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Connect with Erwin Elling,

Strategist, Consultant, Coach

from Utrecht, Netherlands

Connect with Erwin Elling,

Strategist, Consultant, Coach

from Utrecht, Netherlands



Strategist, Consultant, Coach

I am a(n):

Strategist Consultant Systems Thinker Empath Entrepreneur Explorer Coach Multipotentialite Process Designer Non-Linear Thinker

I know a lot about:

Organisational Development Personal Development Co-Creation Leadership Autonomy Strategy Agency Progress

I am the go-to for:

Navigating complexity. Getting unstuck. Talk to me when you need new perspectives, new answers and new ways forward for your team or organisation.

I can help you:

  • Get new strategic and creative perspectives on how to get your team or organisation moving forward in an increasingly complex world.

Why me:

I am calm and a good listener. I quickly create an overview and point out ways forward in complex situations. I excel at seeing patterns and structures where others don't. I have a well developed feeling for what's under the waterline, what's not being said in words, and have a keen eye for incongruence. I add remarks and ask questions that help others gain new perspectives, more clarity and fresh insights. I have ample experience gained in different sectors, both profit as non-profit and am able to translate that to new contexts. I work methodically and source my way of working from different disciplines. I am an advocate of connecting worlds and breaking down walls that protect the status-que and inhibit progress.

I am available for:

💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person


Dutch; Flemish English

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Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
October 28, 2021 | Meet Me

Erwin is from the Netherlands, is 39 years old, lives next to a forest, has a wife and a kid, and helps people and companies think creatively for a living.

He finds it funny that more companies don't invest in creativit...

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