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Connect with Dustin Miller⚙️PolyInnovator,

⚙️Polymathic OmniContent Creator, 🎙Host of the Polymath PolyCast, & 💪Fitness Instructor

from Columbia, United States

Connect with Dustin Miller⚙️PolyInnovator,

⚙️Polymathic OmniContent Creator, 🎙Host of the Polymath PolyCast, & 💪Fitness Instructor

from Columbia, United States



⚙️Polymathic OmniContent Creator, 🎙Host of the Polymath PolyCast, & 💪Fitness Instructor

I am a(n):

PolyInnovator - Polymath of Innovation I am an OmniContent Creator Host of the Polymath PolyCast Swim Instructor Guru Water Aerobics Instructor Personal Trainer Omnichannel Content Marketing Productivity Tool Enthusiast Life Coach Gamer

I know a lot about:

Swimming Digital Tools Omnichannel Content Creation Blogging Video creation tiktok podcasting Gaming

I am the go-to for:

I am the go person for understanding the multidisciplinary life of people, and seeing how the connections/systems come together.

I can help you:

  • I can help you create your own life operating system in Notion, as well as teach you the advanced database design to help improve your productivity.This is especially helpful for multidisciplinary people, such as polymaths, generalists, and multipotentialites!
  • I've been teaching swimming for almost a decade, and I have distilled it down to three steps for all strokes. They all come back to these, and 80% of my lessons have to learn these first. For those in the rare 20% I have advanced concepts that get you to a whole new level!
  • For almost nearly as long as I have been teaching aquatic fitness I have also been blogging. I started on wordpress, and from there used, medium, substack,, wix, and now even ghost cms. I've been on them all, and learned how to make your blog stand out.
  • Content creation in general is a passion of mine, from writing to videos, and even audio casts. I believe in going for the polymathic approach, which is taking an omnichannel/multichannel approach to your creation. I can help you wrap your head around a strategy that YOU can complete.
  • I'm known in my circles as the tool or resource guy. If you have a problem I have probably come across a tool that can help you. I have used over  95 social media management tools, countless task and project management tools, and a world of other kinds of tools as well. This has given me the ability to pull from anywhere to help you.

Why me:

This feels like a dating question, why should I use my time with you? Well that is just the thing isn't it, for you want to #makeachange in your life quickly. To not use too much of your time, and I can help you learn quickly. I've been told that I am a stockreel of information, and that my multidisciplinary lifestyle also helps gain the dynamic and multifaceted point of view. With those I can help you see the innovation next to you!

I am available for:

💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person | ⚡ One time payment



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Polymath PolyCast Interview

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My story:

⚠️As an aspiring #polymath, I created #PolyInnovator as a foundational means to build out the various careers I want out of life (A #Polymath of #Innovation if you will). I'm on a mission to create a Modular Education Platform to revolutionize how we approach education as whole. #ModularDegree 🎓

Growing up I always knew that I didn't fit into the regular role, and even from a young age I had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even having a business when I was ten selling temporary tattoos, and growing into the idea of becoming a CEO. As a teenager the audacious mindset took over, and I would say "I will become a CEO of an international company driven to innovate 💻technology and 📜ideology!"; A bold statement in of itself, even more so coming from someone so young.

That eventually evolved into what I called the 🌐United Living Construct, an innovation 💡 hub, and my first dive into content creation. Creating it into a blog and 🎙️podcast, which would teach me about social media marketing and content creation for written/audio formats way back in 2011/2012. However the podcast wasn't until 2017!

When I realized an organization or company type of endeavor wasn't going to work at that stage in my life, particularly due to much learning to be done on my part; I then pivoted to creating a personal brand, or online reputation around my own name. Ironically I care more about the ⚙️PolyInnovator name of mine, rather than my actual name.

I initially focused on both, while pursuing my own self-education through what I called the 🧰Do It Yourself Degree. With a little bit of change happening in that personal endeavor, I made it become what is now known as the Modular Degree. A system meant to be change, and to evolve alongside your own ever changing life. Your learning needs will change, so why shouldn't your education? 🧬 (Hmm maybe I should write that down!)

