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Product Strategy, Planning and Development

Connect with Fred Rego,

Product Strategy, Planning and Development



Product Strategy, Planning and Development

I am a(n):

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#technology #entrepreneurship #startups #aviation #techproduct #relocation #politics #movies #soccer #success

I am the go-to for:

I am the go to for new entrepreneurs to discuss ideas, build a business plan, build a software product, and grow a business.

I can help you:

  • Developing & executing strategic plans with measurable results
  • Attracting, building & retaining top performance teams.
  • Developing a consistent business plan and a killer pitch
  • Applying the Lean Startup principles and building a software development process.
  • Fundraising tips from the perspective of an angel investor and fundraiser.

Why me:

People want to connect with me because of my experience as an entrepreneur that built a tech company from scratch, grew it, and sold it to the one of the largest organizations in the world.

I am available for:

đź“ž Telephone

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My story:

Fred is a successful technology executive and strategist within the healthcare, aviation, and education sectors. He is a long-term entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in the tech startup ecosystem. Fred has co-founded ten tech startups, including VanHack, AeroTrack, Acecla, and AeroInfo Systems, purchased by The Boeing Company, bringing Boeing's presence to British Columbia and increasing its contribution to the Canadian economy.

Fred has 25 years of entrepreneurship and has gotten his experience at the “school of hard knocks”. For over ten years, he has been an investor, advisor to startups and sits at many advisory boards. Fred is also a mentor to young entrepreneurs, participates as a judge in many startup competitions, and speaks about entrepreneurship at UBC - Sauder Business School E-101 classes. He was responsible for creating the first accelerator and incubator for startups with innovation that improves the lives of individuals who suffer from spinal cord injuries.

My mission:

Pay it forward

My greatest accomplishments:

• Led Global Relay's strategic product management team and led the analysis, development, and support of over seven SaaS applications at Acecla Technology.
• Led the analysis, development, and support of a cloud-based customized service tracking platform for GogoAir (largest inflight Internet company), resolving communication issues with inflight antennas and supporting aircraft alterations. The application increased engineering productivity by 20% in its first year of operation.
• As Co-founder and COO of VanHack Technologies, collaborated with the CEO to specify, develop, and support its recruiting platform and corporate structure, doubling revenues year after year to more than $4m in 2020.
• As the Director of Commercialization for Praxis Spinal Cord Institute, led the conceptualization and implementation of the organization’s first incubator and accelerator program. This initiative was designed to bring innovative solutions to improve the lives of individuals coping with SCI to the market.
• Co-Founder, COO, CIO, and CEO of AeroInfo Systems - Boeing Vancouver. Managed and specified the organization’s initial product lines. Grew the organization from 15 to 250 employees in 10 years, exceeding all corporate targets with more than USD 40m revenue annually.
• Transformed Boeing Vancouver's business model from product-driven to service-driven after the impact of 9/11 on the aviation industry, going from US$-1.2m annual revenue to over US$40m yearly revenue in seven years.

My goals:

. Travel to places I haven't yet been to; like the Amazon, Africa and Middle East;
. Buy a house right on the beach;
. Write a book for new entrepreneurs.

Fun facts:

. I was a swimmer for competition
. The first time I took a bus on my own it crashed! I was only 9 years old!

I want to learn more about:

AI in medicine blockchain


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