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Connect with Katy Jon Went,

Authenticity & Confidence Coach, Public Speaking, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator

from Norwich, United Kingdom

Connect with Katy Jon Went,

Authenticity & Confidence Coach, Public Speaking, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator

from Norwich, United Kingdom



Authenticity & Confidence Coach, Public Speaking, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator

I am a(n):

Advisor | Coach | Facilitator | TEDx | Art | Atypical | Blogger | Books | Cats | Cook | Comedian | Creative | Diversity | Dr Martens | Eat | Economist | Educator | Entrepreneur | European | Foodie | Gender | Human Library | Human Rights | Identity | Inclusion | Keynote | LGBTQ | Linguist | Lecturer | Listener | Media | Mental Health | Mood | Multipassionate | Networker | Non-Binary | Optimiser | Outside of the box | Philosopher | Photographer | Politics | Proofreader | Psychology | Public Relations | Queer | Self-Starter | Speaker | Social Media | Sociology | Survivor | Techie | Theologian | Trans | Travel | Websites | Wellbeing | Wine | Whisky | Wordpress | Writer

I am the go-to for:

Self-development coaching, Confidence & Speaking training, Diversity & Inclusion, Being Yourself

What I do:

The majority of my time is spent facilitating dialogue between people who are different and creating conversations and connections around ideas that seem difficult or even toxic. I train people to talk about themselves confidently and authentically with self-belief and awareness. I spend a lot of time being interviewed in the media (TV, print and radio), being asked to comment on diversity issues, or running panels, talks and Q&As. I've been the subject of BBC and independent documentaries and films and have spoken at arts and WOW festivals, and did a TEDx talk (as terrifying as doing stand-up comedy!).

I relax by playing guitar & piano, cooking (am writing a cookbook), gardening, reading my 6,000 books, doing photography, travel and language learning, and augmenting my collection of cats and Docs (Dr Martens boots).


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Call Katy


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Private Session with Katy


  • Online
  • 1 hour
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4 x Rich Multi-Passionate, Random, Stimulating Sessions with Katy


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4 x Help Me Actively Increase My Awareness Sessions


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10 Hours of Katy's Time, Knowledge and Experience


  • One time payment
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My Offer:

1) Build you up; motivate and encourage with friendly critique and coach you to a more confident purpose-driven passionate self.

2) Inspire and challenge you; in areas of positive inclusion, intersectionality, social responsibility and diversity awareness.

3) Help you articulate and express yourself in writing, speaking, candour and humour, media engagement, blogging, social streams, and profile abouting.

4) Wellbeing advice to create self-care, fun, resilience, the get back up attitude, overcoming anxiety, fear, mood paralysis, and inertia.

5) Epicurean sybaritic rich multi-passionate random stimulating conversation ranging over the subjects that feed your mind and soul.

My ideal target audience:

People who want to change the world and be that change! Creators, movers, shakers, disruptors, and agitators - but also the quiet, calm, personal and societal healers and support workers. The dreamers, the believers, the shy, the afraid, the wounded, the disappointed, the hopeless and hopeful, the disenfranchised and discriminated against. I love hearing and healing the past, opening new doors, creating connections, and facilitating possibility.

Reach out if you want to:

  • Have more intelligent conversations.
  • Need a safe space for supportive conversation on any issue, to be heard, bounce reflections of, consider next steps, work on self-development together.
  • Take yourself to the next level.
  • Deliver a training or talk with more enjoyment and efficacy for the participants and less fear, sweat and tears for yourself
  • Have some media and interview training ahead of going on air.
  • Have an ideas, blue sky thinking, brainstorming session.
  • Get a review of your project, article or website, so that it delivers personality and professionalism.
  • Write a dynamic yet approachable profile on PMB or elsewhere.
  • Inform yourself around diversity and inclusion to have a greater and more worthwhile impact in workplace teams and society at large.
  • Get your head and heart around seemingly conflicting issues in diversity - like transgender rights, gender-critical feminism and women's safe spaces.
  • Understand other people (and yourself) better, why people do things.
  • Learn to be less judgemental, triggered, or sensitive to others so that you can work with people you may find challenging.
  • Pick yourself up after disappointment or failure and have another go.
  • Realise your potential and value, and find the strength to make big changes in your life or work.
  • Discover how to be more comfortable asking for your 100%.
  • Gain greater self-belief and confidence without becoming pompous, overbearing and up your own **** 😉

Feel free to also book a session if you want to ask me about:

What I am currently working on

Industry trends, insights, observations & opinions

My current role & responsibilities

My day-to-day

My education, training & qualifications

My biggest challenges, successes, failures & lessons learned

What success means to me

How I got to where I am today

What I enjoy most/least about my career

What it is like working for my company & why I chose to work there

What it is like to live and work in my city

Recommendations for anyone entering my career or industry

Recommended books, articles, blogs, conferences, tools, apps, etc.

