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Connect with Hashem ElAssad,

Finding Valuable and Hard to Find Items (Hidden Gems)

from Amman, Jordan

Connect with Hashem ElAssad,

Finding Valuable and Hard to Find Items (Hidden Gems)

from Amman, Jordan



Finding Valuable and Hard to Find Items (Hidden Gems)

I am a(n):

Researcher Writer Content Curator Gem Finder Educational Matchmaker Desert Penguin Raccoon Sponge Logophile Dialectic Detector Ocean Boiler Prospector Bridge between Academia and Business Bridge between the Arab World and the Western one

I know a lot about:

#psychology #education #career development #partnerships #content #biases #decision making psychology #search engines #information #paradox

I am the go-to for:

Finding a specific item you're searching for or if you want to know "what's out there"

I can help you:

  • Gem Finding: Looking for something specific that you can’t find?• Interested in a certain topic and what to find out “what’s out there”? • Have a certain need and want to see if there’s something out there that addressed this need? If so, you are looking for a hidden gem! Gems are highly valuable/interesting items ranging from a person to a website. Hidden means that they elicit this reaction “Wow! This is great! I’m surprised that more people or experts don’t know about this!” “Where have you been all my life!”! You're looking for a hidden gem? Oh, what a nice serendipity! I happen to be the gem finder:)  
  • Compiling a list of sought-after content items (for example, a list of emails for Training Managers in Dubai)
  • Content Creation,  Curation and Writing, Academic Research
  • Business Research: a. Analysis of similar products/services (useful in product development as well)b. Generating or identifying leads. c. Partnerships. d. Sourcing Business opportunities such as tenders
  • Finding Already Invented Wheels:  Have an idea but you want to see how unique is it? I help you find similar  products/ideas similar to it so you won't re-invent the wheel!

Why me:

*My mom thinks I'm funny.

More seriously though:

*On a very basic deep-seated level, I’m a no-stone-unturned completist; I’m obsessed about compiling exhaustive collections of items of data, information, people or whatever the need may be (Of course in real life, there are always more stones to turn so it's impossible to be 100% exhaustive and comprehensive but you get what I'm saying!). Also exciting for me are tasks where I have to excavate hard to find items. As a lover of language and words (logophile or wordsmith), my research process is enhanced by using the right keywords. Research for me is an obsession; when I put my mind to find an item, I immerse myself in that item’s world. I feel compelled to dive really deep in the ocean of knowledge to find those pearls of an item. This item could be information such as concepts, theories, emails, people or it can be media such as videos or images. Research is not just a job for me; it’s my very essence.
* I'm part of research communities such as the Association of Independent Information Professionals (Associate member, AIIP), Association of Internet Research Specialist (Certified Internet Research Specialist) and Wonder research. If I don't know how to find what you're looking for, I'm likely to know someone who does.

Here are some relevant feedback quotes to resources or content I shared (aside from my LinkedIn Testimonials

-“Looks right up my alley. Surprised I hadn’t heard of it before.” (Jackson Dame, Marketer | Social Media Manager | Content Creator | Community Builder)

-“Thanks for this great tip, Hashem. It’s just what I’ve been looking for.” (Rhonda L. Bowen Bells, Cross-Cultural Communication Guide)

-“I’ve been rather enjoying your content and hope you keep up the good work!...
You’re asking really good and important questions and taking a real, honest stab at them based on some actual research and a clear line of logic (however correct), and you write it up well.” (Orin Davis, PhD, Quality of Life Laboratory principal consultant)

- I was described as having “(t)he analytical skills of an academic scientist, and the practical wisdom of a valued consultant” (Daniel Cervone, Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago)

- My brother Ahmad always always jumps up and down and has fits of excitement whenever I find him stuff . He's a trainer obsessed with engaging learning experience
For example: "Hashem did a great job finding us hidden gems, we were able to differentiate ourselves in the market through using a unique teambuilding platform that is not known of in the Arab region. This gave us leverage among competitors and enhanced customer experience.

