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Connect with Victoria Chemko,

Creator & Connector of Umami Journeys #achieveitforward Experiences

from Vancouver, Canada

Connect with Victoria Chemko,

Creator & Connector of Umami Journeys #achieveitforward Experiences

from Vancouver, Canada



Creator & Connector of Umami Journeys #achieveitforward Experiences

I am a(n):

founder of umami marketing and umami journeys | creator of spaces and experiences | inbound marketing strategist | female entrepreneur | foodie and coffee lover | facilitator | lifelong learner | explorer | connector and relationship builder | beach volleyball player | traveler | location independent digital nomad | freedom-filled lifestyle designer (currently nomadic) | lover of life and people | possibilitarian

What I do:

I am interested in connecting people, and co-creating intimate spaces and experiences with leaders, change makers, and visionaries. Early in 2019, I launched Umami Journey #achieveitforward Dinners in Vancouver for those who are looking to connect with like-minded people over great food, and have continued to facilitate these throughout my travels in cities around the world, such as Lisbon and LA to date. I want to help people align themselves to be who they really are, see the possibilities and create, to increase the potential of the world.


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Umami Journeys #achieveitforward Dinner - TOPIC: Letting Go


  • Event
  • 6:30PM, January 26, 2020
  • 3 hours
  • 7 spots remaining

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Personal Recommendation and / or Introduction


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Umami Journeys #achieveitforward Dinner - TOPIC TBD


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Connect Your Corporate Team Over Dinner


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My Offer:

To give everyone within or connected to my network the opportunity to attend one of my dinners or other experiences to authentically connect with like-minded leaders, innovators, and change makers over a great meal.

My ideal target audience:

Leaders, change makers, and visionaries - Creators who love to connect with others and who are interested in expanding their potential, perspective and community.

Reach out if you want to:

  • Create Meaningful Connections/Gatherings (Umami Journeys #achieveitforward Dinners)
  • Working location independently
  • Travelling the World
  • Building a remote team
  • Creating your dream lifestyle
  • Travel in Thailand and other places I've lived in or explored extensively throughout the world (Asia, Europe, parts of South America, Australia, etc.)

Feel free to also book a session if you want to ask me about:

What I am currently working on

My biggest challenges, successes, failures & lessons learned

What success means to me

How I got to where I am today

Recommended books, articles, blogs, conferences, tools, apps, etc.

Whose content do I consume regularly

Daily practices, habits, and strategies

My values, beliefs, philosophies and/or political views


Why me:

I love bringing together like-minded leaders, innovators and visionaries to create a community of authentic connection and spaces to just be, where we can see the possibilities and increase the potential of the world.

A little bit about myself:

After wearing many hats at a startup ecommerce software company for over 6 years, during which time it grew from 6 to 160 people, Victoria took a giant leap and left the corporate world to create a business and lifestyle on her own terms and travel the world. In 2010, back in Vancouver, and out of pure necessity due to a variety of life events, she decided to find a way to build a business that would allow her to be location independent, and live her core values of freedom and flexibility, abundance, growth, and connection. From there, Umami Marketing was born in 2011, a boutique virtual digital marketing agency, helping B2B companies in the tech and software sectors grow their online presence.

An explorer at heart, she spent the last 9 years traveling the world while building her business and designing a freedom-filled lifestyle, and now wants to share this mindset with others. Thus, she decided to create Umami Journeys.

Traveling to all corners of the globe (40+ countries and counting), Victoria has had the opportunity to design her life and live authentically in her day to day, connecting with others, instead of waiting to do so at a distant point in the future. Her goal is to help others see the possibilities and unleash their potential.

When she‘s not working, you can find Victoria spending the summer in Vancouver enjoying the sunshine on the beach volleyball courts, reading multiple books, or savouring a glass of wine over a delicious meal. The rest of the year, you’ll catch her avoiding the rain and working remotely from all (mainly tropical) corners of the globe, continuing to explore, connect, and learn.

Professional experiences:

Educational experiences:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Minor in Interdisciplinary Languages at University of Victoria


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My portfolio:

#achieveitforward Dinner Event at SOCIAL House LA in Manhattan Beach, California. Theme: Breaking Free from Feeling Stuck. 10 guests, privately catered by Max Sheffler, formerly Sous Chef of 3 Michelin Starred Singlethread restaurant and 2 Michelin Starred Providence.

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#achieveitforward Dinner Event at SOCIAL House LA in Manhattan Beach, California.

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#achieveitforward Dinner Event in Downtown LA Pre-Summit Series event.

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