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Connect with Elena Teuffer,

Scandinavian language & localization specialist

from Reykjavík, Iceland

Connect with Elena Teuffer,

Scandinavian language & localization specialist

from Reykjavík, Iceland



Scandinavian language & localization specialist

I am a(n):

multipotentialite interpreter crisis manager problem solver pastoral counselor traveller single mom of 4 language learner translator event manager freelancer knitting designer

I know a lot about:

medical interpretation nordic societies nordic history nordic languages studying in Finland living in Iceland living in Denmark travelling Norway travelling Sweden sparking creativity textile archeology translating fiction crime fiction nordic noir being multipotentialite mental health aromatherapy palliative care crisis intervention liberal christianity autistic children attachment parenting problem solving facebook marketing organizing events indoor vegetable growing knitting techniques & design starting from scratch (again) scandinavian languages living in scandinavia relocating to scandinavia danish swedish icelandic norwegian

I can help you:

  • Travelling / Relocating: Are you going to visit or relocate to the nordic countries, Denmark, Iceland, Finnland, Norway or Sweden? Talk to me before you go to enhance your experiences!Connect with me if you need contacts and first hand info about all Nordic countries or a deeper understanding, how society works in Scandinavia. If you visit Iceland, learn about the dos and don'ts,bout our both delicate and breathtaking, but dangerous nature and why you need to bring a swim suit. Ask me everything about hot springs, glacier lagoons, off road driving, continental drifts and earthquakes - and no, there are no polar bears strolling down the main street in Reykjavik City. Looking forward to helping you preparing your stay!
  • Languages: I am a native German speaker, am fluent in Icelandic, Swedish and Danish, understand Norwegian and have a good understanding of Finnish grammar. Did your ancestors leave the Nordics to find their fortune in North America? Would you like to know, what they wrote about in their diaries or letters home? With my language knowledge, I am able to shed a light on your family's history and give you a summary of the written texts. As a life long learner and passionate language enthusiast, I can help you find language learning techniques that fit your learning style, teach you the pronunciation in all nordic languages (Finnish included) and basic sentences. I love comparing false friends in germanic languages and nerding about proverbs and sayings.
  • Translation to and Localization in German: Do you want your designs, books or services to conquer the almost 100 Mio. german speaking market? If you are a really serious about your endeavor, hire a seasoned translator for your website, newsletters and everything which needs to be printed - Google Translate is for amateurs! I will provide you with the cultural background to back up your marketing and save you expensive language pitfalls.I also offer proofreading for native Germans.
  • Knitting: Raglan increases from top down or a short row shaping in the back? Turning a sweater into a cardigan? Cutting a steek, redesigning a yoke or even designing your own pattern?  I envision knitting problems in 3D before my inner eye, imagining the technique and helping you sort that knot in your brain out! I'll walk you through the necessary steps and love to talk knitting with you! 
  • Parenting: Having children is a lot of work, and I mean _a_lot_. Babies are not always cutely sleeping like little angels, breastfeeding might be difficult and toddlers can be really annoying. Not to mention the mental load. Are you sick of covering up your difficult feelings, trying to play the always happy mom, but inside you feel, you are going mad? Believe me, I know what I'm talking about, I have four, two on the autistic spectrum. Do you need to vent or a cyber shoulder to cry on? Are you living in a foreign country, feeling alone? Give me a call and I lend you my ear - and my brains to finding a solution. You are not alone and you have a right to be a content, happy adult.

Why me:

"This is _just_not_possible_!"
I still hear my textiles teacher's voice in middle school, exclamating these words with blank astonishment, when I was explaining my plans for the newest assignment to her. I visualized the outcome in my mind, found a solution how to achieve it, proved her wrong and got an A+ each time.
"Not possible" is just not an option for me.

* I am a multipotentialite with many interests, endlessly knowledge and adventure seeking, diving deep into new fields of expertise in a short period of time - especially new languages are my favorite pastime. I connect the dots, others didn't even know existed.
>> Make use of my high speed neuronal connections to produce creative ideas, innovative out-of-the-box solutions and endless possibilities to help you overcoming your obstacles and winning your challenges.

* I'm a fighter and survivor. I have lived emotionally deprived times, postnatal depressions and burnouts - and I stood up every time, started all over and reinvented myself more often than once or twice.
> Make use of my fine people skills, big heart and empathy to talk things through and ease yourself. I am caring and energetic, a down-to-earth problem solver and crisis manager, with a sparkling interest in making connections, exploring possibilities to find individual solutions that meet your needs.

Now grab the opportunity, reach out, pick my brain and give me that call free of charge! I'm looking forward to where our chat is leading us.

I am available for:

📞 Telephone | 💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person


Danish English German Icelandic Norwegian Swedish

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Meet Me


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • Currently available

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Private 1:1

USD $80.00

  • Online
  • 1 hour
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My story:

"I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that!"
Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren's creative, inventive and #unconventional heroine, has always been my role model. Of course I dreamt about having a horse in my back yard, when I was still living in Cologne, Germany, a busy town with a million inhabitants. Alas, I never got a horse involved in my life, but as a teenager, we went several times on family holidays in Sweden and I got totally hooked.
I learned Swedish and insisted on reading Ronja, the Robber's Daughter in it's original version, sitting each evening endlessly over a few sentences, flipping through the pages of my tiny dictionary and trying to make sense of the text. Why choose an easier book for beginners? I still prefer plunging right into the real stuff.

