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Connect with Janice Roberts,

Social Media Brand Strategist, Social Media Technology Trainer, Retail & Online Consulting

from Nanaimo, Canada

Connect with Janice Roberts,

Social Media Brand Strategist, Social Media Technology Trainer, Retail & Online Consulting

from Nanaimo, Canada



Social Media Brand Strategist, Social Media Technology Trainer, Retail & Online Consulting

I am a(n):

Social Media Expert | Small Business Cheerleader | Technology Trainer | Mailchimp Expert | ECommerce Store Creator | Brand Strategist | Social Media Workshop Training | Curator of Community Events | Business Support | Facebook for Business Consulting | Content Creator | Instagram Lover

I am the go-to for:

Supporting startup businesses understanding marketing, branding, and social media. Training teams on social media software. Social calendar development. Leverage social media to increase traffic, to generate leads, and build a community around your brand. Special focus on female, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ creatives level up their branding to drive awareness to new customers and maintain connection with current diehard customers.

What I do:

I help support entrepreneurs with their social media, so they can focus on what matters... their business.

I provide management services to supporting your growth.

How I can help you:

Social Media Training, Support & Management:
- Email service utilization
- Using Facebook for Business
- Using Instagram for Business
- Linktree for Business
- Google for Business
- Content creation
- Social media calendar planning & implementation

Website Development Services:
- Etsy/Shopify/Square/Wix/Wordpress website creation
- Wordpress plugins for efficiency
- SEO support
- Website mapping

Branding Development & Team Training:
- Building a branding package
- Using templates for social media sharing
- Ongoing social media contracts
- Using apps for team efficiency
- Training with social media apps

Consulting for Retail & Online Community Development:
- Curating and onboarding local business
- How-to's of retail stores, pop-ups and online stores
- Packaging for ideal marketing purposes
- Understand wholesale for business
- Building a complete price matrix
- Merchandising training
- Best Practises and technology recommendations


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Meet Janice


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • Currently available

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1 Hour to Pick My Brain


  • Online
  • 1 hour
  • 4 booking(s) remaining this month

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1 Hour Social Media Training


  • Online
  • 1 hour
  • 3 booking(s) remaining this month

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3 hour project


  • One time payment
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5 Hours of Janice's Time, Knowledge & Experience


  • One time payment
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25 Hours


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My Offer:

I want to help other businesses do more with their time - focusing on what matters most for them, growing their business. There are a lot of hats to wear when you are an entrepreneur, let me handle the social media and marketing. Whether you are just getting started creating your business or ready for a rebrand.

My ideal target audience:

Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that are short on staff and experience in social media content and brand creation.
Small business, especially creatives, looking to elevate their branding with a cohesive look and strategy.

Reach out if you want to:

  • Hire a Social Media Content Manager
  • Learn about a social media strategy and digital marketing can help your business
  • Train your staff or team members for best social media practices
  • Create an ecommerce website
  • Create or refresh your brand identity
  • Understanding social media apps & how to use them to grow your business
  • Learn how to start or build a community market or pop up shop
  • Learn how to get your product into local stores
  • How to build a price matrix to support doing wholesale orders

Feel free to also book a session if you want to ask me about:

What I am currently working on

My current role & responsibilities

My day-to-day

My salary, rates, income & benefits

What success means to me

How I got to where I am today

What I enjoy most/least about my career

Issues I care most about right now and why

My values, beliefs, philosophies and/or political views


Why me:

I love helping organizations take the next steps in growing their businesses. I can teach anyone the basics of working online. My experience spans from Retail to Online Event Engagement to Global Community Development.

I provide a safe environment for BIPOC & LGBTQ+ folks and a non-judgemental space where we can work together towards the next step of your business.

A little bit about myself:

My pronouns are she/her

My background is extremely diverse. I've worked in non-profit to transport, retail, community works. I've owned multiple businesses including creative design, social media consulting, and curated community engagement events that supported $500,000 in local small business sales.

What it’s like to work with me:

I'm fun and a bit sassy, and you'll love it! People say I'm dynamic and creative - with a bit of silly thrown in.

Fun fact about me:

Board game lover, messy bun wearer, calm lake paddle boarder and I often sing the wrong words to songs.

Professional experiences:

  • Social Media Manager at Global Pride 2020
  • Co Owner at Best Coast Pop Up
  • Co Founder at Vancouver Island Market
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Where else you can find and follow me online:

My portfolio:

Global Pride 2020
Creating social media content and live moderating for a streaming 26 hour event, the first of its kind, Global Pride 2020, brought the world together during lock down of COVID in March. Working with Billboard top artists, LGBTQ+ Prides from over 90 countries and content in 31 different languages.

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Curated Pop Up Shop
Working with over 300 British Columbia makers to manage a pop up shop in the largest mall on Vancouver Island. Focused on sharing the love of supporting local. Having an vast understanding on wholesale, marketing and merchandising to curate an incredible storefront and online presence.

Recently over the 2019 holiday season I ran a pop up for six weeks, over 6000 sq ft retail space, with 19 employees, and over $300,000 in sales.

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The Craft Room - Retail Business
Thriving sublimation printing business, focusing on dishwasher and microwave safe mugs. The Craft Room in 2020 has doubled its wholesale accounts and on target to quadruple by December as well as selling direct to customer. Working with local stores and national franchises to supply sassy and uniquely designed mugs.

With COVID-19 affecting all scheduled in person craft markets for the foreseeable future, developing strong relationships with store orders/buyers was a must.

I've had the pleasure of working with artists to expand their product offerings by wholesaling my mugs with their art and supporting them throughout the design process.

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Vancouver Island Market - Vancouver Island largest craft market series
Co Founded in 2017, a series of three large markets, in 65,000+ square feet within a local mall provided a blank canvas for over 35,000 attendees over 3 days to shop. Over 150 local makers booths, providing a full day outing for families, food + crafts + music + classes + local wineries/brewers. With a reasonable shopper entrance fee, and offering a range of support to makers to provide one of the best events many makers and shoppers have EVER been too.

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My Overall Rating:

(4 Reviews)

Written Reviews I've received:

William Ferry, I Want to Help 50 Engineers Find their Dream Job
November 26, 2020 | Meet Janice

Janice is full of positive energy and a delight to speak with. She gave me some excellent ideas on marketing strategies and direction on groups to contact to further expand my client base. I am looking forward to speaking ...

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Kara Johnston
November 6, 2020 | 3 hour project

Janice was able to complete a digital marketing design package for me quickly and to my specifications. More than happy to work with her again!

Laura Kreutz
September 21, 2020 | Meet Janice

We sincerely enjoyed speaking with Janice about our business idea. She provided so much helpful information, encouragement and genuine enthusiasm during our conversation. We look forward to utilizing her services again in ...

Read more

Sarah Richards, Sales and Partnerships Consultant, New Market Strategist, Startup Advisor & Connector
September 15, 2020 | Custom Offer - Invite Only

Janice's support in creating effective and attractive social media branding is on point. She takes the time to not only understand your brand's engagement needs but also ensures you have the training to use the platforms y...

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