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Connect with Miles Cunningham,

World's Best Dad

from Calgary, Canada

Connect with Miles Cunningham,

World's Best Dad

from Calgary, Canada



World's Best Dad

I am a(n):

A Deeply Curious & Intellectual Thinker | Futurist | Total Black Sheep | Father x 3 | Father of the CEO of Pick My Brain | Avid Gardner | Worm Farmer | Father of a Musician & World Traveller | Father of a 2nd Year University Student | Divorced 64 Year Old | Good Friends with my Ex-Wife | Poker Player

I am the go-to for:

helping people think differently about things.

What I do:

I think deeply about all sorts of things:

The future, technology, ironic sanity, 7 billion people on this planet and counting, opposites, greed, religion, water, waste management, revolutions, privacy, raising kids, love, lyrics, politics, addiction, the force, worms, bees, gardens, jobs, women, bullies, mathematicians, musicians...

And all the wonderful humour that comes with ALL of it.


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My Offer:

To make myself available for people out there who are interested in having more intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking conversations about things that matter.

My ideal target audience:

Other deep, philosophical, curious, and innovative thinkers.

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  • talk out an idea or thought.


Why me:

I live a very truthful, unapologetic, transparent and ironic life.
I don't take anything or anyone too seriously.
I say it like it is.
I can take people far in their thought process and their ideas.
I've helped raise 3 incredible, independent, free, successful, happy and adventurous children.
I have broken all the rules.
I never hold back.
I can go far intellectually and never settle for anything less than deep and meaningful conversations.
I watch and consume copious amounts of interesting, thought provoking and influenceable content.


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My portfolio:

Check out my blog if you want to get a good sense of the kinds of things I love to rant, rave and think about.

I've included some of my favourites below.

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Have you noticed how hard people are digging in as of late? Not unlike Republicans and Democrats. The faster our world gets the more these apposing worlds stay apart. The more we know about how the environment is in trouble, the more we abuse it. It's like quitting smoking, just thinking about it makes you smoke more, well it sure did for me!

We have the technology to do away with many of these things, but this technology is coming at us so fast we can barley grasp it before it changes again. Is there any way we can slow down?

I find the online university courses as a good start, at least after you graduate you don't become redundant, you can continue to keep up with the latest. But all our vices are what's wrecking the planet. Flying in an airplane for example, how can this be good for the air we breath? Anyone with any amount of intelligence can see this, yet fly more we do! I put it to you that this is the same as the smoking analogy, the thought of not flying somewhere makes us want to do it more. And I firmly believe price is not the problem. If you make it more expensive then inflation kicks in because no one will stop it. I'm always wondering why sport teams are only playing one game and then flying to the next. Wouldn't it make more sense to play 2 or 3 games then move on?

I read today that a campaign to stop windmills in Australia has taken the stance that you get sick from being close to them. And as it turns out just by suggesting this people got sick, but only where the campaign was highly publicized.

You can see the point I'm making. It will take a gigantic initiative to undo the problems we have, yep, I think we're fucked!

7 billion smoking like mad, and counting

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It was a sad and frustrating day to read the news, you have to wonder how we have survived this long when some countries do the things they do.
There is no scientific proof of any kind that "shark fin soup" is good for us in any way, yet both Japan and China almost defeated a UN ban on the killing of 3 of these endangered predators. Have any of you seen how they kill them? I mean these animals have nothing for us to eat, so they cut the fins off and dump the rest in the water. Just like the ivory trade, take the tusks and leave the dead animals to rot.

I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that educated people still think it's okay to do this to our environment. Then in China local farmers were pumping dead pigs in the river, and this river was a source of drinking water for millions. The reason? China has stopped these dead animals from entering the food chain. It was apparently okay to butcher and sell this meat even though the animals had died of some disease before going to the butcher. Yikes!! Another great reason to be a vegan for sure!

The final bit today is about the hacking that is going on. The most amazing thing that has happened to this world was the birth of the internet, the free access to information world wide for all. Yet this will become a thing of the past as hacking by, well almost everyone, will bring an end to this incredible achievement. It is so ironic that there are so many willing to wreck havoc on this planet for nothing more then giggles and a few dollars. You may say that I cannot comment on another culture, that these people have a right to do these things. Maybe when our planet only had 1 or 2 billion people on it did it not matter so much, but we have the knowledge and there are 7 billion of us that brings this up for scrutiny. They all have to give their heads a shake. Wake up people.

7 billion not caring and counting

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I follow the tech industry every day, and the more I follow it the more it becomes the same. There is so few "new" ideas out there one wonders how it became the industry it is. There is always a leader, and everyone who wants to be a leader. And they pull no punches when it comes to bashing them.

Then its country's, like Korea. Here is this tiny speck of a nation that screams and shouts threats to the world, their leader reminds me of Cartmen from the TV show South Park. He is young and has way too much time on his hands, so he tries to be a bully. I have a bomb, I have a bomb and you can't stop me, na na na naaaaaa na.

And then there are the courts in New York city that struck down Mayor Bloomberg's effort to ban the sale of these huge soft drinks. This was the first real effort at attacking obesity, and what happens? Already another state has enacted a law that would make this kind of thing never happen. Look into my eyes, drink more sugar, eat more fat, have bigger servings, yep a real bully response to someone doing something right.

Can't leave the Catholic Church out of it. How can this religion stand up to all the abuse it bestows on its people? Priests that pray on young boys, no women allowed, all they do it seems is pay off the law suits as they come. It just stays business as usual! Yet all I see is all this new reporting on their election of a new leader? The bad stuff, they just sweep it under the rug. That women are not eligible? No one will notice. In my view they are anything but representative of what God or Jesus is!