But that was just the beginning of a life long relationship with the nordic countries.
I travelled, worked or studied in all of them, including #Finland. Finally, I ended up in #Iceland, #writing my #master's thesis, got married and am still here, now divorced with four #children, #interpreting at the #emergency ward at the university #hospital, #translating fiction and #knitting patterns from all Nordic #languages into German, working in a "back up" job for meeting my basic expenses. Sounds overwhelming to you? I love it!

Did you already learn about the term "multipotentialite"? I discovered the existence of this differently wired brains just in august 2020. What a revelation! Now my need of combining different tasks for stimulating different regions in my gray matter had a name!

Just at this moment [march 2021], my life is taking a turn again. In fall, I intend to begin my studies for a nursing degree.
Comment from linear thinkers: Why, you could have taken the short cut, trained for being a nurse in Germany directly after high school? Then you would have achieved your goal a long time ago and have a decent job with a steady income by now.
What they don't understand: No, it wouldn't have been the same. I wouldn't have turned into the person I am now.
Life is all about the #journey, the #development, the #experience.
I enjoy to take the road less travelled.

My mission:

"In the beginning was the word." (John 1:1)
Words are the foundation of our #relationships. We #communicate, even if we are not talking at all. As a translator and interpreter, I have a deep focus on languages, on the words we say to make ourselves understood, but I also have fine skills for #reading in between the lines.
I have a deep interest in meeting people of all walks of life, #connecting to them, finding a mutual ground and understanding. When interpreting at the emergency ward, I need to "read" people in pain, giving them strength and reassurance, that everything will be well.
How do we talk to each other? How do we express #understanding in difficult situations? How are we able to help, soothe and heal others' feelings?
Words are the #beginning of everything - how does our story continue together?

My core values:

#Freedom Compassion Reliability Positivity Creativity life-long-learning

My greatest accomplishments:

* Receiving scholarships for language summer courses in Iceland and Finnland; for studying abroad in Turku.
* Succeeding in finding a summer job in Iceland before the digital revolution.
* Teaching myself guitar to such an advanced level, that I was able to earn pocket money by playing gigs.
* My master's degree in Nordic language and culture studies, minors were politics and theology.
* While translating an icelandic crime series, I gave birth to and raised my four children.

My hobbies/activities:

audiobooks knitting cooking travelling swimming

My goals:

* Building up a reputation as a translator, so I'd be able to live off my work, where ever I'd like to move.
* Graduate with a nursing degree (BS) in 2025, gain experience on the ER and work for humanitarian aid organizations like Doctors Without Borders.
* Relocating to continental Europe and live in southern Denmark, close to the German border, so I can visit my sisters more often.

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

Watch Emilie Wapnick's TED talk about being a multipotentialite:
For further reading, I suggest the books from Barbara Sher, who coined the term "scanner".
Paula Prober went further in her research and added high sensitivity to the picture. Read her book "Rainforest mind".

Fun facts:

I might have a yarn stash exceeding life expectancy... And I love to knit 6 socks at the same time from the toe up. Why? Because it's fun and I can.
And I have a slight obsession for mobile phone arcade games. ;)

I want to learn more about:

weaving playing cello portuguese ivrit


Professional experiences:

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Educational experiences:

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My Platforms:

My portfolio:

Here with my super-soothing crisis interpretation voice.

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We talk about travelling, language learning, raising multipod kids as a multipod single mom, Dyslexia and the possibility of a connection of mental illnesses and not be allowed to live a multipod life.

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My first translated crime series: Icelandic lawyer Stella Blómkvist investigates. Published 2003 - 2009.

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The Price of Greed: Danish ex-marine Daniel Dreyer investigates. Book 1 of 7. Paperback in German in april 2021.

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Pippi Longstocking: My heroine and role model. In Swedish of course.

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Here Norwegian > German. Also available: Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, English > German or English.

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Here German > English.

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My own designs will be available to buy on my website or Ravelry.
I thoroughly enjoy sock knitting with my signature method, a multi-thread helix, but also love to explore diverse techniques for different clothes.

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Colorful yarns spark my creativity and inspiration to no end. Nature and it's many shades spark my interest. I don't use black and white, rarely grey.

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My arctic windowsill gardening is quite successful! Look at my chili tree! I also have paprikas, blossoming Aloes (not Vera), cacti and two tiny apple trees. I also will have a huge tomato crop in a few weeks.

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A haïtian painter created this fantastic piece of art in 1982, which has been accompanying me since then. Also an inspiration in terms of colors, community, travelling, learning and service to others.

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My Overall Rating:

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Written Reviews I've received:

Perry Knoppert, "The Octopus Dude", the specialist in neuro-diversity & multi-potentiality
March 28, 2021 | Discovery Call

Elena is more than just interesting, she is amazing. A multipotentialite with a clear focus and drive to make things happening and possible. She is my go-to for Nordic countries for sure!
And I love asking her for advice ...

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