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Connect with Eugenie Drakes,

I am a midwife for people's dreams

from Johannesburg, South Africa

Connect with Eugenie Drakes,

I am a midwife for people's dreams

from Johannesburg, South Africa



I am a midwife for people's dreams

I am a(n):

Creative Connector Social Entrepreneur Inspired Story teller Skilled communicator Personal and Business Mentor Inspirer Disrupter/changemaker Visionary Intuitive Modern Elder Multipotentialite

I know a lot about:

Purpose Curiosity Product Development Handcraft Creative Industries Culture/Cultures Creativity Creative Solutions Design Value of OUR story Value of Tribe The Power of Community Exploring YOUR world Exploring THE world Cultural and Personal Identiy Branding

I am the go-to for:

I am the go-to for inner sight, direction and inspiration; creative thinking and creative solutions; harvest the gifts that lie in your story. Identifying and connecting your essence with your brand. Clarity, direction, creativity, support and honest feedback

I can help you:

  • Connect with what makes you YOUnique 
  • Find clarity and Direction
  • Find Creative solutions 
  • Connect with self, others and solutions
  • Enable you to instil your essence into your brand

Why me:

I have lived a very diverse life with many gifts of learning - both easy and very difficult. Modern Elder -Wisdom from experience and curiosity in digital world and a desire to add value and inspire those creating the New World. I see potential, I inspire people, I mentor action and growth

I am available for:

💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person

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Meet Me


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My story:

I am a Modern Elder. I have lived, loved, lost. I have given, grown, gained. I am curious, conscious, creative. I have stressed, stretched, soared. I have wealth, wisdom, worth. I am a Mentor, Momtor, Movement Maker.
My purpose has always been to be of service, grow people and projects, inspire and drive change, to make the world a better place.
I have worked in the Creative Industries for over 35 years with many different genres. The last 30 years the focus has been on the handcraft sector which involved working with remote rural, peri urban and urban crafters and teaching basic business skills, market driven product development and access to market through my retail store, piece, as well as other avenues. The focus was to retain heritage, highlight and celebrate our different cultures and to pay tribute to the makers by creating sustainable enterprises. I have been blessed to share on various international platforms such as Vital Voices Global Leadership Programme, Goldman Sachs 10 000 Women Programme and as a result have a 'global family'. I have consulted to WK Kellogg Foundation, Technoserve, World Bank amongst others.
My story has been made so much richer as a result of the stories of those who have crossed my path - and the time is now for these stories to be told. My life journey has been living in 2 realities that are worlds apart and it is time for those worlds to move closer and this can be done through connection and the power of story

My mission:

I aspire to inspire connection to unique potential and intrinsic light

My core values:

authenticity trust creativity curiosity growth

My greatest accomplishments:

Professional :
At age 45, having not worked for 17 years, I started the Social Enterprise PIECE, which operated successfully for 18 years. Working in 2 realities that were worlds apart we trained rural, urban and peri urban artisans, undertook market driven product development and access to market through our retail store and export. Our market was high end and our customers included Princesses, Presidents, Rock Stars, TV hosts amongst other. During this time we were able to showcase local artisans and their work on various platforms such as NY Fashion week, London Fashion Week, Face of Africa Finals and were nominated Accessory Designer of the Year in 2011. We accompanied Artisans to Santa Fe Folk Art Festival in Sante Fe,
2014 One of 110 Global women to participate in the Vital Voices Lead Fellowship Programme and it Nov was one of 60 selected to participate in the South to South Exchange
2013 Selected to participate in the Goldman Sachs- GIBS 10 000 Women Programme
2013 Runner up in the Talk Radio 702 Small Business Competition and one of ten businesses featured on Nebank Its my Biz television Programme,
2012 One of 18 people from 5 African Countries invited to participate in a craft exchange programme in Delhi accompanied by 2 South African Artisans
2011 Sector Specialist at Handcrafting for Hope Exhibition - facilitated by Indian Government as part of the India/Africa Summit in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia
Mentor : Cheri Blair Foundation, Business and Arts South Africa (BASA), Small Enterprise Development Association (SEDA), South African Breweries Tholoana and Further programmes,
Board Member : Arts and Culture Trust, Founder Board Member : Southern Guild Design Foundation

One of my proudest accomplishments is - my 2 Sons who are making their impact on the world and their children who are the future I am striving to create - a world where respect, dignity and humanity live and work together for the benefit of all.

My joy is seeing many of my mentees succeeding way beyond what they ever believed they could and how they are giving back to those who follow.

My hobbies/activities:

people places pursuits culture creativity

My goals:

At least One TEDx talk, Set up a Mentor programme specifically for Creatives, To Travel the world telling stories of amazing people, cultures and life,
To be a digital nomad with 'my world' in 2 suitcases

Fun facts:

I am a Cum Laude graduate of the Unviersity of Life, I have rushed in where angels fear to tread, I have learned the hard way, I have survived and thrived and all this has been fuelled by curiosity, intuition and positive mindset.
My birth certificate has my age as 70, My joints feel like 80, and my spirit is a free 23!

I want to learn more about:

Neuroscience Digital Media Finance


Professional experiences:

Educational experiences:

  • Diploma in Radiography at Stellenbosch University


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

Mentoring is a passion of mine and it is so gratifying to walk a journey with mentees and watch them take flight.............Right now a number of mentees that I worked with in the 1980's are making waves on a global stage. Mentorship for me is a mutual partnership of growth and learning

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I was so blessed to be invited to participate in this amazing programme which was started by Hilary Clinton and to meet woman leaders from so many developing countries in the world. An inspiring growth opportunity and connection to so many amazing women having impact and making change

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As part of the 67 Blankets for Mandela day we did a blanket handout at a rural school in Kwazulu Natal. 47% of the children at this primary school come from child headed households and we were working with the teachers to plant vegetable gardens so that the children could be fed one meal a day (monday to friday).

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Working with the Bushmen is one of the highlights of my life. It was extremely challenging both physically and emotionally but also amazingly inspiring and transformative.

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Written Reviews I've received:

Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
November 23, 2021 | Meet Me

Topics of conversation included:

Buying a world round ticket and living the rest of life with only 2 x suitcases, South Africa's 55% unemployment rate, the value of a conversation, discovering the world through conversa...

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Daniel Fuenmayor, Holistic Wellbeing Catalyst
August 31, 2021 | Meet Me

Eugenie shared with passion and generosity all her expertise and wisdom to help me find a fresh perspective, trimming and rephrasing where needed, in order to improve my business project and allow me to reach my purpose in...

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Jean-Luc Trépanier, Guide and Rock in difficult times.
August 9, 2021 | Meet Me

Wonderful chat

Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
July 3, 2021 | Free Session

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anais Nin

Eugenie has an energy that everyone needs more of. Book a session. She will adjust you and your f...

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Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
July 3, 2021 | Free Session

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anais Nin

Eugenie has an energy that everyone needs more of. Book a session. She will adjust you and your f...

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