Whose content do I consume regularly

Daily practices, habits, and strategies

Issues I care most about right now and why

My values, beliefs, philosophies and/or political views

My love story


Why me:

I am engaging, non-judgemental, mischievously funny, widely read and travelled, have worked in many fields, experienced success and overcome adversity, learned to manage fear and anxiety, and finally realised that being yourself and standing out as different is an asset and not a reason to become invisible or typical.

A little bit about myself:

Being different helps me to do different, and think outside the box. I love breaking the rules in positive ways.

I deliver head and heart with humour in vibrant and authentically vulnerable ways of working and creating.

I've been a self-starter and life-long learner, and worked for myself or founded businesses and teams, since I was 15 alongside my extensive education which nonetheless didn't prepare me much for the real world. Travel, relationships, work and life's ups and downs, coming out about mental health, disability and queerness, self-development workshops and books, talking to others - all of these schooled me better in building a better work-life-fun-meaning balance.

I'm multi-passionate and poly-entrepreneurial and like to juggle many projects and causes.

I currently coordinate the Human Library in the UK and travel extensively (or currently Zoom!) to either train, present, or keynote address workplaces and organisations around the world.

I still run my own diversity and inclusion training and support organisation around gender and sexuality, and mental wellbeing, but have also worked on D&I around disability, faith, and foreign nationals particularly in health, support and emergency service environments (police, fire, prison etc).

I sit on the board of a local theatre and arts organisation where I also facilitate audience interactive conversations between panellists on topical, toxic or taboo subjects.

I innovate and manage an open-air art project and annual competition on behalf of its founding artist that has enabled him to do more of what he loves whilst creating the social, digital and organisational structure to make it more efficient and fun.

I'm active in support of numerous other projects, festivals, causes and charities and regularly am asked to speak or am interviewed for comment.

What it’s like to work with me:

Fun but it could be exhausting too! It will be inspiring, challenging, creative, fast and fertile, in-depth, mind-opening, irreverent but not irrelevant. Cats and kittens may videobomb our calls or be shut out according to your preference! We can co-work inside or outside, online or in-person wherever you are most comfortable.

Check out what others say about working with me here

Someone, well known within Pick My Brain - guess who, once stayed with me and said this: "Unexpected, unbelievable, delicious and experience and a half. Katy is like no other individual I had ever met. She can speak on any topic, is extremely well-read, hilarious in every sense, passionate, authentic...A human library. Literally and figuratively...she will impact you in an incredible way."

Fun fact about me:

I'm an open book - just google "Katy Jon Went". More than an open book I'm a bibliophile and have around 6,000 print volumes, the oldest dating back to 1519 and many organised by colour!

I'm queer and gender non-binary or lazygender - I hate boxes unless there's a new pair of Dr Martens in one (and I have 150 pairs of those #matchmyDocs on Instagram). Katy and Jon were both my birth names - take me out for coffee to hear the full story!

I've been filmed by BBC and ITV in the UK, and got to play Doctor Who in a very last-minute mental health awareness video that had the full BBC TV series CGI treatment added. My father was the actor in the family and a model, my mum an executive PA, and my great uncle a multilingual spy!

I studied and speak many languages myself, used to teach Hebrew but am not Jewish, lived in Spain and learned Andalucian, and adore accents - Killing Eve is my current TV guilty pleasure.

I've been interrogated in Israel, nearly got shot in the former East Germany, created an international incident in Egypt, and swam for my life away from a shark in Kenya - it turned out to be my own shadow!

I've been in therapy a few times and dated therapists (different ones!), married and divorced a psychiatrist, and think getting to know yourself is one of the best things you can do to learn to accept and love yourself. I tried to kill myself in 2012 but now I love life and relish every minute of it.