Do we as humans really want to be better? Do we really want to be "civilized? No we are just too "ironic". If it's good, bash it. If someone has a good idea, hate it. It seems to be our nature, stand up for everything except what is good.

7 billion "ironic humans" and counting.

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This week I will be starting my garden but wait, the snow is still on the ground. Oh well, I made myself a promise to grow everything from seed this year, and so the tomatoes get started now and soon a few others.

When I moved back into the family home I decided at the last minuet to grow a garden. It was a trial and error kind of thing as I had never really grown one before. I had pretty good success and we lived off of it for a few months. Being a vegan motivated me to get into this and it has consumed me.

But now after reading and experiencing this wonderful pastime I'm prepared to really do well this year. I have my worms cranking out the compost, and will be starting an outdoor compost pile as soon as it warms up. I've decided to raise all my beds and grid them out as in "Square Foot Gardening"(Google it) and have everything going vertical rather then all over the place.

Growing food has to be the most rewarding thing you can do, and with all the help on line it is far easier then ever to do this.

We only have 3 people in the family house but I plan to grow for 10. At last the local food bank will now accept fresh produce. I want to give back and giving this kind of food makes me feel real warm and fuzzy. Please check with your own local food bank to see if they to will accept fresh produce. People living on this kind of help do not get the nutrition they need, as they end up with dry goods to eat. Getting good nutrition to these people in need is vital. So if like me, you are growing a successful and large garden, please share it with those that need.

I thank you!

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I had to Google this to be sure it was the right day, as there was only one or two pieces in my news feed about this most important day. One suggested that the world was ready for women to lead, as they have now shown the ability to do so.

Really? Finely?

It baffles me as to how far men are willing to go to stop women from being equal. There is so much work that needs to be done to enshrine their rights. Half of the world is Muslim where being a women is a lower ranking then a camel. Then there are the churches, if you read my last piece you know how I feel on this one.

So are men saying women are not fit to talk to god? Or to lead a congregation?

This is the main reason I do not like religion, they are ALL hypocrites in that the men reserve the power for themselves. As a man I feel shame in this, that the very thing we need to live and continue our existence is treated with so little class. Because men are larger and stronger physically they treat women like, well like shit! This has to stop, men need to get over themselves, join and nourish this very important relationship.

Do we really want to save the planet? Do we really want to be the superior beings we are pretending to be? Then let women run things, they have a better touch on sensitive issues. It's for certain men do not. All men are doing is making things worse, they continue to rape this planet like they treat women," it's mine and I will do as I please with it." Men are barbarians most of the time.

If you live in North America the biggest events are fuelled with alcohol and sport teams that are trying to mane the opposition. This draws more interest then the fact the planet is over warming due to mens inability to see the damage they are doing.

Get me a beer honey, the second half is about to start. Little do they know that the second half is already well on the way!

Happy Women's Day

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Logic would suggest that if we could have anything we wanted, we would want what is not available. To have what everyone else has is to be so yesterday.

No they want Shark Fin soup, because so few can actually get this, or Elephant ivory because that too is hard to get.

If drugs were in our supermarkets like coke, pot, LSD and the like would we abuse them? I don't think so but for sure we would use them. Here kid, smoke this and then you will eat more, or snort this and you will eat less. haha

But really, it's like the keystone cops out there when it comes to drugs. There is no way that they will make any headway in this war. And really, who are these people that tell us what we can or cannot have?

Legalize it all, and this world would be a far safer place with a whole lot less criminals dealing in this stuff. Not to mention the money that would pour into the government pockets as well as the savings from law enforcement.
It is likely we would need a few more hospitals to cope with the bad trips, but then at least professionals would be helping instead of some backyard hack with an adrenaline needle.

The people that keep these things illegal are nothing but a bunch of nosey do gooders trying to enforce their view of what is right. I would bet each and every one of these people would but catnip for their cats. And we all know that no one knows the answer to what is right, but insist they do.

Nope, I think we need to legalize everything.
7 billion, stoned out and counting, or at least trying to. lol

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First off I want to wish the retiring Pope the best and hope he gets to enjoy his final years alive on this planet. Because I'm sure he was not enjoying running the church anymore. For many years all these guys had to do was travel around and let people kiss their hands, say a few words to the thousands that came and go to the next gig. Truly, the Pope was a rock star long before there were rock stars. So what happened?

The answer is so simple it just "slaps you in the face" when you see it.

Women are the problem, the answer, and the solution.

First, if the priests could marry, little boys would be not abused. And second, if women were in decision making places these priests that did do this would be hung by their you know what! How can these men think that what they are doing is going to get any message out there?

No I think not many Cardinals want this job anymore, and if they do they will be too old like the last one and not have the insight or stamina to do what is needed.

It is so "ironic" that this church would rebound and be so popular if they let"women be equal" and participate. But like most men, they think they know best. No wonder priests don't get married. Can you imagine the arguments and torture that would ensue. lolol

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Of all the things we talk about, what we eat seems to be a bit more disturbing than the warming of the planet.

I have this theory that if we were to stop eating meat, many men would feel unwanted or not needed. After all many of us use the term"bringing home the bacon" and well what would we bring home if we stopped eating it?

I've often wondered if we started eating meat because men were showing off to the women what they could do for them, and the women obliged us so not to hurt our feelings. Because really, we do not need to eat dead animals.

Another thing occurred to me, we don't plant vegetable gardens because so many put a low priority on eating them. They know they can't raise animals in the backyard so do not think of growing veggies. Instead they grow grass, another thing the women oblige us on so not to hurt our ego's. "look honey at the beautiful grass I grew". Yep we the man for sure! How it became so fashionable to have a green lawn is beyond me, maybe if the women stopped being so obliging we would stop doing these stupid things, and get more resourceful with the property we own.

Grow some food, and you will fell better about yourself and the planet.

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