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Connect with Joanne Klein,

SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Consultant

from Regina, Canada

Connect with Joanne Klein,

SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Consultant

from Regina, Canada



SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Consultant

I am a(n):

Business Owner for my Microsoft 365 Consulting Company | Microsoft MVP | Trainer | Mentor | Blogger | Author | Public Speaker | Woman in Tech | Seasoned IT Professional | SharePoint Community Influencer | Volunteer

I am the go-to for:

Data Governance across Microsoft 365

What I do:

I help build successful SharePoint environments for organizations through collaborative consulting services. My areas of expertise are SharePoint site and information architecture, Office 365 information management, data governance, data protection and retention.


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Pick My Brain Call


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Private 1:1 Microsoft 365 Engagement Session


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My Offer:

I’m using Pick My Brain to help organizations get SharePoint (within Microsoft 365) right. A successful SharePoint implementation starts with a flexible site and information architecture and I’ll help you build one! Once that’s done, let’s look at some proven ways to make it last.

If you already have a SharePoint environment, but you got off on the wrong-foot, I’ll help you get back on track. Let's review your current setup, work thru ways it can be improved, and plan a clear path to get from here to there.

I also help organizations plan and execute their data protection and retention strategy across their Microsoft 365 ecosystem and demonstrate proven ways of rolling this out across their organization (more than technology by the way)!

My ideal target audience:

- Organizations new to SharePoint and Microsoft 365
- Organizations looking for training/mentoring in SharePoint
- Organizations with an existing SharePoint environment needing a site/information architectural “facelift”
- Organizations wanting to deploy protection and retention controls across their Microsoft 365 workloads

Reach out if you want to:

  • Your organization’s value-proposition for SharePoint/Microsoft 365
  • Your current SharePoint challenges
  • Your SharePoint training needs
  • Your organization's regulations and how Microsoft 365 can help you comply
  • Your in-house information management capabilities and how this translates into the digital workplace
  • Your in-house SharePoint capabilities and how this translates into your organizational needs
  • How to implement practical SharePoint governance
  • How to design your SharePoint environment to withstand organizational changes


Why me:

I have 10+ years' experience with SharePoint helping individuals and companies build maintainable SharePoint environments
I have a wide-breadth of experience across many aspects of SharePoint (wear many hats)
I have worked with customers in the Financial, Health, and Government sectors
I have been speaking on SharePoint topics (Adoption, Data Governance, Information Management, SharePoint Content Services) for 3+ years
I work with the product day-in and day-out and keep up with the latest changes Microsoft is rolling out
I am a Microsoft MVP in Office Apps and Services which means I'm surrounded with mentors who help round out my thinking
I have a strong digital presence I leverage to stay up-to-date on the latest Microsoft technologies and updates

A little bit about myself:

I'm passionate about what I do and want to help organizations get the most out of SharePoint. I'm boots on the ground and have worked with several organizations to design their SharePoint environments to ensure it's maintainable for the long-run. I'm currently working on a large Shared Drive migration project for an organization which has given me oodles of experience on proper SharePoint site architecture design, how to deal with the mountains of legacy content found in most organizations, how to apply protection and retention controls on that content, and how to roll out these features across an organization from both an end-user and an administrator perspective.

I've spent a lot of time doing this and I want to help other organizations get this right.

Professional experiences:

  • CEO at NexNovus Consulting Inc.
  • SharePoint Architect designed site and information architecture at Large Government customer in Quebec, Canada
  • SharePoint Information Architect published Information Architecture document at SMB in Health Sector, Canada
  • SharePoint Architect designed site and information architecture at National Financial Services customer, Canada
  • Data Protection and Retention Consultant designed and deployed protection and retention controls at National Financial Services customer, Canada
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Educational experiences:

  • Microsoft MVP, Office Apps & Services at Microsoft
  • Certficate in Administration at University of Regina
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science major at University of Regina
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