At just 18 years old I built a model of the economy on a computer and ended up taking the school Economics lesson on it. It was one of the oldest schools in Europe and only this year I was invited back, 35 years later, to speak about diversity and inclusion.

I ran a tech business for years and got my biggest sale because my phone rang during a pitch and the guy liked the ring tone - it was the music from the shower scene in Psycho! Don't worry, I no longer use that one!

I have at any one time 10 or so cats and kittens, I stockpiled them pre-Covid, and use them for self-care CAT therapy and donate them to others in need of a stimulating companion that believes itself to be better than human but will ease your blood pressure in return.

I live in a 200-year-old rented Victorian house and large kitchen garden which I restored and now grow many organic foods which I love to cook. Cooking can take hours and is creative calm and sybaritic pleasure that I like to hospitably inflict on others - indeed that is how I met Maxine, PMB's CEO, when she couchsurfed with me several years ago.

I love wine, whisky, sherry, port and more, and along with the food I create or eat out on, I write graphic garrulous gourmet food and wine reviews with sumptuous accompanying photography.

I collect beautiful books and art, plein air painting and political sculptures.

I write daily, either my diary or the many books I've started writing but will likely never finish - just the process is cathartic and creative. I have a 1915 Corona typewriter but prefer a laptop and Evernote which currently has nearly 18,000 notes! My word count per week is 25-50,000 words according to Grammarly.

I'm an ENFP on Myers Briggs but feel more of an ambivert than extrovert or introvert.

I'm an insomniac and sleep just a few hours, a night owl, dropping off to Netflix or BBC radio but waking early with vivid dreams.

I love the human mind and spirit, and will never in a million years of studying my own let alone others fully grasp how we work or what we are capable of. It's an inner and outer journey that we never arrive at but all the stops en route contribute to who we are.

Professional experiences:

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Educational experiences:

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Where else you can find and follow me online:

My portfolio:

Speaking at the Women of the World Festival on the opening panel, doing the news reviews with Jude Kelly, and running gender panels (2018 Norwich, 2020 London)

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My scariest filmed moment to date was finally doing my first TEDx talk on “Being Different, Being Yourself“. I actually love public or political speaking, TV and radio appearances, but for some reason sitting through 10 other TED-talkers before mine – the last of the day, was nerve-wracking. This was probably because I was rewriting mine until 20mins beforehand, which kinda features in my talk since authenticity for someone such as me means being in the moment, and for mental wellbeing reasons, taking life one day at a time. Indeed, Richard Sheridan, in 1777, was still writing the play, The School for Scandal‘s lines as its performance started! So prepping a talk several weeks ahead meant that by the day of it, I had already moved on in what I wanted to say. Hence, there’s a mixture of prepared, read and spontaneous reflection in my “Being yourself means being naked, raw and vulnerable” (referencing Carl Rogers) talk.

My mood, that day, was mixed-state low/anxious and hypomanic and my anxiety disorder was playing havoc with my guts (physically and emotionally). I would have preferred to have done it, extempore or memorised (but that somehow felt inauthentic and non-spontaneous), I would have loved to have been thrilled to be in the moment and the spotlight, as it was I needed a number of anxiety management techniques in place just to get through it. One of these included wearing the exact colours of the TED brand and stage setting so I could blend in and not clash with my surroundings. Another was to channel my cats’ calm! Even so, it came out ok

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Being nominated for three awards in 2019 and winning two. Alternative Arts Award, Diversity in the Arts award and Outstanding Contribution to the Arts. But making it all about my Boots and rock star leggings.

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Produced as a futuristic mental health campaigning awareness video for Time to Change, the short film portrays a freshly regenerated Doctor Who arriving on a future Earth in 2084 to witness changes to society and how mental health conditions are treated and accepted.

Created from start to finish in 4hrs by amateur activists rather than actors including writing the script in an hour, barely learning lines and enjoying the hospitality of BBC Voices facilities, green screen, and the use of BBC Radio Norfolk’s TARDIS. The film then enjoyed nearly a week in editing, with BBC staff adding effects, before being shown at the Time to Change celebration in Birmingham, UK, in February 2015. I’m also appreciative of my amateur co-stars Terry Haggerty and Esther Lemmens who humoured my messianic narcissistic tendencies and fondness, like Tom Baker, for jelly babies! Best out-take from Terry “You’re the breast, Doctor”!

