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Connect with Miranda vandenHeuvel,

Inspire change through creativity

from , Luxembourg

Connect with Miranda vandenHeuvel,

Inspire change through creativity

from , Luxembourg



Inspire change through creativity

I am a(n):

Artist Life Coach Tedx Speaker Creativity Coach Creator of Systems Creative Connector Energy Saver Effortlessness Promoter

I know a lot about:

#creativity #art #creativethinking #effortlessness #lifecoaching #energy #systems #intuitiveliving #intuitivepainting

I am the go-to for:

Creativity, art, systems, idea generation, creative thinking, mindsets, intention - I inspire change through creativity. I lead people from reacting to creating their life, their art, their work..

I can help you:

  • Creative thinking:If you need creative input on any subject, help with creative brainstorming, ideas and sparks to get you unstuck, feel free to pick my brain.
  • Art:I am an intuitive artist and see a lot of parallels between art making and life. So if you struggle with something in life, let me help you with an artistic point of view.
  • Coaching:life, creativity, art, systems, organisation, work, energy, clutter, rituals, etc
  • Intention setting (and clarity) : it's the basis of EVERYTHING in life. What is it? How do I do that? 

Why me:

I am an artist, life coach and creative connector, but also have over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and events.
I am a Tedx Speaker.
I have helped many people become more creative and establish systems to create a more effortless life/job/project.
I have also taught many adults that they are creative. Whether it's in art, systemizing their life or creative thinking.

I am available for:

💻 Virtual | 🤙 In person

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Meet Me


  • Online
  • 30 minutes
  • Currently available


My story:

Inspire change through creativity
To inspire literally means ‘to cause to have a particular thought or feeling’.
That’s what I want to do in my art as well as at my workshops: provoke feelings in people.
Feelings of clarity, calm, confidence, creativity and courage.
Life’s too short to spend it on things that don’t really matter to you.

Being creative is part of being alive
Everybody is born an artist. Until they go to school and are asked to fit in a mould. This is usually when the creative spark dies.
It took me quite a while to re-ignite that spark and dare call myself an artist again. I thought you had to have a degree. And maybe you do. I don’t, although I have followed numerous art- and drawing classes.
I believe that you must try many things (and fail often) in order to find what you like. I’m glad I found my voice in what I call intuitive painting.
I paint with no plan but with rules and lots of fun. Layer upon layer, things get processed, translated onto canvas and eventually (sometimes immediately, sometimes only after weeks or months or even years) something happens, intuitively. My paintings create themselves.
I have exposed my art in multiple venues in Luxembourg over the past years, mainly shops, bars, restaurants, doctor’s practices – places I myself go to.
I believe that art should be accessible to all, not only shown in galleries.
I share my passion for painting through workshops in my studio and often find many parallels between art and life and how we move through it.

Going from reacting to
creating your life, work and art
As a life coach (Accredited Practitioner Coach (IIC&M), I help women, artists and entrepreneurs shift mind sets in a short amount of time.
My Coaching Sessions help you move from overwhelm, stress and reacting to your life to a place of balance, energy and creating the life that you want.
My Creative Workshops serve to re-activate creative flow and idea generation.
I use techniques, practical tools and creative systems to allow people to immediately start creating (their lives, their art, their work…) and see results.
Through my Coaching Program, I have inspired many women to create a life of meaning and purpose.
I walk the walk, living and working from a place of authenticity and growth.

My mission:

Inspire change through creativity
In life, in art, at work.

One of the biggest lessons from my own coach was: ‘The way you do one thing is the way you do everything’. By doing one thing differently – or better – the result is immediate and the insight very powerful. To move from reacting to creating your life, all you have to do is move the C…

All I do is help people move their C to the right place!

My greatest accomplishments:

* My Tedx talk about failure:
* A children's book and a poetry book
* Raising 2 teenage boys

My goals:

Become the best person I can be and support people to do the same
Lead a happy, creative life and raise my two boys into happy human beings
Connect, create. Anything.

Read, listen to, and/or watch this:

The Movie HUMAN:

Fun facts:

I speak 7 languages.
I am a 7 on the Enneagram.
I jumped out of a plane to feel alive.

I want to learn more about:

creativity neuro-diversity how the brain works becoming self sustaining in a simple way


My Platforms:

My portfolio:

I talk about Fear. Fear that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. A fear of disappointing ourselves and others that can paralyze us and make us choose the feeling of safety that we get when we do not confront it. But what if everything that is exciting about life, lies on the other side of fear?

Read more

A yearlong online class with weekly lessons on the different aspects of creativity and how to add it into your daily life by giving you tips and tricks, asks thought provoking questions, triggers your defaults and blocks, creates awareness and gives you a little exercise for practicing what you learned each week.

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In this life-changing, habit-creating course, Miranda reveals “the simple tricks” to create happiness in your everyday life.

Based on Miranda’s Creative Spark Newsletter and blog, this online course will guide you through the tools and tips and tricks needed to create simple habits, change your perspective, practice gratitude and create awareness on where your energy and attention go.

This course helps you question your status quo, gives you tools to improve your happiness level and provides you with the structure to create a solid “happiness foundation”.
Here are the breakthroughs you will be going through:

Getting clear sets the tone for everything
(Daily) intention moves you from reacting to creating your life
Happiness as a holistic approach
How to get rid of happiness blockers
How to fill your cup with happiness ingredients
How to continue to learn and grow
Habits are formed in 21 days the legend goes. We know for a fact that it’s more like 2 months really. However, habits are important, as according to researchers at Duke University, they account for about 40 percent of our behaviors on any given day. What you do repeatedly (i.e. what you think about and do every day) ultimately forms the person you are, the things you believe, and the personality you show the outside world. It also accounts for your happiness.

Transformation can’t start without awareness.

In this powerful yet easy to follow on-line course, Miranda shows you how to commit yourself to a deeper awareness of how you do and see things, focus on creating instead of reacting to life, embrace every challenge with the right attitude and responsibility, and build a happiness foundation that doesn’t crumble when things go wrong.

Read more will provide you with a multitude of video classes that want to show you that:

creativity is not (just) about art
creativity is in every day (and area) of your life
creativity can be added in your day to day life with simple tips, tricks and tools

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