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Filmmaker introducing Blockchain & Tokenization to the Industry

from Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Raise your own funds, build your own audience: Beer, Aliens, and Blockchain (1 hour presentation / fireside chat / workshop )

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Let's create a pitch deck, documents, and get yourself in the film festivals.

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I am a(n):

Filmmaker introducing Blockchain & Tokenization to the Industry

I am also a(n):

Producer | Filmmaker | Director | Creative Consultant for Independent Film Makers | Professional Speaker | Educator | Mentor | Content Creator

What I do:

I produce, direct, finance and market independent films in new, creative and out-of-the-box kind of ways.

My day-to-day work at the moment of this writing is as follows; ensuring we never run out of beers (I launched a RPA beer called Space Monkey of which the sales directly fund the development of the Space Beers films), giving talks about how Blockchain and the tokenization of our brand (Space Beers) changed everything for us as creatives/filmmakers and to coordinate my new film (The Occupant) through its first phases of development after it won the Sitges Pitchbox 2018 and peaked the interest of several co-production markets (trust me; these markets are eye-opening). The Occupant recently won the prestigious Bucheon Award at the Bucheon International Film Festival as most outstanding film project in development.


My Offer:

To support, educate and advise the independent film industry through creative mentorship, creative consulting and public speaking.

There are so many ways to develop, produce and finance a film these days. But very few independent filmmakers know what they can do, what tools are available and how to make those tools work for them. That is where I come in.

My ideal target audience:

Independent film industry.

Ask me about:

  • Think outside the box when it comes to pitching, launching, financing and marketing your independent film.
  • How Blockchain technology and brewing beer helped me create a live-action film franchise.
  • With recommendations, references, reviews and real life experiences as to what it's been like using blockchain, tokenization and crowd funding to fund an independent film etc.
  • Create a strong pitch deck and help you navigate which film festivals are worth attending depending on which stage you are at.
  • Think through a challenge you are currently dealing with.
  • Keep your members, students, employees up-to-date when it comes to creative and independent financing within the film industry.


Why you might want to connect with me:

I am a bit of a black sheep within the industry.

A little bit about myself:

Based in Amsterdam, I have been active as a producer and director for over a decade in television and live broadcasts. My lifelong passion for film finally got the best me and so I decided to switch things up. The festival favourite VR short "The Invisible Man", the animated prologue for "Space Beers" and the documentary "Home in Between" followed soon after and set the pace for things to come. I have several other movies on my slate; the next being the sci-fi indie film 'The Occupant" and the wacky (live action) space adventure "Space Beers."

Fun fact: I (jokingly) might be known for demanding budget for a helicopter. Why? Because “helicopters make everything better”.

Sometimes I even get my wish.

Professional work experiences:

Educational experiences:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science at Albeda College, the Netherlands
  • Computer Software Engineer at Zadkine College


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

Space Beers film producer Maurice Schutte can be found on stage as speaker with his talk "BEER, ALIENS, AND BLOCKCHAIN", a with anecdote filled presentation about how Blockchain technology and brewing beer is helping the creation of a live-action feature film and the brand around is.

Go behind the scenes and get a glimpse at the creation of a wacky space adventure while using new ways and technology to get it done.

Interview: the beer necessities -

Doing the media rounds for Space Beers. In this case I was asked several times why I brought my fish (see pic). The fish is a copy of one of our animatronics in our short. Two puppeteers need to control this fish, who'm is able to drink beer through a straw. Welcome to filmmaking!

From Instagram (@followmaurice):
On the road to giving talks about how we are making/realizing our wacky adventure called @spacebeersmovie while we are still in development. But it’s freaking amazing folks want to hear our story and to see how it resonates. It gives a lot of positive energy and feedback. #filmmaking in unusual ways helps and I’m more than happy to talk about our #film project. #producerslife #supportindiefilm

Never grow up. (Maxime posted this picture on my profile so here it goes; I had a spare room left in my appartment and decided to make a giant ball pit out of it. 8000 balls to be exact. Still want to chat? ;)

Creative financing: by teaming up with a local brewery in Amsterdam (Two Chefs Brewing) we managed to create our own beer that is being sold in bars and markets across the country, ensuring us a steady stream of money into the budget. The kicker? Our synopsis and pitch is on the back of the label.

Tokenization: During IBC Conference 2018 I talked on stage about the reasons why we tokenized our brand (Space Beers) and why this empowered us as filmmakers.

Tokit empowers you to create your next movie, music album, podcast, ebook - any creative project - using the tools, community and freedom of SingularDTV’s decentralized entertainment economy.


My Overall Rating:

(2 Reviews)

Written Reviews I've received:

Greg Melanson
September 7, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Maurice was knowledgable, fun to talk to and gave an abundance of useful advice in a 30 minute chat. I haven't been as excited about taking on my film projects in the last while and the conversation we had gave me a boost of confidence knowing all the options I have in getting my projects rolling again.

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
March 6, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

I booked a call with Maurice to ask him all about his experiences raising money as an independent film maker. We talked about pitch decks, pitch documents, how the financing element worked, creative spins, the importance of building an audience, pre-sales, etc.

It was very valuable to hear and chat about how it all worked together from someone who has been through it.

Maurice also ended up sharing his pitch decks with me directly which was incredibly generous and gave me even more ideas of how to structure and think about my own pitch.

Thanks Maurice, that was a lot of fun.