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Management Consultant for Growing Companies

from Vancouver, Canada


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I am a(n):

Management Consultant for Growing Companies

I am also a(n):

Ivy League MBA | Startup Founder x 2 | Dad x 2 | Founder of Entreflow


My Offer:

If you are a small and growing company and up to big things, I want to help you succeed. I have years of experience setting up systems for growth in start-ups and emerging companies. Ask me the most important things you need to know about Marketing, Sales, HR and Finance. I'll provide you with some frameworks for thinking, short-cuts, and hard-learned lessons.

Ask me about:

  • Find out how I solved a problem your business is facing
  • To book a 1 hour Team Growth strategy session
  • To book a 1 hour Financial Growth Systems strategy session
  • To book a 1 hour Growth Marketing strategy session
  • Product or software recommendations tried and tested by a handful of growing companies


A little bit about myself:

At my first job, I quadrupled revenues and brought a start-up to profitability. I sold my own start-up (WrenchPatrol) 3 years after founding it. I've worked in Canada, USA (incl. Silicon Valley) and for tech companies large and small - I have helped successful companies identify and implement repeatable systems in marketing, sales, finance, HR and investor relations. So I founded entreflow: we are a team of experienced consultants who to help you get organized, systematized and ready for growth.

Professional work experiences:

Educational experiences:

  • MBA at Queens University
  • B.Sc, Science and Business, Economics Minor at University of Waterloo


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My Pick My Brain portfolio:

Many growing companies find that while they are busy gaining traction with the market/investors, the financial management practices, systems, and apps that were appropriate for start-up mode are becoming an obstacle (or soon will) … but it’s often hard to determine how/when to prioritize this. So, I put a little self-assessment tool together. I hope it is fun, I hope you score well, I hope it inspires thought and motivates a few founders to take action on this often-overlooked business area. Let me know what you think.


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