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Connect with Vaclav Vincalek,

Strategic Technology Advisor for Entrepreneurs, Investors and C-level Executives.

from Vancouver, Canada

Connect with Vaclav Vincalek,

Strategic Technology Advisor for Entrepreneurs, Investors and C-level Executives.

from Vancouver, Canada



Strategic Technology Advisor for Entrepreneurs, Investors and C-level Executives.

I am a(n):

Inventor | Serial Entrepreneur | Mentor | Public Speaker | Creative Problem Solver | Dreamer | Futurist

I am the go-to for:

Custom tech solutions.

What I do:

Technology can help you reach your market potential if you understand how, why, when and what to do with it! On one side it is vital to integrate IT operations to drive the strategic direction of a company, on the other, to do this you need to bridge any gap between the Executive Suite and the ground operations.

It’s a hard, dirty job: that’s what I do, while you work on other aspects of your business.


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My Offer:

To provide custom consultation, support, and guidance for all things tech + business.

Note: I will need your time and attention until I fully grasp the mission and vision of your business. By fully understanding the scope of your business, we can collaborate on setting executional goals.

Once we have a direction I will deep dive into bringing in the technical innovation and together with innovation and technology I will take care of building a team that can thrive in the new, excellence-oriented environment. I will provide mentorship and coaching to the leaders who will drive the critical functions of the company!

I will bring all the parts together and guarantee that their value is more than their sum.

My ideal target audience:

If you’re involved in a start-up or in an existing business where time is key, If your vision is strong and you’re poised for success, if you have your finances in place but you need to get started RIGHT NOW, then I’m your guy and you’re the perfect challenge for me!

Reach out if you want to:

  • talk about all things tech.
  • discuss your vision, goals, needs, timeline with a professional.
  • get a second opinion on something.
  • build, test or launch a technical product or solution.

Feel free to also book a session if you want to ask me about:

Industry trends, insights, observations & opinions

My biggest challenges, successes, failures & lessons learned

What success means to me

How I got to where I am today

What I enjoy most/least about my career

What it is like working for my company & why I chose to work there

Recommendations for anyone entering my career or industry

Recommended books, articles, blogs, conferences, tools, apps, etc.

Whose content do I consume regularly

Issues I care most about right now and why


Why me:

I’ve worked with every size of company, with every scope of action, with every kind of industry, but what sets me apart is that I’ve done so while owning and running my own successful IT company.

My extensive knowledge in tech and innovation is paired with a strong business understanding and intuition that comes from my own personal achievements as a business owner. Having done it all, from operations, to sales to CEO, I can provide a tangible support to direct your investment, to grow your business, to implement new technologies, to manage your team and to stand out in the market.

A little bit about myself:

I am a restless entrepreneur, CEO and President of a successful company in Vancouver. My mission is to share my knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals and grow their business.

As a thought leader in the fields of business technology, innovation, and smart data I provide my talents and expertise to others looking to have a major breakthrough in these fields. I am passionate and driven by the possibility of turning your vision into reality.

My natural environment is with other highly creative minds, who see an opportunity and are not scared to go for it. These are the people I can bring the most value to.

Professional experiences:

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Educational experiences:


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My portfolio:

Technology Advisor for URBAN JUVE (

It’s not every day someone can step into the role of a trusted Technology Advisor to an early start-up cosmetics and wellness products company such as this one and live to tell about it.
With their sights set on being a world leader within their niche area of cosmetics and wellness products, this startup recognized very early on that in order to thrive in such a highly competitive marketplace, they would need to have key systems and processes in place to support them. I became involved with the company while it was going through the conception stage, and still in the process of formulating their brand identity and offerings. As the Technology Advisor, my first order of business was to establish a platform that would support organizational communication and collaboration while minimizing the requirement for in-house technical expertise, given that they had none. With that in place, my attention turned to developing a strategic blueprint for selection, design, and implementation of business systems that would be critical to their operations, namely Sales/Customer Relations Management, and Inventory Management. In parallel to this, was the development of the associated business processes that would govern the use of these systems, or that relied on these systems in some way to achieve their business objectives.

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Advisor for (

With a tight launch date scheduled for late 2018, I was invited into the fold of a new startup poised to launch the latest industry disrupter in online marketplaces. With only three months to go before launch, the organization already had a very strong, well-defined vision and a highly talented team in place who were well on their way to building out the brand and product. However, knowing that you never get a second chance to make a great first impression, I immediately mobilized my resources to establish a formalized and stringent QA process to ensure a robust, quality and stable product would be ready for the launch. I also brought in additional technical resources to alleviate the load off key internal staff so they could turn their focus to more strategic objectives. As a trusted advisor, I then turned my attention to the executive team, working with the CEO, CFO, and CTO to refine organizational strategies and identify the processes and people that would need to be in place to support the organization’s transition from a pre-launch startup to a post-launch company. The organization could benefit tremendously from my understanding and insight into what it takes to build a real company, and where, when, and how technology should be introduced to support the organization’s evolution and drive its growth trajectory. With the product successfully launch, I continued my involvement with the organization

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My Overall Rating:

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Written Reviews I've received:

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
December 4, 2019 | Mentor / Startup Advisory Session

Is there anything better than someone holding you accountable? Another great session. No more hiding. Goals, targets, milestones and consistent check ins to reach them. Exactly what I need for 2020.

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
July 17, 2019 | Mentor / Startup Advisory Session

Connected with Vaclav to talk out a few of pick my brains potential partnership deals. Vaclav urged me structure these deals with these things top of mind:

what kinds of deals involve the least amount of work
What kin...

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Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
July 16, 2019 | Mentor / Startup Advisory Session

Vaclav has been a mentor of mine for over a year; a passionate, ground truthing, say it like it is mentor. I have found immense value in connecting with Vaclav to talk out my businesses direction, my business decisions, my...

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Peter Ghanem
March 19, 2019 | Mentor / Startup Advisory Session

Met with Vaclav to learn more about his various projects. Vaclav is incredibly knowledgeable about the tech industry. He gives great advice that would be really valuable for anyone interested in learning about business str...

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