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Connect with Jessica McDonald,

Podcast Host

from Toronto, Canada

Connect with Jessica McDonald,

Podcast Host

from Toronto, Canada



Podcast Host

I am a(n):

Psychology Student Intentional Living Enthusiast Entrepreneurship Student Videographer Photographer Gratitude Journaler Blogger Life Documenter Avid Organizer Creative Writer Torontonian Cottager Meditator Self Care & Mental Health Advocate Podcaster

I am the go-to for:

enthusiasm, energy, creativity, conversation, self-care and inspiration

I can help you:

  • Talk love, breakups, heartbreak, vulnerability, relationships, boys, life, ideas, dreams, and what it all means.
  • Practice having more open, honest and vulnerable conversations.
  • Develop a new gratitude, self-care or intentional living practice for yourself.
  • Ask me about podcasting, writing, creativity, psychology and pursuing your dreams.
  • Work through something that's been on your mind and your heart.

Why me:

→ I am a passionate nineteen year old looking to help others enrich their lives in anyway possible
→ I am an up and coming psychology student consistently gaining knowledge on the importance of self care
→ I am a creative thinker and avid journaller
→ I am very outgoing and enthusiastic about helping others achieve all their goals
→ I am excited about all things and love to share that passion

I am available for:

📞 Telephone | 💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person

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My story:

I am currently a psychology student studying in downtown Toronto, looking to do the things I deeply care and feel passionate about. I believe the greatest purpose we have in life is connection. Connection with ourselves and others through meaningful conversation. I am offering extremely unique services that will allow you to connect with yourself on a new and deeper level.

Fun facts:

→ I aspire to be a combination of Marie Kondo, Rachel Hollis and Brené Brown (high level organization meets hardcore inspiration meets deep vulnerability)
→ One of my fav topics of conversation is love, boys and romance!!
→ I just started going to counselling for the first time & am finding so much value in it
→ When I am not creative writing something in my life is off!
→ I have created consistent habits in my life that keep me grounded (meditation, journaling, exercise)
→ I want to talk about all the books I'm reading and podcasts I'm listening to!


Professional experiences:

  • Podcast Host at Human to Human
  • Pharmacy Assistant and Front Cashier at Glencade Pharmacy

Educational experiences:

  • High School Diploma - Photography Major at Etobicoke School of the Arts


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

Jessica's Podcast Human to Human
Apple Podcasts:

Human to Human discusses everyday human experiences as we navigate the ups and downs of our daily lives. These conversations are on meaningful, vulnerable and emotional topics such as relationships, breakups, self love, self care, friendships, sex and so much more. Listen in while Jess connects one on one with some of her favourite people in this world. Her hope is this podcast will bring some comfort, conversation, fulfilment and relatability to others as well.

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Gratitude Challenge
10 beautiful individuals from all across the world practiced daily gratitude together for one month. We all shared our thoughts, feelings and gratitudes ever single day. We reflected on and spoke about things we are proud of, turning points in our loves, our dreams, our quarantine experiences and so much more, all through prompts I was consistently giving each day.

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Building consistent habits to remain mentally and physically healthy is key to living an authentic life.

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I am always writing to understand more about myself and the world. I write on topics such as love, loss, relationships, fears, self judgement, growth, habits and self pressure.

Recent Posts:
Chase Uncertainty
A Maturing Me
A Wake Up to Reality
Choosing Me
Living and Loving Through Distance

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I am a creative photographer with a diverse range work.
My favourite thing to capture is people's raw and natural beauty.
Portrait and landscape are my main body of work. I also shoot for events, weddings, performances, fashion shows, sports games and graduations.

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I make videos that encapsulate phases, moments and adventures within my life.

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Compilation video of my Winter Semester of 2020 at Ryerson University. Feeling so lucky for these memories, these people and these lessons I gained before school became online and COVID became serious.

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My Summer of 2019 all meshed into one beautiful video that makes me smile every single time I watch it. There is seriously no better way to look back on memories than to have them all put into a montage.

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My Overall Rating:

(11 Reviews)

Written Reviews I've received:

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
November 5, 2020 | 3 hours

Most creative video content producer out there and just so, so fun to work with and collab with. Massive value.

Dana Smith, I help the visionaries of the new world make massive impact without burning out.
August 17, 2020 | Let's Chat!

Within moments of connecting with Jessica you will feel seen and appreciated. She brings playful curiosity and deep respect for the power of human connection to all of her conversations. Already well aware of her gifts and...

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Dr Marion Piper, Hell bent on making you FEEL creative
August 7, 2020 | Meet Jessica

Jessica was a pure delight to speak to. Wise beyond her years and full of beans! We spoke about grief, loss, love, adventure and plans. If you're after a friendly hear to bounce an idea or two off, Jess is your girl! :)

Bianca Baker, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
June 1, 2020 | Global Gratitude Challenge

This challenge was incredible. It made me sit and reflect each day. I couldn't have asked for a better way to figure out a sustainable gratitude practice.

Mat Boyer, From Observation to Action
June 1, 2020 | Let's Talk About Love

Thank you so much Jessica for sharing your experience in running your Gratitude Challenge. It sounds like people got so much value from you guiding them through that daily practice. I appreciate your tips and tricks to con...

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Mitchell Melhuish
May 27, 2020 | Global Gratitude Challenge

Jessica McDonald is such a creative mind, motivated by simply helping others and bringing happiness and clarity to someone life. She has created several unique challenges and opportunities for her clientele, that she is ve...

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Molly Cunningham, Molly’s Custom Embroidery
May 26, 2020 | Global Gratitude Challenge

This incredible woman embodies what being grateful and practicing gratitude should be! She influenced 10 amazing people and showed them how to reflect on what your grateful for each and every day for 30 days. I learned mor...

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Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
May 7, 2020 | Let's Talk about YOU

Sometimes you just need someone outside your world to talk all things life and all things boys. Jess is literally the PERFECT person for this.

She teased out some really confronting insights in me and followed up our c...

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Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
May 7, 2020 | 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

This 30 Day Gratitude Challenge changed me fundamentally at a core level and filled me with so much love for a group of strangers who, thanks to Jess, I was lucky enough to get to share intimate details of my life with for...

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Rachelle McDonald
May 5, 2020 | Global Gratitude Challenge

Jessica brought such passion to this challenge. It was so uplifting to hear from her everyday, so rewarding.

Mat Boyer, From Observation to Action
April 18, 2020 | Intellectual Conversation

First thing I noticed was Jessica's energy and spirit. How refreshing, especially during these trying times. It was great to exchange some experiences and get her suggestions on making a PickMyBrain profile. It was also gr...

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