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Connect with Mark Bolzern,

Bitcoin & Crypto Expert

from Anchorage, Alaska, United States

Connect with Mark Bolzern,

Bitcoin & Crypto Expert

from Anchorage, Alaska, United States



Bitcoin & Crypto Expert

I am a(n):

Early Crypto Investor Crypto Currency Advocate Blockchain Advocate Nerd Techie Linux Geek CTO CEO Bitcoin Advocate Crypto Coach Philosopher

I am the go-to for:

Helping you become comfortable with crypto.

I can help you:

  • Buy and responsibly store Bitcoin or other Crypto Currencies.
  • Understand Blockchain, and how / why it will impact the world in general and you in particular.
  • Better manage technology in your business.
  • Discuss the future of technology, philosophy and/or spirituality.

Why me:

I have always been a conscious entrepreneur, with lots of history and experience that I can share as it becomes appropriate to do so. I care about people, and believe in a win-win-win, best and highest good for all approach to my business and personal life.

I am available for:

💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person

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Ask Mark Anything

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  • 1 hour
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My story:

I was introduced to Bitcoin, and thus Blockchain in 2010, and then like most people spent two years convincing myself what a game changer this could be. Before very much longer the entire world's financial system will be on Blockchain. Thus I became involved with Bitcoin by 2012. Since than I have become the Executive Director of the Worldwide Distributed Ledger and Blockchain Coalition, and an advisor for the Beaxy Cryptocurrency Exchange among other roles. I own over 30 different Crytpos and continually keep track of the state of the market,. My preferred role is that of an advisor to the many people who contact me, and helping them improve their lives..

I have spent most of my career building businesses and managing teams. My early work focused on engineering, programming and systems administration with computers and information systems, experience that proved valuable to my business development roles.

Do you use an Android based phone? an Apple Product? Use Email and the Internet? Or have a website based on Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress etc? Then you are benefiting from things I've participated in, as an influential part of a much larger community. I helped create the Linux Standard Base, Linux International, The Linux Professional Institute, Colorado Linux Users & Enthusiasts, the Alaska Computer Society, the Internet itself, and several trade shows among other things. Linux Journal even lists me as one of the "hundred founding fathers of Linux"​.

I've been involved with Linux and the Internet since the outset, years before Al Gore said the words "Information Super Highway". Prior to helping develop Linux, I worked for years with Unix as well as Microsoft and Apple products both since nearly their outset, and held a variety of systems support roles. Through this and other work, I have proven myself as a technology forecaster many times over. Over the years I have also had the liberty to do a multitude of interesting things, as evidenced by my profile here.

Specialties: Most notably, for over thirty years I have successfully anticipated the future as it regards technology, and then created and positioned systems & companies to support what was coming, with on-going open communications, and helping organizations grow. These have included LinuxMall, the Alaska Computer Society, The Linux Foundation, CREICO, NUSalaska, iA3, and now the Worldwide Distributed Ledger and BlockChain Collaboration (,

Fun facts:

I have skiied competitively, freestyle.
I am working to create a tiny home community in Chugiak, Alaska.
For two seasons I was the night mechanic who rescued stranded groomer cats off the mountain, at wind chill temperatures of 100 degrees below zero and colder.
I once raced cars, and even built my own.
I am spiritual, but not religious.


Professional experiences:

  • Service Engineer at IBM
  • Founder and CEO at
  • Founder and CEO at
  • CTO and Certified Water Systems Operator at Northern Utility Services
  • Night Snow Cat Retrieval Mechanic at Mt Bachelor Ski Resort
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Educational experiences:

  • Bachelor's Degree, Electrical Engineering at University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • Masters Degree, Theology at Colorado Bible College


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

Peter Schiff, a well known Gold Bug who has consistently been negative on Bitcoin talking in 2011 about investing 10,000 into Gold instead of Bitcoin, and the results of that decision over 10 years...

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An Internet of Things project I founded in 2010 and this infomercial is from 2015

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Watch the video for BItcoin: Why & How
Which I presented for a PickMyBrain Lunch & Learn session
click on for the actual slides I showed, in which you can then click on the links that I provided during the presentation.

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My Overall Rating:

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Written Reviews I've received:

Yasmin Passos, Head of Pick My Brain's Global Mentorship Program
July 30, 2021 | Ask Mark Anything

Mark is fantastic! We assisted me with my very first bitcoin investment/purchase in a step-by-step easy and comfortable way to do it. Thank you so much Mark! I can't recommend him enough.

Joe A
April 16, 2021 | Ask Mark Anything

Mark has a plethora of knowledge in the crypto space and it was incredibly helpful talking to him. I’m a fairly experienced speculative crypto investor and Mark’s perspective helps me to stay grounded in reality in a spac...

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Sylvia Cunningham, Need an ALL INCLUSIVE Private Creative Getaway?
April 12, 2021 | Ask Mark Anything

If you want to learn more and invest in bitcoin or other crypto, please start by booking a session with this guy. His knowledge on setting you up in the safest space for investing, in this non traditional system, is ...

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Nic L
February 19, 2021 | Ask Mark Anything

Mark is a very generous as well as knowledgeable teacher and educator. Mark knows a lot about linux as well as blockchain, given his 20 years+ of experience in technology.

To be more specific, Mark explains blockchain ...

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Pick My Brain ., Pick My Brain
February 11, 2021 | Meet Mark

Mark's level of knowledge in the crypto space is deep, sophisticated, mature, and incredibly interesting. It is no wonder that Mark is the go-to for his community when it comes to all things crypto.

Mark now wants to b...

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