All clips, effects used with permission. We were very grateful to all those involved and the time they put in to help see change in 2015, not just that imagined in 2084.

If the BBC needs a new Doctor Who at any point, and one who solves the dilemma of how the Doctor can come back as a woman, then I have and am the solution!

“More of a transformation than a regeneration!”

I promise to be diverse, flirt more than Captain Jack with people of all genders and alien species, and maintain the messianic megalomaniac profile of the Doctor! - Damn, they gave the job to Jodie!

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Entertainment and education galore on Mustard TV‘s The Mustard Show with Helen McDermott and Nick Conrad, and moi. We were talking about transgender kids, the CBBC programme ‘Just A Girl’, my own ‘gender’ experience, and Norfolk’s transgender support options.

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At the tail end of 2016, I was contacted by two TV channels at the same time looking to explore young people and their nonconformist attitude to gender and the diverse spectrum of gender identity. Whilst working with young and often vulnerable teens and twenties, I considered long and hard whether to get involved. I actually receive a couple of similar emails a month like this. The difference with the BBC3 crew was that they allowed me to almost interview them by Skype so I could be sure it would be a good thing with any safeguards before exposing a nascent Non-Binary group to the glare of the camera. In the end, it was thoroughly responsible, only those who on that day were willing to be filmed, were. The result is an inquisitive, raw and yet tender look at both a Non-Binary discussion group that I started in Norwich and also an interview with a friend, Sarah, about her Intersex discovery and sexual-gender identity journey (my tabby cat makes an unscheduled appearance). The 15-minute segment in Norwich is sandwiched between the very honest revelations of trans man Nate (who has a lovely white cat in the background) and the Sink The Pink nightclub in London.

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ClexaCon, the LBTQ+ women and non-binary people fan and media convention came to London in 2018. I was asked to chair a panel of trans people in TV, film and music. The star of ClexaCon London was undoubtedly the actors from Carmilla and Jamie Clayton who played Nomi on Sense8.

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I’m also a Book and a coordinator of the Human Library in the UK, and at a recent London launch event was interviewed by an inquisitive reporter.

“I found myself chatting to the incredibly warm and engaging Katy Jon Went, a non-binary transgender former theologian. Needless to say, I was half an hour late to meet my friend. I’ll admit: we both went full geek on the subject. It was a rare privilege to speak to someone so knowledgeable about the spectrum of belief in relation to gender identity – tough topics to tackle in a brief conversation with a perfect stranger! And yet that’s the point of The Human Library: to encourage engagement with someone you might never meet or converse within your own social circle or place of work or study.” – Anusha Couttigane, Seen In The City

The Evening Standard was also there and featured me, Body-Modified Muffe, and Ronni Abergel, the Human Library founder, in their video (from 2m44s).

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This raw documentary is from 2012 and shows where I've come from. One of the directors wrote:

“As you will have gathered, Katy loves to talk, so the hardest thing about making this film was when it came to the editing process and we had to reduce a week spent with Katy into a half hour film. Needless to say, she didn’t feel it captured her as a whole. But alas, this is the nature of the beast that is documentary filmmaking. Because Katy is such an interesting, diverse person it was difficult to express the many different facets of her personality whilst simultaneously forming a narrative structure. Finding out about her attempted suicide after we wrapped was devastating, and clearly shaped the film. It starts on a high, climaxes, and then the tempo and mood after the party slow down, as her contemplative darker side is revealed. The text at the end is, to many, shocking, but we feel this reflects our surprise at the news. Although we both had background experience of the LGBT community, through this film we learnt so much from Katy and her wonderful friends. Indeed, Katy is still a dear friend to us.” – Gussy Sakula-Barry

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Written Reviews I've received:

Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
July 8, 2020 | Private Online Session with Katy

I will come back to book Katy’s Brain over and over and over again. There are some people who can fundamentally change and inspire you. Katy is one of those people. Her value is 10x-100x. You will never forget what it’s li...

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Tanelle Bolt, Barrier Free Design Consultant
June 22, 2020 | How Can I Help?

I was allowed the safe, open space to communicate about very sensitive topics. Katy has vast experiences and knowledge that encourage progressive thought and action.
Thank you KJ for being perfectly imperfect and educati...

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