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Connect with Sophie Bujold,

Strategic Online Community Builder

from Vancouver, Canada

Connect with Sophie Bujold,

Strategic Online Community Builder

from Vancouver, Canada



Strategic Online Community Builder

I am a(n):

Founder & Chief Strategist at Cliqueworthy Community Design Strategist Business Strategist Entrepreneur Artist Photographer

I can help you:

  • Brand communities and whether your business would benefit from having one.
  • What makes or breaks an online brand community.
  • How to get started with nurturing your brand community online.
  • Your online brand community; whats working well and what isn't.
  • Challenges with member growth and retention in your current brand community.
  • Ideas and tactics to boost engagement.
  • Designing a community experience that feels right and drives business results.
  • Creating content and programming that delivers real value to members.
  • Where to get started with building a brand community online.
  • Making your brand community more profitable and/or sustainable.
  • Building a team that can support your brand community.
  • What to prioritize or cut out in the experience you offer.
  • Automating and streamlining community management processes.

Why me:

My approach to building engaging and sustainable brand communities rests on three pillars:

1️⃣I help you DEFINE the purpose of your community for both you and its members. That means going back to basics and getting clear on your purpose, your people, and your community's job description.

2️⃣I help you DESIGN the experience in your community based on the job description we defined. Whether you already have a community or you're just getting started, we spend time crafting an end-to-end community experience that feels sustainable for you and delivers high value for your members.

3️⃣I help you DEPLOY the experience we designed by aligning it to the right people, processes, and tools that will help you manage everything with ease.

At every step, I strive to create an impact by staying curious, engaging with empathy, communicating actively and maintaining a commitment to problem-solving. I'm known for my abilities to ask great questions and communicate concepts that may feel complicated in simple terms. I also have a knack for translating business objectives into effective strategies that add value and create a positive human experience.

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My portfolio:

In my spare time, I'm a street photographer and light painter. My work hangs in a few homes across North America and was featured alongside the work of my teachers and mentors in the juried art show at the 2016 PHOTOgraphie Festival.

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In the past 5 years or so, I've also developed a love for mixed media art. I love bold color, contrast, rich textures, and abstraction. I work primarily with acrylic paints, alcohol inks and collaging and I LOVE talking about all things art and creativity.

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