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Kick Off Event Rooftop Style.

Dress up. Show up. And get ready to have some intentionally curated conversations on a Vancouver rooftop, alongside a group of interesting and accomplished women.

This month's theme: Women Talking

Hosted by: Pick My Brain; an up and coming startup that is helping bring interesting people together in empowering ways. Human 2 Human.

Date: July 27th @ 8:00 pm
Location: Mount Pleasant
Price: $45 a ticket
Includes: Summer snacks, summer bevies, intentional curated conversation starters, a few interesting articles to reflect on beforehand to set the scene (optional), some exploratory dialogue and some very interesting 1:1 and group questions.


8:00 pm: Personal escort up to the rooftop
8:00-8:30: Let the introductions begin.
8:30 - 10:00: Intentionally curated conversation starters + exercises + exploratory dialogue.

The plan is to keep these events small and more intimate to start. For this event in particular, we are limiting it to 20 women.

If you are receiving this invitation, it is because at some point we crossed path and exchanged female power. And we want to do it again. But this time we want to schedule it in.

Hope you can make it, can't wait to see how the group comes together for this first event.

Curation Team:

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
Mikaela Kinding, Personal Stylist for Homes & Humans, Mikaela Kinding
Sylvia Cunningham, Semi-Retired Host for Mature Women Seeking a Relaxing Getaway

Note: This is the first event of this series. If you are unable to make it on account of this invite being a bit last minute, no stress. We will keep you posted on our upcoming events as we roll this idea and vision forward. And if you aren't in Vancouver, that is okay too, because we might also throw in a few online events here and there to spice things up as we proceed.

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