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Connect with Lorne Jenkins,

Let's Talk Money

from Longmont, United States

Connect with Lorne Jenkins,

Let's Talk Money

from Longmont, United States



Let's Talk Money

I am a(n):

CEO of Mini Money Management | Finance Coach | Personal Finance Expert | Intuitive Coach | Teacher who meets you where you're at

I am the go-to for:

helping people talk about money and personal finances.

What I do:

I teach kids about financial awareness for a living so that people can live the lives that they truly dream of. I have seen firsthand how most of us have not educated on the basics of money and how this has really hurt and held back a lot of us. More importantly, however, I've seen how a few conversations about money can make all the difference in someone's life and future financial decisions and confidence.


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Meet Lorne


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • Currently available


My Offer:

Let's talk about 💵.

20 minutes - free
30 minutes - $50
60 minutes - $80
500 minutes - $375

Events: $15 each

My ideal target audience:

💵 Anybody who wants to feel more in control of their financial situation
💵Anybody who is interested in improving someone else's financial situation
💵Anyone who was not taught about money growing up
💵Anyone who feels like they might be an over spender
💵Anyone who feels like they might be an over saver (yes this is a thing)

Reach out if you want to:

  • Talk to someone privately about money.
  • Talk to me and make sure your personal finances are under control.
  • Ask me anything about money. We weren't taught this growing up but that doesn't mean we can't learn it now!
  • Better understand the connection between your emotions and money.
  • Learn a few really good money habits you can immediately implement.
  • Build a reasonable and attainable budget and have me help you do that 1:1.
  • Buy a "Let's Talk Money" gift for someone you love.
  • Buy a basket of hours upfront and have me come teach you and your group/school/organization about money incrementally.

Feel free to also book a session if you want to ask me about:

What I am currently working on

My current role & responsibilities

My day-to-day

My salary, rates, income & benefits

My education, training & qualifications

My biggest challenges, successes, failures & lessons learned

What success means to me

How I got to where I am today

What I enjoy most/least about my career

What it is like working for my company & why I chose to work there

Recommendations for anyone entering my career or industry

Daily practices, habits, and strategies

My values, beliefs, philosophies and/or political views

My love story


Why me:

All proceeds from these sessions go directly to Mini Money Management, the company that I co-founded to give children the financial education most of us never had. So not only are you getting your personal finances and money mindset in order, you're contributing to educating the next generation on financial literacy as well!

A little bit about myself:

I am the CEO of Mini Money Management, an Ed-Tech company that teaches children the importance of financial literacy through everyday experiences. Teaching kids money has truly shown me how much education most of us missed growing up, but how simple it can be. I worked in the finance industry before realizing that there is a huge problem in the way we are taught money so I decided to do something about it.

What it’s like to work with me:

I'm a regular guy who just wants to help people get a better handle on their finances. I didn't come from a wealthy background so I teach the basics of money the same way I was taught it; in an easy and understandable way.

Fun fact about me:

I ran division 1 track and field for 4 years!

Professional experiences:

Educational experiences:


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My portfolio:

This is the first time I ever told anybody I was planning on starting a company and we won a pitch contest! I started MMM based on a game that my mom played with me growing up so this was a big moment for us.

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Track and field shaped me into the man I am today and I truly don't know where I would be without it. #CamelForLife

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This moment meant a lot to me, I had a injury filled senior year of track but we ended on a very high note. If anybody doesn't know meters, its 25'2"

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January 12, 2021 | Meet Lorne

Lorne is mission driven, down to earth, fun to talk to, knowledgeable, open, transparent, warm and now globally available to talk all things money with anyone who wants to level up. In our opinion, everyone could use 500 m...

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