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Connect with David H.,

"Quicksand" Problem-Solver

Connect with David H.,

"Quicksand" Problem-Solver



"Quicksand" Problem-Solver

I am a(n):

Untangling "quicksand" problems Problems considered "impossible" to solve Creating practical effective solutions Systems thinker creating butterfly effects Finding and removing deeply hidden bottlenecks that block growth and productivity

I know a lot about:

Ecosystems mapping Systems thinking Design thinking Uncovering the deep nature of a problem Ecological finance Historical problem investigating & solving

I am the go-to for:

Untangling, unpacking, & solving highly-costly hidden problems. And then working with you to creating a preventative, practical solutions.

I can help you:

Why me:

A first principles problem-solver who is a spatial thinker, solving the hardest problems in business, finance, engineering, and fundamental scientific logic. Ever since correcting my father's tax arithmetic at age five. Creating practical solution options for hard problems - this is what I do.

I know a lot about ecosystems mapping and want to help people who are untangling "quicksand" problems that slow down our ability to make a better world. For example: I helped a surgeon solve an internal procedure problem in about 30minutes over a coffee. I help best by re-framing the nature of the problem. You could say that I become all the parts of the problem to help solve it - see

I am available for:

šŸ“ž Telephone

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Professional experiences:

  • CEO/Founder at OrbMB Technologies
  • Research Director, Ecological Accounting Process Initiative at Pringle Strategy Services
  • Operations/Market research contractor at Hubble Project Group
  • Founder at WarriorHealth CombatCare
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Educational experiences:

  • Bachelor - Commerce at Royal Roads University
  • Web Operations / eCommerce Business at British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Diploma of Technology, Industrial Design (Honours) at Humber College
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Honours History, Political Studies, minor in Geography at University of Guelph
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Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
December 11, 2020 | Pick My Brain Call

David is one of those uniquely intelligent people who can be given any kinds of problem and be able to help you find a solution by looking at the problem in a different way - the best kind of person to have around for the ...

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