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Connect with Eran Thomson,

I am The Joy Pusher

from Sydney, Australia

Connect with Eran Thomson,

I am The Joy Pusher

from Sydney, Australia



I am The Joy Pusher

I am a(n):

writer founder entrepreneur innovator marketer creative director idea machine copywriter brand builder cancer survivor joy pusher freestyle rapper

I know a lot about:

advertising creativity innovation personal development startups improv writing cancer beating cancer spirtuality comedy fintech screenwriting filmmaking brand building entrepreneurship small business marketing snowboarding

I am the go-to for:

ideas, inspiration, creativity, creative direction, pitch winning ideas, writing, leadership, joy, inspiring talks, improv for business workshops

Why me:

I am The Joy Pusher.

My product?

High-grade moments of meaningful connection.

I do this by slinging wit, words, and new ways of doing things.

And by converting optimism into action to deliver the addictive delights the world wants.

Count on me to hook you up with advertising, entertainment, innovation, writing, workshops, and talks of pure substance.

I'm on the streets every day trafficking in smiles and laughter.

So if you're jonesing for a dose of dopamine, page me.

I got your fix.

Learn more at

I am available for:



My mission:

I thrive at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

As a communications specialist, I am dedicated to using my wide skill set, unique perspective, and limitless imagination to convert ideas into reality and help others achieve new levels of personal and professional success.

My mission is to shift paradigms and, where possible, use humour to make the world a better place with boundless creativity, constant innovation, restless ambition, and stories well told.

My core values:

#creativity #joy #ideas #personal development #authenticity

My hobbies/activities:

Snowboarding is my religion. Yoga Surfing Freestyle Rap

My goals:

Sell 10,000,000 copies of Song Saga
Publish 10 Books
Do more backcountry snowboard trips

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

Read: "A New Earth" by Eckhardt Tolle, "The Art of Happiness" by the Dalai Llama... more to come.

Fun facts:

After 2-3 beers I am an unbeatable freestyle rapper.

I want to learn more about:

#technology #ecommerce #getting published #spirituality


Professional experiences:


My Platforms:


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