Also, in terms of finding valuable material and examples for a digital design thinking course, hashem was able to help us by providing examples and knowledge from all over the world and in less than a week. "

- " Your article is absolutely a must-read for anyone who has an interest in specialists and generalists". Perry Knoppert, Specialist in Generalism and founder of "Octopus Movement"

- "(Y)ou're really a resourceful and precious contact. Thank you especially for your regular, valuable contribution to our community!" Silvia Del Fabbro (Research and Communications Specialist)

I am available for:

📞 Telephone | ⚡ One time payment

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Meet Me


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
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10 Hours of Custom Work

USD $1,250.00

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  • 10 hours
  • Currently available


My story:

Who am I ?
*🦝Raccoon: I love searching (digging) for things.
*📝Logophile: I love words, especially fancy ones.
*🧽Sponge: open-minded to a ridiculous level.

What fields do I come from?
-Psychology Ψ
-Education, Learning, Training📖 🌱🤾‍♂️
-Career development, Careerist 💼

Where do I work?
Remote worker (Global) Bi-lingual (Arabic & English)🌐

How did this happen?

My default reaction to anything in life has always been to dig deep, especially using the internet. As a teen, I wanted to take up skateboarding. The way I went about it is through doing extensive research on the types of board, wheels, bearings etc... to find the perfect most fitting skateboard for myself. By the amount of research I've done, you'd think I'll become the next Tony Hawk but I couldn't even ollie.

Even as a 14 year old, I dived deep into more serious questions. How should one decide which career path to pursue? This is a question I’ve fiercely grappled with for a long time. To bear witness of that, I keep my 2004 “What Color is Your Parachute?” in my memories box. I’ve been very serious about this quest. A report for a 20-hour career and studying style assessment I did in my teens said: “Hashem is so precise that he left us two voice messages saying that he wasn’t sure that his answers were precise enough.” When it came to university application time, I spent hundreds of hours researching universities. I still have my notes on different university statistics. I remember using a search engine for finding universities and thinking to myself "This advanced filtering available in the database is kind of fun! That's odd!"

In my mid-twenties, I struggled with health OCD. The therapists notes had (internet researching) as a compulsion. So when I say that research is an obsession/compulsion, sometimes this is true in a literal way! My brain is hardwired for this type of thing. To seek, search and find. That's why I decided to become an online researcher and a gem finder.

My mission:

My mission is to discover hidden gems.

Gems are highly valuable/interesting items ranging from a person to a website. Hidden means that they can be under-rated, untapped, obscure or rare. They elicit this reaction “Wow! This is great! I’m surprised that more people or experts don’t know about this!” “Where have you been all my life!”! The hidden gem could also be something specific you're looking for but can't find or don't want to bother looking for.

My core values:

truth honesty fair-mindedness pain alleviation humor gentleness knowledge

My greatest accomplishments:

1- Partnerships that I facilitated including:
*Talentology Training and ISOC
*Salalem Learning and Intellect Coaching School
* Some interesting stuff simmering here! Stay tuned!

2- My network, which is "all over the place" literally.

3- My content:
For example,
Zoom in vs Zoom Out: Resources for the Generalist specialist Trade Off

4- Co-founding the Amman Basketball Pick-up Group:
The story is here:
5- My coaching relationship.
You can read the testimonial on my LinkedIn profile.

6- Collected gems:
The list of resources and tools I accumulated over the years. Gems are highly interesting/beneficial items, of course there is a big subjective element to what is considered a gem and what is not.

My hobbies/activities:

basketball familiy reading virtual reality gaming sports asking weird questions and having weirder conversations

My goals:

1- Hire James Norris as my coach (Upgardable Program) to optimize my life

2- Do graduate studies related to my mission (finding hidden gems).

3- Work with Perry Knoppert on Search Engines for multipotentialites.

4- Spread the use of Waldo chrome extension filter (for advanced search). It's really cool if you use google extensively to find information.

5- Create a directory of task-based talent assessments.

6- Answer the following questions which intrigue me a lot:

A- Why do people see the same thing differently?
B- Why and how do people change their minds?
C- Why can't people find what they're looking for?

More questions that intrigue me can be found here:

7- Become a hub for the best educational resources.

8- Alleviate a big chunk of pain from the world. I still don't know how but hopefully I'll get there!

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

80000 Hours (An Organization dedicated to improving career choice based on positive social impact)

Fun facts:

1- People tell me I have some sort of an Irish accent. Here is what happened: I developed a fascination with Irish and Scottish accents as a kid. Brave Heart was pretty influential. I imitated the accents a lot. At the University of Toronto, my roommate was from Belfast. Apparently, imitating the accent for fun rubs off in real life!