All the while I had been working for my local city via recreation department, starting out as a lifeguard then pool manager, but more so the fitness teaching became my world. I have been teaching swimming for the better half of a decade, and realizing that I could teach even Michael Phelps something new. (Note: My current content phase for PolyInnovator is around Swimming) 🏊🏼

Around the same time I started managing I also became a water aerobics instructor, and for nearly 7 years I have been teaching anywhere from 5 to 13 aqua fitness classes a week. Water aerobics, AquaStrength, Move Your Joints, and even water boot camp!! Not including swimming, personal training, etc. I recently as of August 2021 put in my resignation for that role. To focus on creating content, as well as changing to a more stable income.

I even became a personal trainer after a long time of Aqua fitness, and a decade and half of personal fitness training. Self-taught knowledge allows for a real experience that you can't get in a textbook, but do note I did read the textbooks too! 😉

In an effort to keep this already long overview shorter, I'll wrap up with one more major aspect of my life...

The Digital Frontier 📡
I have organized my life via a tool called Notion, a digital formatting system with blocks. Creating databases, documents, kanban, and a very even Life Operating System as a great creator August Bradley calls it. I've called it my PolyInnovation Operating System. For pursuing content creation, learning with the Modegree, and even tracking my whole life.

A systematic approach that I came to after spending countless years/hours into nearly 100 social media management tools, 70+ project/task management tools, and even half a dozen content management systems.

So both Notion and Omnichannel Content Marketing are areas you can ask me about! Not to mention fitness of course!!

My mission:

World Change | Rise of Polymathy | Social Entrepreneurship

The PolyInnovator concept, is based around the Self-Education core. It is derived from the need of new age polymaths. This dynamic “occupation” you could say, would create a new synergy in a plethora of fields. The need of these kind of “Jack of all Trades” people is ever rising. The goal of the PolyInnovator as a personal brand is to instill the mindset, and give the tools for the people who could see themselves becoming greater than they could have before.

Granted it takes a certain level of mental discipline, as well as strong self-awareness. Of which can be cultivated over time, especially with online content in this day and age. Once that has been built up, then the process of information products being sold to the customer can begin. The great thing about it is that since they were created with the prospect of creating a change in that person’s education in mind, that the potential benefit is immense.

My core values:

balance justice amor fati polymathy divergence

My greatest accomplishments:

At this point in time I've probably taught over 1000 people to swim to some degree, and I aim to increase that exponentially via the digital mediums.

I have used most project/task management tools, and fell in love with ; Creating my own Life OS, Or PolyInnovation Operating System in my case. That includes an Omnichannel Content Production system, Modular Degree organizer/framework, as well as many other facets of life all into one great build.

As for fitness I've been trying to push my limits over the past few years. That being doing 300 push ups in one workout (not in row!!), 100 reps of 100lbs bench press and squats, 340lbs squats x3, 51 hanging crunches, and much more.

My hobbies/activities: Gaming Spriting Teaching Self-Development

My goals:


📅Currently I am balancing out my life, and figuring out what needs to take priority in order to accomplish my goals. Being a polymath or generalist doesn't mean you are spread too thin, #jackofalltrades, but rather knowing how to manage your time.

🎥 As an #OmniContent Creator as I call it, I create omnichannel content across a multitude of platforms. From written, to visual, to video, and even audio. This is one of my main series that I have started making. It has been on hold for a bit while I focused on the interviews. However the goal still remains to create daily content through this series!

🎙️ I'm the Host of #ThePolymathPolyCast, and I interview #multidisciplinary people.
If you are a polymath/generalist/multipotentialite, then please reach out and connect!
I have talked to people from around the world, both on my #PolyCast show, but as well as being a guest on dozens of podcasts.

🧠While also building the Modular Degree System: a do it yourself, with help, framework for a modern approach to education. Asking what would #education look like if we made it completely from scratch in the modern day?

🚫As someone who has never accepted the common path of life, I have always aimed for greater and bigger challenges. I seek to become something of a Polymath. To never stop learning, and to never back down. I will be successful in my endeavors, and will be a future world leader. 🗺️

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:


Muse - Survival

This next one is one of my own, but I created it to distill everything I could about OmniChannel Marketing. It is something I check in with myself to see when I forget something!

Fun facts:

I've been an avid karaoke conquistador as they're called where I'm at, for nearly 7 years. I used to go religiously so I could teach myself how to sing. Even now I strive to do hard songs, even pulling off Bohemian Rhapsody by myself (highs and lows). NOTE: I could not talk for 2-3 days! 😂😂

I even started running Karaoke from time to time!

I want to learn more about:

making a change becoming a global influencer social entrepreneurship smart city development smart cities project management


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