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Connect with Orla Collins,

You always need a supportive, empathetic, maternal presence in your life!

from Toronto, Canada

Connect with Orla Collins,

You always need a supportive, empathetic, maternal presence in your life!

from Toronto, Canada



You always need a supportive, empathetic, maternal presence in your life!

I am a(n):

Intuitive and Empathic Direct & Gentle Dublin Born and Bred #warm and maternal #occassionally swears #recovering People Pleaser #offers clarity #champagne and peonies #humourous #makes great tea and listens deeply

I know a lot about:

#being exhausted #being overwhelmed #trying to do it all #people pleasing #healthy boundaries #needing a maternal figure #relationships #paying attention to your needs #recovering from illness #feeling you are not enough

I am the go-to for:

talking to a maternal figure you needed, rather than the one you actually had.

I can help you:

  • recognise that you are tired and overwhelmed and that it doesn't need to always be like this.
  • hear what it is you are really saying underneath the words you are using.
  • be supported, and deeply listened to, by a maternal figure who is absolutely and utterly in your court.
  • realise if you are taking the first step towards ditching the People Pleasing and taking ownership of your own time and energy.

Why me:

Not every mother can offer what’s needed emotionally, physically or spiritually.

But the need to be mothered never goes away.

You are tired, overwhelmed and looking after everyone but yourself.

You need someone in your court.

Someone who reminds you that you are innately precious.

That you are absolutely lovely.

That you are worthy.

That you are enough.

This is where I come in.

Coaching with me is not about trying to change the past.

It’s about discovering how wonderful, amazing and deserving you are now.

So deserving and lovable that you can reach out, be supported, and deeply listened to, by a maternal figure who is absolutely and utterly in your court.

I can help you ditch the People Pleasing and take back control of your time and energy.

I am available for:

📞 Telephone

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Let's have a chat about what you need and we will see if I can help.


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Private Coaching Session

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My story:

I'm Orla Collins, Life Coach, Reiki Master, English graduate and serious Jane Austen fan. I have three children of my own and some extras from time to time.

I am intuitive and empathic, softly spoken and absolutely passionate about holding a safe space for people when they most need it.

I love a well-made cup of tea, chilled bubbly and peonies. I cherish dry humour and a good metaphor.

But most of all I love the way a client's face and voice lights up upon realizing that there is a way forward through self-imposed limitations towards the life they passionately want to lead.


Professional experiences:

  • Coach at Orlacle Coaching
  • Cohesion Manager at Garner Distributed Workflow Inc
  • Montessori Teacher at In Ireland, England and Canada.
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Educational experiences:

  • Life Coach Training at Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training
  • BA in English at University of Toronto
  • AMI Montessori Teacher at Sion Hill, Dublin, Ireland
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My Platforms:

My portfolio:

Who were you before you learnt to hide parts of yourself?
I was shown this photo for the first time two years ago. I had forgotten that girl ever existed. The one who looked straight into the camera, knowing she was enough, as is.
Soon after that photo was taken, I began to suppress what I wanted out of life and became an expert in figuring out that pleased other people and giving them that.
I was the kind, sweet, diplomatic one. The one who could be relied upon to make sure everyone was looked after - a total mother hen before I turned ten.

I continued in this mode for decades. As I recall one particularly critical, life altering decision, I now recognize that I was completely caught between what other people I loved wanted. I can’t remember where I included myself in that decision.
Then I had my own children. I was so happy with them but continued looking after everyone else - dinners, huge parties, festive occasions, late night talks with sad friends, and then up early with my own babies, as well as the dishes from the previous event.
I thought it was just me. That I wasn’t organized enough- goodness knows, many guests said that very thing.
So I tried harder. With the inevitable result - health issues that drained me physically, mentally and emotionally.
It took me a long time to figure out that I needed healthy boundaries and longer still to develop them.
But I did develop them and now, instead of living in a state of constant anxiety about other people and what they want, I am grounded and secure, knowing that I am in charge of my time, energy and affections.
Even better, I get to spend my days helping other people figure out what they really want out of life. - How to stop long enough to listen to themselves rather than someone else. - How to say no - when no is what they want to say.
Would you like to remember who you were BEFORE you became what everyone else wanted you to be?
Email and let the conversation begin.