2- When I was 14, I took a career assessment and study style assessment (each took 10 hours). The report said "Hashem is so accurate that he left us two voice messages saying that he was afraid that his answers were not accurate enough".

3- The name Hashem rhymes with passion.
4 - I had been blocked from the internet before from websites because they suspected I was a bot or the process was automated. I'm not a robot! I just open many many tabs because I'm addicted to turning stones as a researcher!

I want to learn more about:

SEO career in public international business philosophy behavioral economics search engines future of work knowledge economy passion economy neuroscience the brain


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

My second interview with Perry Knoppert, founder of The Octopus Movement. We talked about specialism vs generalism, happiness and why I'm interested in these topics.
Fun Fact: Perry now is great friend of mine and our relationship started when I reached out to him by sharing my article on generalism vs specialism.

Read more

A table made from the information that I collected from the book, Power of Neurodiversity. This table was made while I was working at Talentology Training Company. It was used for a workshop on discovering children's talents for parents. I still remember, Ahmad Al-Assad's enthusiastically saying that this gives hope to parents of kids with those profiles.

Google Drive


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I had a post on my blog on generalism vs specialism. It caught the attention of Michael Todd, social science communication editor at Sage Publishing. He suggested that I write a piece based on it for their blog, Social Science Space. Here it is!
My article published at Social Science Space (Sage Publishing) Picture is courtesy of Val Brains

Read more

This is a PowerPoint presentation I created on the topic of choosing a career with an emphasis on leaving a positive social impact. I delivered a free workshop on the topic for professionals of various backgrounds. The resource I used the most is, which is an organization dedicated to this question. Since the aim of this organization is altruistic, I'm happy to walk you through the presentation or answer any questions for free.!AkG5CZVRo1WxoQHZwsqWkQde5tr7?e=n6a3tf

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This video was done by Talentology about talents in children. The clip made it to Qomra show by Ahmad Al-Shuqairi (A very famous media personality in the Arab world). My responsibility in it was researching the ideas for the clip.

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My blog. It contains many of my personal reflections on my life, career, psychology and random stuff here and there:) It's a trip into my brain. Enjoy the labyrinth!

-Retort Photo by Brett Jordan on Flickr Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Read more

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) by Matt Brown
I facilitated the following partnerships:

Talentology Training (Jordan) & Go Remote: The Virtual Team Building Platform (USA) :Already had a joint event with a major Telecom company: 100 Participants, 5 hosts):
This is the Arabized event that came out of the partnership
This is Go Game's website

Talentology Training & International School of Communication (ISOC, Dubai):
Now one of Talentology’s most important clients. More than 25 days of training in UAE with the biggest companies in UAE through ISOC.

Salalem Learning (Jordan) and Intellect Coaching School (Egypt) Intellect became Salalem’s partner in Egypt. Intellect has 700 coaching graduates, the first coaching school in the middle east with 7 ICF-Approved coaching programs [2020].

Read more

Creating content: Mainly on LinkedIn and other virtual communities I'm part of like the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) where I'm an associate member.

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Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Tom Praison (Treasure Chest on Flickr)

This is a sheet of valuable and interesting resources and tools I have accumulated over the years. Many of those are HIDDEN GEMS! Categories include: Education, skill-based exchanges, psychology, productivity and research.

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Personality study of outstanding students for a school in Jordan:

My role was: 1- Designing the questionnaire by finding similar question items from other assessments or creating the questions from scratch.
2- Finding, recruiting and communicating with relevant experts to oversee, review and provide feedback on the process and the questionnaire (especially in the field of psychometrics).

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My Overall Rating:

(3 Reviews)

Written Reviews I've received:

Christopher Damitio, Hawai'i Travel Philosopher
May 5, 2021 | Meet Me

Hashem is an amazing brain. Our twenty minute conversation easily turned to an hour. I would have talked longer if I had been able. Conversation ranged over research and into how civilization develops and allows for groupi...

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Daniel Fuenmayor, Founder of 2HELP.LIFE
April 11, 2021 | Discovery Call

Hashem helped me understand better about the alternatives I can pursue as a multipotentialite and encouraged me to offer my skills and experiences in a wider spectrum, allowing me to gain unlimited potential.
His super po...

Read more

Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
April 6, 2021 | Discovery Call

Hashem is REALLY fun to think out loud with. He asks great questions, can quickly pick up what you are saying, can relay back to you what you are saying, can think on the spot, and is just genuinely fun to be on the phone ...

Read more