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Connect with Kasten Spethmann,

Startup Coach & Strategist

from Portland, United States

Connect with Kasten Spethmann,

Startup Coach & Strategist

from Portland, United States



Startup Coach & Strategist

I am a(n):

#entrepreneur #startupcoach #investor #publicspeaker #advisor #athlete #learner #worldtraveller #teacher

I know a lot about:

#startups #raisingcapital #venturecapital #business #mindset #strategy #marketing #overcomingadversity #behavorialscience #selfdevelopment

I am the go-to for:

Raising capital, creative marketing, strategic partnerships, understanding venture capital, understanding angel investments, how to start a company, what documents you need to raise capital, discovering new markets, exit strategies, creating an elevator pitch, pitch decks, business plans, valuations, self funding, mentorship, emotional support, inspiration.

I can help you:

  • Craft a strong elevator pitch and pitch deck.
  • Discover new markets, think of creative marketing strategies, build strategic partnerships.
  • Start and scale your company.
  • Raise capital and get all the documents you will need to get it.
  • With all the emotional support, mentorship and inspiration you will need to start and scale a company.

Why me:

> I have worked in dozens of different industries and raised multi-millions over 20 years
> I know how to structure deals
> I know my audience
> I've seen so many deals
> I am insanely good at conveying businesses in very simple terms
> I learn through experience

I am available for:

📞 Telephone | 💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person | ⚡ One time payment

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Meet Kasten


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Mentoring Session

USD $85.00

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Coaching Session

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My story:

I am a first generation American, daughter of German refugees. After college I spent four years traveling the world as a professional windsurfer (living in mostly 3rd world countries). I landed in the industry of venture capital when I returned to the US. I spent 15 years raising capital for companies and eventually raised a fund with another colleague and deployed capital. In 2010 a friend and I invented a flat refillable lipstick applicator that we patented, manufactured and took to market. We struggled to gain market share and put the business on hold in 2016. That led me back to the world I love the most which is helping entrepreneurs. In 2017 I launched where I offer classes and coaching to help entrepreneurs at every level.

My mission:

I never want a great business idea stuck in someone's garage or basement simply because they don't know how to raise money, find a manufacturer, what kind of lawyer to hire, etc...

My core values:

#intergrity #selfawareness #authenticity #curiousity #actionoriented

My greatest accomplishments:

I traveled the world for 4 years windsurfing for a living.
I survived a car accident that broke my neck, tore my jaw off and gave me a brain injury.
I have lost everything and built my financial life back up again.
I didn't get married till I was 45

My hobbies/activities:

#dogs #traveling #learning #watersports #running

My goals:

To create a location independent lifestyle so that I can spend time with my family and friends, explore the world and be able to work from anywhere.

I want to create and invest in projects that make the world around me better, whether that be the environment, socio-economic issues, health or animals.

To be a sought after speaker at universities and professional sporting teams helping athletes understand why they make exceptional entrepreneurs and help them with that transition.

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

There are two podcasts I have listened to consistently over the past 5 years and continually get great information and inspiration from.

The authors I love are Adam Grant and Seth Godin.

I am addicted to documentaries, there are too many to share here but happy to recommend some when we chat.

Fun facts:

I speak fluent German
I was a professional windsurfer
I love a wide variety of music genres from reggae, rap and classic rock to opera, flamenco guitar and country.
My favorite color is yellow
I have a photographic memory for names and will remember someone I met for 30 seconds 7 years ago.

I want to learn more about:

#consciouscapitalism #environmentalissues #centenarians #longevity #mindfulness


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

People thought I was running from my identity, wanted to be someone new, entering college, etc…
None of that was true. By the time I was 18 years old I was painfully aware that opportunities for me would be different because I was a woman.
My paternal grandmother who remained in Germany pronounced my name differently. “Carrre-sten”. I loved they way she pronounced my name, but americans couldn’t roll their “r’s”… so after about a year of trying to teach my friends and colleagues I settled on Kasten.
It ended up being a great decision. For one, I loved having a unique name, everyone remembered it. But second and more importantly, when people heard or saw the name, they didn’t know if it was a man or a woman. (One time I even heard someone say, “What is a Kasten?”, to which I answered, it’s a name… it’s my name).
With a non gender specific name, there were no preconceived when they took my calls, read my emails, my letters, etc…
I didn’t want someone to work with me or not work with me because of my gender. I always wanted it to be because of my experience, knowledge and capabilities.

