentic connection & rapport.

Meet me. I’m Crystal Adair-Benning.

Total perfectionist. Abstract thinker. Love Nomad to the highest degree. But I digress…

I have been a Writer my whole life. As a kid, I pictured people reading my stories and getting inspired to write themselves. To engage the world in a legacy like nothing else. I wanted to bring people along on my nomadic adventures and have them taste, hear, smell and experience the world the way I was. So I wrote.

Over the years, I’ve ghostwritten and published almost 20 books, countless blogs, websites, email funnels and social media accounts. I’ve loved every single second!

I’m known for my writing but I’ve got a few other magic tricks up my sleeves that clients adore. I am a 20+ yr Event Ninja who was sought after as one of the top Wedding Planners in Canada for almost a decade. I’m also a certified Evolved NLP Practitioner, Quantum Change Facilitator and Certified Hypnotherapist. I have a very unique set of skills that allow my writing to flex, create and access people across multiple genres.

Writing for me is the natural given gift of sharing stories, connecting people, and educating others. I love what I do and there is no greater honour than having creative partners who trust me as the voice of their brand, business or service. I’ve got you.

I am available for:

📞 Telephone

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Meet, Greet, Exchange & Connect


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • Currently available


My story:

First and foremost, I tell stories. Whether they are written, spoken or implied. I eat limiting beliefs for lunch and build strategies for breakfast. I produce events and share wisdom, overflowing with heart and a bit of magic. I speak love in everything I create.

Total perfectionist. Abstract thinker. Love Nomad to the highest degree. I have traveled the globe in the pursuit of changing the world and making it even 1% better through stories and events.

My gift is seeing the big picture, managing the minutia, and leaving a legacy. People, corporations, charities, and teams just like you hire me to create experiences that change people – their minds, their hearts, their perspectives.

My mission:

My mission is to connect deeply with rebels, misfits and world-changers just like you, to write copy that resonates deeply with your audience. No gimmicks or bro-marketing pain points... this is pure divine feminine flow and marketing with grace, ease, and some sass along the way. Copy is about connection and we're going to convert them by building rapport, offering choice, and making them know you care. Pleasure, baby!

My greatest accomplishments:

* married my dimpled dude after only a month of knowing one another
* spent 2-decades traveling the globe and connecting to humans
* x3 NYTimes bestsellers as a ghostwriter
* 90-day book writing & coaching programs
* creator of the Quantum Copy Method to demolish writer's block and access your creative unconscious with ease
* founder and creator of some of the largest events you know but you wouldn't know me (wizard, baby!)

My goals:

* to teach pleasure principle marketing & Quantum Copy Method across the globe
* to move to New Zealand with my hubby
* to support others in realizing their dreams through word magic

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Fun facts:

✨ I met and married my husband in under a month. Best. Decision. Ever.
✨ I am a puppy momma to Rhys Morrison Cuddlepup III (a super cute King Charles Cavalier Spaniel).
✨ I am never without my passport.
✨ Writing comes easily to me so, for the longest time, I never believed it to be a gift. I thought everyone could write like me! #knowbetternow
✨ I thrive and create best when I have the time and freedom to do so (chained to a desk never worked for me).
✨ I am a digital nomad and love it.

I want to learn more about:

minimalism tiny homes graphic design coaching animal protection


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Educational experiences:

  • MSc Media Management at University of Stirling, Scotland
  • PR Degree at Ryerson University


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