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What song represents your life right now?
If you were singing in a Broadway musical would you be belting out “I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses”? Or would you be ruefully crooning “I’m just a girl who can’t say no”? Can’t say no to your boss?
Your children or your partner?

Can’t say no to your parents or your in laws?

Or is it hard say no to what you think society expects of you?

In my experience, people often think that givers keep on giving because they enjoy it. And, very often we do. However, constantly giving our time and energy out to others and forgetting to give it to ourselves, leads to total burnout.
Today could you think of one little thing that drains you, one thing that does not add to your life, and could you say no to that thing?

And then think of one thing that brings you joy? And could you give that to yourself?
For me it’s going to be an evening spent with dear friends I haven’t seen for some time. I know spending time with them will bring me joy. But that only works because I said no to overwhelm today and took time for my yoga practice.
Let me know in the comments what it’s going to be for you this weekend.
#bringingjoy #morejoy #youcansayno #youdoyou #takecareofyourself #laurenwallet #catherinecowan #beyourownjoy

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Would you adopt this dog, give it to your partner and say - here, you love her and, when I can see that you’re love her, I will love her too?

Would you say, she’s not great at living with other people, her hair gets everywhere, and she needs to be walked twice a day, not to mention the feeling. But, until I know that you can cope with that, I’m not going to light up when I see her adorable face? I’m not going to enjoy Fall walks in the park. I’m not going to swim in a sparkling lake, or have my photo taken or fully embrace life?

No one would do that to a dog and yet we do that to ourselves all the time. We look at all the things about ourselves that we perceive to be “wrong”. That we have annoying habits, that we need constant reassurance, that our thighs are too big, that we aren’t where we thought we should be by this age and that we are unlovable.

We put this onto the people in our lives. We think, until you can love my faults, until you can show me I’m lovable, I can’t love myself.

We need to turn that thinking on its head. It’s only when we love ourselves that we can truly let another person love us.
It’s only when we can show ourselves compassion and empathy that we can be open about the things we keep hidden.
It’s only when we acknowledge and embrace our shadows, when we love ourselves warts and all, that we can live our deepest and best lives. I know you are lovable as you are. But the only thing that is really important is whether or not YOU know it!

Ponder on the things about yourself that you think make you less than completely lovable.
Then ask yourself, as @byron.katie does
-Is this true?
-Can I be sure it’s true?
-Who am I with that thought?
-Who would I be without that thought?

I was regularly teased about my skin through my teens. I kept myself covered up for so long. Now, however, I totally embrace feeling “the rain on my skin”. And if other people don’t like it - that’s so not my problem.

What is it about YOU that YOU are ready to LOVE?
(DM me privately if you prefer.) #loveyourself #loveyourselffirst #loveyourselfquotes #youareenough #youarebeautiful #youareworthy

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Put on the kettle. Pull up a chair. We need to have a chat!
A chat about that voice in your head. You know the one. The mean girl voice. The one that says things like you are not good enough, you are not where you should be, you are alone, you are needy or worthless, yeah, that one.
She is pretty intense. It is like living with a bitchy teenager who is with you all the time. And that’s exactly what she is. She is that age, remember, when you thought you knew everything and were simultaneously terrified that you did? That this was all you would ever know? That it was always going to be like this?

She wants you to be incognito all the time. Don’t step out of line, don’t wear the bright lipstick, isn’t that dress a bit too sexy, don’t ask for that raise, don’t ask for help, don’t expect support - you’re fine, just suck it up, don’t rock the boat.

But here’s the thing, there’s a reason we don’t let 14 year olds drive or move out in their own. They are not emotionally mature enough to be in charge.
It’s the same with the voice in your head. She is not emotionally mature enough to be in charge. You can thank her for her concern but then gently steer her in another direction. Explain to her that you know she loves you, that she is trying to protect both of you, but that it doesn’t serve either of you to play small.
Assure her that you are in charge. That you know you are lovable. That you know you are competent. That you know you are enough.

Then give her a hug and a cookie and tell her to go take a nap while you head out and blaze the trail for who you were born to be! After you finish your tea, of course.
#putonthekettle #meanvoice #meangirls #meangirlvoicebegone #alwaystimefortea #tellyourdaughters #orlaclecoaching

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