Read on here:

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It was the summer of 1989, I was about to enter my junior year of high school in Portland Or. and I was dreading it! I was so bored of high school… I had gotten good grades, but I hated being there and all I wanted to do was surf (yes, surf)… I spent my days that summer plotting my rebellion.

Once I felt I had a good plan, I went to my parents (both of whom immigrated to the US from Germany) and told them I was done with school and that I was planning to move to Southern California so I could surf every day. When my father asked how I had planned to make a living and support myself, I was able to quickly answer (due to what I thought was great planning), “I am going to have a bbq and bento stand and sell lunch at the beach!” Almost in unison my parents replied with a resounding, “We immigrated to this country so you could have a better life… you WILL finish high school and you WILL finish college!!”

There is absolutely nothing good that comes from arguing with German parents, so I went back to plotting other alternatives for getting out of school (two other very German traits are stubbornness and rebelliousness – and I have both). I realized that if I wanted to accomplish my goal, I had to find a smart, productive, positive way to rebel… a “sophisticated” way.

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1 Quote:
“Direction is so much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.”
~ Unknown

1 Thought:

Why it’s best NOT to raise money for your startup (or at least do it very slowly):

It’s true that you will retain more equity by holding off on raising capital, but there’s much more to it than that. Imagine that there is a long stretch of road that is your startup. If you raise a good amount of money early on you will be able to drive down that road at a high rate of speed. If you don’t raise money you’ll still go down that road, but you’ll be walking and going at a much slower pace. The thing is the road is full of potholes, detours, turn offs and even sinkholes. No matter what startup road you’re on these all exist and can be well camouflaged.

If you are walking down that road you are more apt to see the potholes and detours before you hit them or miss the turn.

Of course these potholes and detours are issues/problems that come up in your business…. things you can’t see until you are far enough down the road. Missing these issues often end up costing you a lot of time and money and if you don’t see the sink hole it could be the end of your business.

You may think that going faster will make the journey easier and that you’ll reach success faster, but the reality is that going slow gives you a better chance at long term success.

1 Question:

What parts of your life might turn out better if you slowed down?

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1 Quote:

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”

~ Michael Altshuler

1 Thought:

Have you ever heard the concept of 3-fer’s? I hadn’t until recently and it is so cool I just had to share it with you all.
I think we can all agree that the ultimate currency in life is time so the question becomes – how does one get more yield out of the finite time we have here on earth?

The concept of a 3-fer works like this… if we measure what we get out of a chunk of time by how much value we got from it then the goal is to maximize the yield out of your time. Here are some examples of how you’d do that.

If you are having a picnic with your family at the beach you would get 1 value for being with loved ones, 1 value for being at the beach and 1 value for the great food you eat… that would be a 3-fer (I would actually count this as a 6-fer as I would add the value of my dog having fun in the sand, the value of the smell of the ocean air and the value of hearing the wave roll onto the beach, etc.).

A work example might be: 1 value = doing something fulfilling, 1 value = time with co-workers and 1 value = money earned. (a 3-fer)

An example for kids might be a Birthday party: 1 value = time with friends and family, 1 value = food & cake, 1 value = having fun playing games and 1 value = presents… a 4-fer.

The key is try to choose experiences that are at least a 3-fer. If they’re not, maybe add something of value or choose not to spend your time on it.

1 Question:

What’s the biggest value experience you can come up with?

(I would love to hear your answers if you want to leave them in the comments!!)

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First I need to do some homework :-)

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
May 22, 2021 | Mentor Me

Just had a 2-hour session on a Saturday morning with Kasten that was 😎🥳👌. Kasten gave me feedback on my pitch deck, she helped me identify some key questions to consider regarding a joint venture, and together we also came...

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