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Connect with Eran Thomson,

I am The Joy Pusher

from Sydney, Australia

Connect with Eran Thomson,

I am The Joy Pusher

from Sydney, Australia



I am The Joy Pusher

I am a(n):

Joy Pusher Writer Idea Machine Founder Entrepreneur Innovator Creative Director Marketer Copywriter Brand Builder Cancer Survivor Freestyle Rapper Snowboarder

I know a lot about:

Advertising Creativity Innovation Personal Development Startups Improv Writing Beating Cancer Spirtuality Comedy Fintech Screenwriting Filmmaking Brand Building Entrepreneurship Small Business Marketing Snowboarding Travel Solving Creative Problems Team Building Improv for Business Teams Improv for Business Workshops Pitching Portfolio Reviews Idea Generation Creative Direction Being an Inspiring Speaker

I am the go-to for:

Creative ideas that will make your business better.

Why me:

I am The Joy Pusher.

My product?

High-grade moments of meaningful connection.

I do this by slinging wit, words, and new ways of doing things.

And by converting optimism into action to deliver the addictive delights the world wants.

Count on me to hook you up with advertising, entertainment, innovation, writing, workshops, and talks of pure substance.

I'm on the streets every day trafficking in smiles and laughter.

So if you're jonesing for a dose of dopamine, page me.

I got your fix.

Learn more at

I am available for:



My mission:

I thrive at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

As a communications specialist, I am dedicated to using my wide skill set, unique perspective, and limitless imagination to convert ideas into reality and help others achieve new levels of personal and professional success.

My mission is to shift paradigms and, where possible, use humour to make the world a better place with boundless creativity, constant innovation, restless ambition, and stories well told.

My core values:

#creativity #joy #ideas #personal development #authenticity

My greatest accomplishments:

Our greatest accomplishments always seem greater before we achieve them.
But here's a list of things:

• Beat cancer
• Hiked on Mt. Everest with a bunch of 80's rock stars
• Won at least one of just about every creative advertising award
• Founded multiple businesses
• Raised millions of dollars
• Invented Song Saga
• Wrote multiple screenplays
• Nearly died over 30 times - currently writing a book about it
• Writing the One Word Suggestion podcast
• Investing non-stop in personal development
• Travelling to over 50 countries
• Learning to be a good friend

My hobbies/activities:

Snowboarding is my religion. Yoga Surfing Freestyle Rap Personal Development Meditation

My goals:

Current goals:

• Sell 10,000,000 copies of Song Saga
• Publish 10 Books
• Do more backcountry snowboard trips

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

Fun facts:

After 2-3 beers I am an unbeatable freestyle rapper.

I want to learn more about:

#Technology #eCommerce #Getting Published #Spirituality


Professional experiences:


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

Wordsmith, Idea Machine, Founder, Creative Leader, Joy Pusher.

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Song Saga is the conversation card game with a killer soundtrack. Break into the memory bank, share your best life stories and reconnect with the music you love.

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PowerProv is one of the top-rated corporate training programs in Australia. Our workshops deliver awesome communication, collaboration, and camaraderie without the BS.

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My "Tall Poppy Syndrome" rant - the highest rated segment on the show.

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I write and direct things. Sometimes smart, but usually funny.

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An improvisational mindset helps you perform at a higher level.

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20+ years in the ad game, trash cans full of awards, ~100% pitch win record.

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My wife is smart and sassy. But sometimes (usually when she’s sleepy) she gets her mixed words up. We think it’s funny. Maybe you will too.

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I founded the first long-form improv and sketch comedy school in Australia in 2012. It was acquired in 2021.

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