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Connect with Geoff Dittrich,

Business, Corporate Finance and Technology Lawyer

from Vancouver, Canada

Connect with Geoff Dittrich,

Business, Corporate Finance and Technology Lawyer

from Vancouver, Canada



Business, Corporate Finance and Technology Lawyer

I am a(n):

Managing Partner of Ink LLP | Board of Advisors for a numerous emerging companies | Speaker in the areas crowdfunding and corporate finance and technology law

What I do:

I work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and high growth companies in the areas of business, corporate finance and technology. I actively represent clients as outside general counsel in the areas of e-commerce, fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, agritech, wearables and hardware, telecommunications, consumer goods and electronics, aerial robotics (drones), software (including SAAS), VR/AR, medical and digital health tech, life sciences and data management.


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My Offer:

I offer highly specialized legal and strategic council to entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors and high growth companies within the fields of business, corporate finance and technology, with a particular focus on digital innovation and emerging technologies.

I have ten years of experience working within this fast-moving and highly competitive landscape and utilise the knowledge I have gained to formulate insightful solutions to the most complex business challenges.

There are four main areas on which I offer advice: how to form and grow your company, raise finance, generate revenue and formulate exit strategies — a more detailed breakdown of which you will find below.

I am available for 1-on-1 mentoring and advisory sessions, no matter where along this timeline you or your company are.

My ideal target audience:

Ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners who want to use technology to change the world.

Reach out if you want to:

  • better understand your legal rights and liabilities.
  • better understand shareholder and founder agreements.
  • navigate legal issues and disputes.
  • better understand how to structure your options (equity, debt, convertible debt & equity, SAFEs, warrants, etc.)
  • plan internal organization, structuring and governance.
  • brainstorm your asset development, protection and infringement enforcement strategies.
  • brainstorm exit opportunities: acquisitions, mergers, go-public transactions, and strategic succession planning


Why me:

I have over a decade of experience in business and technology. I serve on the board of advisors for numerous emerging companies. I am regularly engaged as a speaker in the areas of crowdfunding, corporate finance and technology law. I was a founding contributor to NACO’s Common Docs initiative aimed at establishing a national standard for startup financing. And I am the managing director of a law firm in Vancouver and act as a strategic counsel to many ambitious entrepreneurs, investors, and companies. My colours are shown in my creativity, my business experience and my strengths in problem solving.

Professional experiences:

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My Overall Rating:

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Written Reviews I've received:

Jessica Bosman, I am the co-founder of DOUBL, a customizable bra start up
June 23, 2020 | Pick My Brain Call

Geoff was very generous with his time. He spoke to us candidly, while remaining very professional and provided us with a great amount of knowledge. Would highly recommend!

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
June 8, 2020 | Pick My Brain Call

Still thinking about my call with Geoff.

The coolest thing about Geoff is that he thinks about your business in his off time.

Geoff sent me an email that asked me to really think about what it would look like to ta...

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Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
June 13, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Booked a call to discuss our shareholders agreement. As always, Geoff articulated and re-articulated the options available and shared his opinions on what would be best suited for us based on where we are at. Always helpfu...

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Josh Violonchi
March 28, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Geoff is very helpful and knows his stuff. Helped me get the right head start in developing a business model for my business.

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
January 29, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

As always, a great call.

I booked this session with Geoff to talk about a future equity deal with a potential investor. Before we even got into any of the details he asked me, what I wanted to accomplish with this deal...

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