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Connect with Kathleen Reaume,

Volition Advisor Specializing in Helping Companies Successfully Scale

Connect with Kathleen Reaume,

Volition Advisor Specializing in Helping Companies Successfully Scale



Volition Advisor Specializing in Helping Companies Successfully Scale

I am a(n):

Technology Investor | Chief Strategy Officer | Finance & Operations Advisor | Growth Partner | Startup Enthusiast | Fundraiser

What I do:

I build companies and help others do the same! I work with startup founders and early-stage entrepreneurs to ensure their companies scale efficiently and effectively. With experience as both an operator and investor, I help ensure companies have a sustainable financial profile and are executing operating plans based on sound economics. My areas of expertise are: operations, finance, growth, strategy, business planning, financial modeling & analysis, and fundraising.


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My Offer:

Through Pick My Brain calls and follow up advisory services, I will help you evaluate your company performance and identify actionable next steps and key performance milestones to achieve sustainable growth and scalable operations. I leverage both my investing and operating experiences, to provide a balanced perspective when analyzing business decisions.

My ideal target audience:

I love helping passionate startup founders and early-stage entrepreneurs who want assistance evaluating their business and building attractive growth plans that are predicated on sound economics.

I work with startup founders and early-stage entrepreneurs at two different stages:

Pre-launch: You are preparing to launch and want to ensure you are prepared. You need a sound operating plan with clear milestones, an understanding the capital needs of the business, and confidence that you are prepared operationally.

Expansion mode: You have traction in the business and want to scale it. You need to raise capital, build a detailed forecast and operating plan, and address the operational pain points associated with rapid growth.

Reach out if you want to:

  • Analyzing your business using financial modeling, market P&Ls, cohort analyses, unit economics and other appropriate key performance metrics.
  • Developing a strategic growth plan for the future and determining how to execute against it.
  • Finding product-market fit, including positioning of new product offerings, testing + customer segmentation and setting pricing.
  • Planning for scale by identifying the infrastructure, tools and resources needed to support the growth of your company.
  • Evaluating key business decisions and capital considerations.
  • Navigating the fundraising process, including pitch materials, term sheet analysis and due diligence.
  • Connecting with other entrepreneurs to share learnings and best practices.


Why me:

One of my favorite parts of working with startups is the strong sense of community. As we all know, building a successful company takes a village, and I strongly believe that we can problem solve, learn and grow faster together. I love sharing best practices, insights and learning with others.

Having scaled some of the largest venture-backed startups in New York City, I know that execution is key to success. I have overseen a number of functions including Product, Strategy, Data Analytics, Finance, Accounting, HR, Legal and Operations, allowing me to bring a holistic approach to scaling and problem solving.

With my roots in finance, I also apply an analytical lense to decision making and assessing tradeoffs. I believe that a strong understanding and sound analysis of a company’s economics helps to de-risk uncertainty and inform an optimal course of action.

A little bit about myself:

I started my career in investment banking and loved the hunt of a good deal, but found a real passion in building scale at high growth organizations. As an early employee at Zocdoc and Director of Finance & Strategy, I helped scale the company to all 50 US states as well as launch and scale our enterprise offering to health systems across the country. Most recently, I served as the Chief Strategy Officer at MealPal, where I helped grow the company to 17 markets, across 7 countries in under three years. Building things is really hard, but I love being in the trenches and executing with the team to create disruptive products and services.

While most dread the fundraising process, it is something I love and one of my favorite parts of working with startups. I have found getting feedback from individuals outside your company and hearing how they evaluate your business to be invaluable when thinking about growth. I have helped raise over $300M of funding for startups and have extensive experience organizing roadshows, evaluating term sheets, negotiating deal terms, leading business and legal due diligence, and overseeing the investor relations function.

Fun fact: I do some of my best thinking when running marathons, competing in triathlons or practicing karate.

Professional experiences:

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Educational experiences:

  • Master of Business Administration at Columbia Business School
  • Bachelor of Business Administration at Stephen. M Ross School of Business at University of Michigan
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at University of Michigan
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Written Reviews I've received:

Glen Brauer
January 31, 2020 | Pick My Brain Call

Kathleen helped to provide the next steps I need to prepare for meeting with potential investors. I look forward to our next meeting! :)

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
October 24, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call


I booked Kathleen to 1) learn more about her experiences working with fast growing startups, and 2) to ask her how I could best prepare and organize documentation to show off my company in the best light to others ...

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